1926 Annandale Lower School Promotions

Submitted by Susan Salus

Annandale School
(Lower School)

(Source:  The Fairfax Herald, (Fairfax, Va.), June 11, 1936, pg. 2)

Class of 1926 – Promotions to High School:
  –  Crandall, Edna (To high school; Gold medal, perfect attendance)
  –  Crandall, Jake (To high school)
  –  Crandall, Milton (Gold medal, perfect attendance)
  –  Downs, Catherine (To high school)
  –  Downs, Margaret (To high school)
  –  Hirst, Omer (To high school)
  –  Norfolk, Frank (To high school)
  –  Blake, James (Gold medal, perfect attendance)

Miss Ruby Simpson and Miss Marie Creel were the school teachers.

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Fairfax County, Virginia