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Allen  none given  bgp0640@dcrb.dla.mil
Anderson Looking for the marriage date of my grandparents Margaret I. ANDERSON and Henry William MARCH/MARSH (Listed both ways, also listed as William Henry sometimes). Possibly married in Halls Hill, VA abt. 1927.  Ricardo Marsh
1320 So. Washington
Kokomo, IN 46902 
Ball  none given  hswarts@2geton.net
Ball Seek info on the following:
BALL, George b. 1720 Fairfax, VA d. 1801 m. TUNNEL, Elizabeth in Fairfax 1765
BALL, John b. 1756 Fairfax, VA d. 1809 Lee Co., VA, m. YEARY, Mary Polly
BALL, John b. 1676, d. 1722, m. WILLIAMS, Winifred
BALL, Martha
BALL, Mary Zilphia b. 1792, VA, d. 1860, m. SMITH, Redden in Lee Co., VA.
BALL, Moses b. 1749 Fairfax, VA, d. 19 Mar. 1835 Russell Co., VA, m. BRASHEARS, Ann Nancy
BALL, Moses m. YEARY, Elizabeth
see also BROWN
Robyn Brooks
Ball Looking for ancesters and descendants of BALL, Horatio, Sr. (b. unk, d. 1873) and his children:
BALL, Samuel
BALL, Horatio
BALL, Edward
BALL, William
BALL, Sarah F.
BALL, Almira
BALL, Matilda
DONALDSON, Mary - my ggm
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth
MARCEY, Catherine
Marge Boldin Milner
Bayliss  none given  j6@juno.com
Belew Searching for Surrilda J. BELEW around 1868. Nadine Molnar
Bowlin/Bowling  Searching for Stephen and Anna BOWLIN around 1800. Also looking for Thomas Jackson BOWLING around 1850s. Nadine Molnar
Brasher Researching Ann Nancy BRASHER, see BALL Robyn Brooks
Brissey  none given  lexusty@juno.com
Brown Seek info on BROWN, Moses Sr. b. 1828 Virginia, m. SMITH, Zilphia 27 Dec. 1848 Clay Co, KY. See also BALL Robyn Brooks
Burgess Seek info on Miss BURGESS who Married John ROBERTS between 1810 & 1811. See ROBERTS Samuel F. Roberts
Campbell Desire info on William CAMPBELL, resident of Alexandria (died between 1830-1840). Wife: Eugenia HUNTER; Children: Virginia Hunter CAMPBELL (m. James William CHAUNCEY 8/28/1856), Mary Philomena CAMPBELL (m. Thomas H. OAKSHOT). See also: HUNTER Mary Beth Graf
Caskey Seeking info on Elsie Mae CASKEY b. abt. 1898 in Plymouth, PA, d. abt 1958, m. abt. 1927 to Harold KARNS in Arlington, VA. See also KARNS LKohout@aol.com
Cecil Seek info on Sallie CECIL. She married Andrew LEE and had son Arthur Stewart LEE. See LEE. Nadine Molnar
Chauncey/Chancey Desire info on parents of John CHAUNCEY (CHANCEY) who resided in Alexandria 1830 1852. In 1850 census said he was b. In Delaware. Married Elizabeth TAYLOR. Children: John Frances Marion CHAUNCEY, Elizabeth JOHNSON, James William CHAUNCEY, Joseph Edgar CHAUNCEY, Catherine Miller, Thomas Alexander CHAUNCEY. Have much info on decsendants. Mary Beth Graf
Cobb Looking for info on Howell Watson COBB b. Abt. 1875  Ra1nb0w1@aol.com
Cook Researching Sara Malinda Cook, wife of Ashberry SULLIVAN. See Sullivan. Julie Keller
Cook  none given  lexusty@juno.com
Coulbourne  none given  j6@juno.com
Creed  Seek info on Sophia CREED... see TAYLOR David Appleby
Crosen Desire names of parents of Frances Mary CROSEN who m. Thomas Morgan CHAUNCEY in Alexandria 4/22/1886. Both buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery. Death record of Frances Mary CROSEN state parents were Thomas & Mary, but cannot locate in census or anywhere. Family says she worked in Alexandria Hospital where she met Mr. CHAUNCEY & that she was an orphan with a sister Sally/Sarah. Mary Beth Graf
