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Mrs. Joan Allensworth- 1993

 Maude Allensworth- 1994
retired postmaster

 R. Webster Allensworth- 1981

Mary Barnes Ashton-1885

 Griffith N. Bell-1998

Mrs. Bush Carter- 1943

Lewis Carter- 1948

Thomas S. Carter -1962

William Henry Harrison Cawood - 1904

 B. Sigsbee Clift- 1999

 Mrs. Bettie Coakley-1970

 Mrs. Shirley Coates

 Zola E. Cooke- 1969
ex-postmaster at Goby

 Mrs. Alan E. Frey-1985

Pearl Martin Frey 2001

 Mrs. Ruth B. Hay-1985

 Mrs. Catherine Headley

 Jennifer L. Headley-1996

Dr. Abham B. Hooe -1867

 Annie L. Hudson-2001

 Mrs. Paul Hudson-1985

Edward M Inscoe

Filmore A. Inscoe-2001

Harry R. Inscoe- 1983

Mrs. Harry Inscoe

Mrs. Helen S. Inscoe -1963

James O. Inscoe- 1960

William M Inscoe

 Mrs. Billie Kitts-1996

Thomas Eldred Lee

 Larry A. Lehman Jr.

 Ryland K. Marshall

 Opal D. Morris- 2000

 Dr. Frederick Fairfax Ninde-1908

 Anne W. Newton-2002

 Mrs. Edna M. Oliff-1999

Carl R. Padgette

James D. Owens

 Mr. Richard Rennoe

 Mr. Graydon Sawdy-1996

Henry V. Turner- 1903

Richard N. Turner- 1976

Alfred Williams - 1929

Carolina C (Henderson) Williams - 1929

Mrs. Ardell E. Wilkins- 1962

Geneva McCreary Wood

Arnold J. Woodhouse-1968

Edith (Costenbader) Woodhouse- 1984

 Mrs. Almira Lee Zepp- 1993

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