James Bowen Funsten Biography

Submitted by Alice Warner

Author: John Howard Brown

Funsten, James Bowen, first missionary bishop of Boise and 191st in succession
in the American episcopate, was born at The Highlands, Clarke county, Va., July
23, 1856. He was graduated at the Virginia military institute in 1875, and at
the University of Virginia, LL.B. in 1878. He took his theological course at
Virginia theological seminary and was ordained a deacon, June 23, 1882, in the
seminary chapel at Alexandria, Va., by Bishop Whittle, and priest in same place
by Bishop Peterkin in 1883. He was missionary at Bristol, Tenn., and Marion,
Va., 1882-84; rector of Christ church, Richmond, Va, 1884-90; general missionary
of the diocese, 1890-93; and rector of Trinity church, Portsmouth, Va., 1892-99.
At the general convention of 1898 he was elected missionary bishop of Boise, a
new see created out of portions of the missionary district of Idaho and Wyoming,
vacated by the Rt. Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, elected bishop of Central
Pennsylvania. He was consecrated in Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Va., July 13,
1899, by Bishops Whittle, Whitaker, Penick, Peterkin, Randolph, Paret, Talbot,
and Cheshire.

Additional Comments:
Lamb's Biographical Dictionary of the United States
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Clarke County, Virginia