Darnes Researching Jane DARNES. See third listing of surname BALL Marge Boldin Milner
Denby Seek information on a DENBY family with a daughter named Mary M. b. abt.1818. I have located them in the 1870 census in Peoria, IL. See also SIMMS Jeri Simms-Masters
Donaldson Researching Mary DONALDSON. See third listing of surname BALL Marge Boldin Milner
Donoho Researching DONOHO family, originally of Accomac Co., VA. Later of Somerset Co., MD. Possible NC and DE connections. Original individual was Daniel DONOHO (c.1630 -1704) possibly married to Alice DORMAN Richard Donoho
Dorman Daniel DONOHO (c.1630 -1704) possibly married to Alice DORMAN. See DONOHO Richard Donoho
Douglas Researching Elizabeth DOUGLAS. See third listing of surname BALL Marge Boldin Milner
Empty (or Variations) Jane EMPTY b. 1670 d. Aft 1748 m.1688 to Henry MARTIN. Looking for all variations of surname EMPTY (i.e. EMPEY, IMPRIN, IMSON, IMPTING, etc.) Martha L. Machado
Fones  none given  Bfones@bigfoot.com
Fugitt Seek family members who lived in Georgetown c. 1860. gg-grandfather named Robert Eugene FUGITT. He owned and operated the Post Office Restaurant. Wife's name was Mary Elizabeth THECKER. In census of 1860 Robert FUGITT appears twice: once living with an Englishman named Dalton, later living in Georgetown working as a hack driver. FUGITT maybe a deriviative of the well-known FUGATE family of VA & MD.  SMelson412@AOL.COM
Gallatin  none given  rgallati@mail.win.org
none given  jcwil@interpath.com
Garrett  none given  Leahr@gte.net
Gilpin  none given  carver@inetone.net
Gunnell  none given  gunnell@ncifcrf.gov
Handy  none given  j6@juno.com
Hatcher  Looking for info on Emily F. HATCHER b. 1841, daughter of Patrick HATCHER b. 1810, sister of Edward HATCHER b. 1843. She lived in Alexandria and then moved to Spotsylvania Co. (VA) after marrying a TYLER also of Alexandria.  Sue Sullivan
Hawkins  none given  Dr5249@aol.com
Higgins  William HIGGINS m. Harriet or Hattie WILKINS & Lived at RFD #1, Alexandria, VA between 1919 1930. Hattie d. Between 1926 1929. Need help locating an obituary for Hattie and William (d. Unknown) +/or census records. 6 children: Joseph Wilkins, William, ??? (Died as child), Geraldine.  Daryle W. Allen
Huckaby Searching for Mary A. HUCKABY around 1877 Nadine Molnar
Hughes  none given  lexusty@juno.com
Hunter Desire info on HUNTER family, resided in Alexandria. Mother Ann S. HUNTER (d.1843 according to will), could have been wife of William HUNTER. Children: William Albert HUNTER (d. Young); Rozier Morgan HUNTER (lived in West End). See also CAMPBELL. Mary Beth Graf
Johnson Researching Elizabeth CHAUNCEY JOHNSON. See CHAUNCEY. Mary Beth Graf
Karns Seeking info on Harold KARNS, b. 1900, d. abt 1960 in Arlington, VA. m. abt. 1927 in Arlington, VA to Elsie Mae CASKEY. See also CASKEY LKohout@aol.com
Kirby Researching Mary KIRBY... see RISDON John Risdon
Lee none given hswarts@2geton.net
Lee  Searching for Arthur Stewart LEE b. Abt 1871 in Washington area. Father is Andrew LEE, mother is Sallie CECIL. See also CECIL. Nadine Molnar
