Gustavus Hall Scott

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Author: James Grant Wilson and John Fiske

SCOTT, Gustavus Hall, naval officer, b. in Fairfax county. Va., 13 June, 1812;
d. in Washington, D. C., 23 March. 1882. He entered the navy as midshipman, 1
Aug., 1828, became passed midshipman, 14 June 1834, and made two cruises in the
West Indies in the "Vandalia" in 1835-'6 and 1839-'40, in which he participated
in the Seminole war. He was also present off Charleston, S. C., during the
nullification excitement. He was commissioned lieutenant, 25 Feb., 1841, and was
flag lieutenant of the Pacific squadron in the frigate "St. Lawrence" in
1852-'3. He was commissioned commander, 27 Dec., 1856. and served as light-house
inspector in 1858-'60. When the civil war began he resisted the efforts of
partisans in his native state to make him join the Confederates. In June, 1861,
he commanded the steamer "Keystone State," went in pursuit of the Confederate
privateer "Sumter," and capturing the steamer "Salvor" off Tampico, towed her to
Philadelphia. He commanded the steamer " Marantanza" in the operations with the
army in James river, rendered valuable service in saving stores that were left
by the army at Acquia creek, was on the blockade, and had numerous engagements
with Confederate batteries in the sounds of North Carolina in 1862-'3. He was
commissioned captain, 4 Nov., 1863, and commanded the steamer "De Soto," in
which he captured several blockade - runners in 1864. Subsequently he took
charge of the steam sloop "Canandaigua" on the blockade, and was senior officer
at the surrender of Charleston, S. C., in 1865. He was a member of the examining
board for the admission of volunteer officers to the regular navy in 1868,served
as light-house inspector in 1869-'71, and was promoted to commodore, 10 Feb.,
1869, and to rear-admiral, 14 Feb., 1873. He was then commander-in-chief of the
North Atlantic squadron until 13 June, 1874, when he was retired, having reached
the age of sixty-two years.

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Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography

Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske


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