The Moorings

Wiley Gary  writes:

My twice great-grandfather, Beverley Randolph, moved to Clarke from Cumberland County in the early 19th century and built a house near Millwood that they called "The Moorings." The original house burned circa 1910, and a new house - comfortable but nothing fancy - was built on the same site, I believe. I have a photo of the new house just after it was built that I would like to share. The photo of The Moorings comes from a photo album compiled by my twice great-aunt, Ethel O'Fallon, who lived at Red Gate. There are lots of other photo's taken in Clarke circa 1915, but I have only scaanned a few, but you might be interested in some of them.

After The Moorings burned, my great-grandfather, William Fitzhugh Randolph, lived in a place called "Athlone" until the new Moorings was built. Any idea where "Athlone" is?

Beverley Randolph married his second cousin, Mary Conway Randolph, and Beverley's grandfather was Randolph Harrison.

 Photo of The Moorings  circa 1916

 Photo of Regate circa 1915





Clarke County, Virginia