Luddington Elizabeth LUDDINGTON m. Major John Wyatt. Lived in Greenbrier, VA in 1820. See WYATT Richard A. Facemire 
P.O. Box 401 
Sutton, WV 26601
Marcey Researching Catherine Marcey. See third listing of surname BALL Marge Boldin Milner
Markham/Malcom  Seek info on Millie MARKHAM/MALCOM... see TAYLOR David Appleby
Marsh/March Looking for the marriage date of my grandparents Margaret I. ANDERSON and Henry William MARCH/MARSH (Listed both ways, also listed as William Henry sometimes). Possibly married in Halls Hill, VA abt. 1927.  Ricardo Marsh
1320 So. Washington
Kokomo, IN 46902 
Marsh Seeking info on surname MARSH in colonial times.  Carl Marsh
May  none given  j6@juno.com
McAtee  Seeking info on William L. McAtee, wife Lethia SEXTON. Son John b. Abt. 1801 in Alexandria.  Mac McAtee
Miller Researching Catherine CHAUNCEY MILLER. See CHAUNCEY. Mary Beth Graf
Milligan Searching for Ede MILLIGAN around 1850s Nadine Molnar
Moody Looking for info regarding William MOODY family from Fort Meyers Heights & Rosslyn (1870-1920) rdavid@prodigy.net
Mooney Oscar Thomas Mooney or O. T. Mooney Born 2-7-1897. On Grand Jury on March 22, 1929 Any other information wiould be appreciated Linda Speaker
Morris  Searching for info on Robert MORRIS b. 8/11/1842 in Alexandria. Father Sterling MORRIS may have been born in VA. Mother unknown. Robert MORRIS married Mary E. SUTHERLAND b. 3/2/1848 in Alexandria. d. 7/23/1921 in Williamsport (Lycoming Co.) PA abt. 1870. At least two children may have been b. In Warrensville (Lycoming Co.) PA: Alice MORRIS b. 8/11/1872 d. 6/8/1934 & Bertha MORRIS b. Abt. 1878. Kim Stewart
O'Leary Seek info the location of my brother, Raymond O'LEARY's grave & vital statistics. Raymond was b. 1921, d. between Sept-Dec. 1922 in Arlington. Is said to be buried in the poor children's section of Arlington. Father was Owen Meredith O'LEARY, mother Christine Emily Ramberg O'LEARY. Willing to trade research in Nova Scotia Canada. Maureen O'Leary McLain
Oakshot Researching Thomas H. OAKSHOT. See CAMPBELL. Mary Beth Graf
Payne  none given  Dr5249@aol.com
Rack  Researching RACK family. Known to be in Arlington, VA around 1950. In searh of cousin Mary Lou Rack b. Abt. 1926.  Anita L. Steagall
P.O. Box 192
Abington, VA 24212 
Ratcliffe  none given  tamidyer@ix.net com.com
Rhodes  none given  Lee@mail.swlink.net
Risdon Trying to confirm the birth of William H. RISDON to William J. RISDON and Mary KIRBY in Alexandria, VA. Abt. 1860. Also would like to know if their two other children John R. RISDON (b. Abt 1856) and Joseph RISDON (b. Abt 1858) were born in Alexandria. Also, trying to identify parents of William J. RISDON b. 1831 in Prince Georges Co., MD but have been unable to find him in MD. John Risdon
Ritchie  none given  j6@juno.com
Roberts Seeking record of a marriage between a John ROBERTS and a lady with the maiden name of BURGESS. They were married between 1800 & 1811.  Samuel F. Roberts
Scanlon desire info on Daniel Francis SCANLON b. Aug 6, 1864 d. 1926. Also info on Lillie Rogers SCANLON b. 1869 d. 1953. Jean Poulton
Sewell  none given  Ferger@erols.com
Sexton  See McATEE Mac McAtee
Shelley  none given  gunnell@ncifcrf.gov
