Richardson Jones Cemetery

I would like to make you aware of a cemetery where some of my ancestors are buried. It's the Richardson Jones Cemetery. There are about a dozen burials of the Jones and Bozarth family. It's located on what was or still is the Donald Manley farm on the east side of State Route 142 about a mile south of Habit in Daviess Co., KY.  There is a pond on the property and the cemetery is south of it. Most of the stones have fallen over but there is a large stone marker in the shape of an obelisk for Jonathon Bozarth still standing. I last visited it about 1995. Richardson Jones had set aside an acre of ground for a graveyard in his will.

Submitted by : Donald Claeys

239 E. 12 Mile Rd., Apt 19
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Marshall Milne's mother recorded the graves there in 1942. His letter was written on paper with this letterhead: Milne's Greenhouse, 800 Old Hartford Rd, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

Richardson Jones Cemetery
Recorded by Nina Whitehead Milne, 1942
(Mrs Colin Ross Milne)
1. Richardson Jones, 18 Feb 1791, 25 July 1873
    Nancy Jones, 19 May 1794, 26 Feb 1873
    (Double Marker)
    RJ    NJ    (Double Footstone)
    Nancy Shepherd Jones (Small marker on her grave below large headstone)
2. Jonathan Bozarth, 24 Apr 1815, 18 Dec 1882
    Sallie, wife of J. Bozarth, 23 Nov 1820, 16 May 1845
    (Square base marker, Jonathan on front Sallie on back)
    SB (Footstone for Sallie)
3. Louis N. Jones, son of R & E. Jones, 27 Aug 1850, 28 Sept 1865
4. Robert J. Jones, 26 July 1827, 12 June 1870, by his side our daughter Arcuninta
    (All on the same stone)
5. Sallie E., daughter of J.H. & L.F. Bozarth, born and died 8 Aug 1868
   Charley, son of J.H. & L.F. Bozarth, born 23 July 1877, died 20 Aug 1877
   Gilbert, son of J.H. & L. F. Bozarth, born 1 Dec 1873, died 25 July 1874
   (Small square stone with engraving on three sides)
   GB (Footstone for Gilbert)
   (Lucinda Francis Jones was the daughter of Reuben Shepherd Jones and the   
   granddaughter  of Richardson Jones. J.H. Bozarth was the son of Sallie Jones and
   grandson of Richardson Jones)
6. W.W. Jones, 10 June 1814, 12 Jan 1870
   (William Watson Jones, was the son of Richardson Jones and Nancy Shepherd Jones)
7. Elennor Jones, 15 Mar 1816, 4 Jan 1876
    EJ (Footstone for Elennor)
    (Elennor was the daughter of Jasper Bristow and his first wife Clarissa Eliott Bristow)
8. EJ
    (Emily Jones, "Emmy", was buried here)
There were also two broken footstones with initials that were indecipherable.




Daviess County, Kentucky