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Fairfax County ceded the land of current day Arlington County to the Federal Government in 1789 as part of the District of Columbia, was returned to Virginia in 1846. First called Alexandria, in 1920 it took the name of the Custis-Lee estate.

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Fairfax Co., VA
City of Alexandria, VA
District of Columbia

Here's a brief outline of the court system's history for Arlington County:

1789-1801 Jurisdiction of Fairfax County

1789 - General Assembly cedes land to the federal government to create the permanent federal govenment seat in Washington, DC
1791 - Survey of District of Columbia
1801 - Federal offices move to their new home in D.C. from Philadelphia

1801-1846 Jurisdiction of District of Columbia

1801 - Alexandria Co. And the Circuit Court, D.C. Is formed. Also formed is the Admiralty Court (1801-1802) and Orphans' Court.
1802 - U.S. District Court is restored. Consolidated with Admiralty Court.
1824 - Levy Court is established
1838 - Criminal Court is created

1846-1920 Retrocession to Virginia

1846 - Alexandria County returned to Virginia
1847 - Alexandria County Court is organized, assuming the functions of the Levy and Orphans' Courts.
1852 - Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery is formed. Takes over function of the D.C. Circuit and Criminal Court functions.
1904 - County Court ceases to exist. Jurisdiction is passed on to the Circuit Court.
1920 - County name is changed to Arlington. Alexandria Co. ceases to exist.

1748-1870 City of Alexandria History

1748 - Town of Alexandria is chartered in Fairfax County.
1779 - City re-chartered as a city. Hustings Court established.
1801 - Hustings Court abolished. Jurisdiction passes to the Circuit Court of D.C.
1846 - City of Alexandria reverts back to Virginia.
1863 - Alexandria becomes the capitol of the restored Virginian government. Is the capitol until 1865.
1870 - Alexandria becomes a city independent of Alexandria Co. The Corporation Court is organized (similar to a county Circuit Court)
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