Simms Seek information on a SIMMS family with a son named Alonzo b. abt 1807 in DC or VA (listed both ways in different sources). I have located them in the 1870 census in Peoria, IL. See also DENBY Jeri Simms-Masters
Smith Researching Zilphia SMITH m. 27 DEC, 1848 Clay Co. KY, and Redden SMITH m. 1814 Lee Co. VA, see BALL and BROWN Robyn Brooks
Stansbury  none given  j6@juno.com
Stark  Seeking info on Robert STARK (b. 1806) possibly of Fairfax, Loudon or Stafford Co., VA abt 1800-1810. Later moved to Kentucky  m. Mary // and had 7 children. In 1850 in Navarro Co. TX where my g-grandfather was born. Faily not in 1860 census for Navarro Co.  Charles Stark
Steele  none given  tamidyer@ix.net com.com
Sullivan I am looking for info on an Ashberry SULLIVAN m. to a Sara Malinda COOK. I don't know much about them other than their childrens' names: Daniel Greenberry SULLIVAN (b. Nov. 11, 1849, d. Nov. 6, 1929), Thomas SULLIVAN, John SULLIVAN, and Richard SULLIVAN. I am hoping to find out Ashberry's and Sara's parents and possibly dates of birth and death. If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!. Julie Keller
Sutherland  See MORRIS Kim Stewart
Sutton Seek info on James America SUTTON b.1776 residing in Alexandria, VA entire life. He was a banker in Alexandria. Died 1810 leaving minor children. Seek burial location & info. Also seek info on his brother John SUTTON Richard A. Facemire 
P.O. Box 401 
Sutton, WV 26601
Taylor Researching Elizabeth TAYLOR. See CHAUNCEY. Mary Beth Graf
Taylor Seek info on Thomas T. TAYLOR b. 1755 in VA, m. 29 Dec. 1875 to Millie MARKHAM/MALCOM in Cumberland Co., VA. Thomas's father was Samual TAYLOR and was m. to Sophia CREED. Their children were Samual Jr, Richard, Thomas T. Creed, Joseph, Sophia, Frances and Sally. David Appleby
Thecker  Seek info on THECKER family of Georgetown (DC). THECKER is a Welsh name, unable to locate where they came from. Mary Elizabeth THECKER m. Robert Eugene FUGITT. See FUGITT SMelson412@AOL.COM
Tisdale  none given  rgallati@mail.win.org
Triplett I will appreciate anything especially relating to the site of three TRIPLETT graves six miles south of Arlington which is maintained by the Corp of Engineers. Glenn R. Triplett
Tunnel Researching Elizabeth TUNNEL m. 1765, see BALL Robyn Brooks
Tyler  See HATCHER Sue Sullivan
Ward Searching for Tennessee WARD around 1874 Nadine Molnar
Wilcox I have been trying unsucessfully to obtain the obituary of my great grandfather, Gilbert Lowell WILCOX, who d. Feb. 23, 1970 at Circle Terrace hospital, Arlington, VA. Any/all assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Bonnie
Wilkins  See HIGGINS  Daryle W. Allen
Williams Researching Winifred WILLIAMS, see BALL Robyn Brooks
Woosley  none given  dalepvt@aol.com
Wrenn/Wren  none given  rerhodes@almatel.net
Wyatt/Wiatt Seek info on Major John WYATT who resided in Middlesex Co. in 1810. m. Elizabeth LUDDINGTON and relocated to Greenbrier, VA abt.1820. Originally believed to be from Caroline Co., VA and descendant of Rev. Haute WYATT, brother of Governor Francis WYATT. Richard A. Facemire 
P.O. Box 401 
Sutton, WV 26601
Yeary Researching Mary Polly YEARY and Elizabeth YEARY, see BALL Robyn Brooks




Arlington County, Virginia