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Brown, Henry McKinley

Bryan, Eugene July 29, 1855

Bryan, R.A. June 11, 1830

Burton, James A. February 8, 1801

Cox, George Henry, 1853

Cox, W. D, 1856

Crouse, Jacob, 1833

Fowler, William Earle, 1897

Franks, Edward T.

Gilmour, Mrs. Mary Feland

Harris, Phocian

Hazelrigg, Otis Irvin September 2, 1882

Higdon, Charles H. November 11, 1835

Jackson, Christopher March 13, 1813

Jones, Richard

Little, Captain George

Martin, Thomas D.

May, James M., b. 1815

McDaniel, Reason

Medcalf, William M., M.D.

Meinrath, Adam

Mullican, John Simeon "Sim"

Richardson, Iverson B. , B. 1840

Shouse, James

Weikel, Michael

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Daviess County, Kentucky