Submitted By: Alice Warner

Book Title: Historical Collections Of Virginia By Henry Howe, 1845

King George (p. 349)

King George was formed in 1720, from Richmond County. It lies between the Potomac and the Rappahannock, and is 18 miles long, with a mean breadth of 10; its surface is hilly, and its soil diversified. Its principal products are Indian corn, oats, wheat, tobacco, and some cotton. Pop. in 1840, whites 2269, slaves 3382, free colored 276, total 5927. King George C. H., situated near the centre of the county, 82 miles NNE from Richmond, and 76 SW of Washington, contains about a dozen houses. Port Conway, on the Rappahannock, opposite Port Royal, and Millville on the line of this and Westmoreland counties, are small villages.

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King George County, Virginia