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I research the Lindemuth Family of Shenandoah County, VA.  Johann Georg Lindemuth was from Frederick Co., VA.  
NOTE:  George Lindemuth, father,   Will taken from book written by ancestor of Christopher Lindamood.
WILL: In the Name of God, Amen.  I George Lyndemooth of the County of Frederick and the Colony of Virginia being weak in body and sound of memory Blessed Be God do as it is this day in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty nine the thirthieth day of October.  Make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say.  In Primis My Plantation Whereon I now live lying in the County and Colony above Written.  I bequeath unto my Beloved two sons George Henry Senr. and John Junr. which the before mentioned my two sons shall devide equally between them.  And further I bequeath unto my best Beloved Wife the possession of my Plantation during my son Geroge Henry is of prper age and then the possession of the other part during my son John becomes of proper age so that she may act and do on my Plantation as if I were alife and further I bequeath to my best Beloved Wife and ordain that my two sons George Henry and John shall pay or cause to be paid each of them unto her the just alf full sum of thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence good lawful current money of Virginia at the time of their proper ages.  As for my movable Estates it shall aftermy Decease be sold by Way of Publick Vendue and all my debts paid out of the same and if any Money left tobe devided in Equal shares between my best Beloved Wife Maria and my two sons Sons George Henry and John.  And further I make and ordain my best Beloved Wife Marria and Henry Keltner Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament contained to take care and see the same performed according to my true intent &c meaning.  In Witness whereof the said George Lindemooth have to this my Last Will and Testament set my hand and Seal the day and Year above written.  Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said George Lindemooth as and for his Last Will and Testatment in the Presence of us'
Who were Present at the George (his mark L M) Lindemooth
Signing and Sealing thereof
John (his mark X) Kyle
Belthasar (his mark X)Roush
At a court held for Frederick County, August 7, 1770
This Last Will and Testament of George Lindemooth Decd. was proved by the oats of John Kyle and Belthasar Rouse Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and upon the motion of Maria Lynemooth and Henry Keltner the Executrix and Executor therein named Who made oath thereto Certificate is granted them for obtaining a Probte thereof in due form they giving security whereupon they together with Christian Delinger and Cutlip Sink entered into and acknowledged a Bond in the Penalty of Two Hundred Pounds conditioned for their due and faithful Administration of the said Estate.
By the Court
Jas Keith C. C.

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