William Henry Harrison Cawood - 1904

Submitted By: Alice Warner

Washington Times, April 3, 1904

Alexandria, April 2.-- William Henry Harrison Cawood, who died at Comorn, on the Potomac, yesterday, was a native of this city, and has many friends here, having made frequent visits in connection with the politics of the District, Mr. Cawood being a leading Democrat. He was the son of the late Moses O. B. Cawood, long a prominent man of the Second ward, and at one time an independent preacher, holding services in the market square. The dead man was one of a large family, and the notable incident of his later life was his discovery of the "skeleton in chains," which was carried by him to Washington and exhibited there at the steamboat wharf and elsewhere. Mr. Cawood's activities were various, and he will be missed from the Potomac region.


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King George County, Virginia