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Submitted by Alice Warner; some transcription corrections provided by Elizabeth Lee.

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Summary: Thomas Davis (with wife Elizabeth) sells 125 acres
of land for 4,100 lbs of Tobacco to William Remey and also
keeps the right to continue living on the plantation temporarily.
[30 Apr 1729]


This Indenture made this 30th day of April One thousand Seven
hundred and Twenty nine and in the second year of the reigns of
our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the grace of God of great
Britain, France Ireland King defender of the faith. Between Thomas
Davis of the parish of Sittenbourne in the County of King
George of the one Part & William Remey of the same Parish & County
of the Other Part. Witnesseth that Thomas Davis above Said for
consideration of Four Thousand One Hundred Pounds of Tobacco to
have in hand & before the [????????] & Delivery of those Presents
by the said William Remey well & Trusty Paid the said Thomas Davis
Doth hereby acknowledge himself fully sattisfied & paid doth hereby
[????????] bargain sell [???????] & Confirm by those prresents doth
fully hereby & absolutely grant Bargain Sale[??] & Confirm unto the
above said William Remey his heirs or assignees a Certain tract or
Parcel of Land by Estimation one hundred Twenty five acres lying &
being in the County & Parish above said to be the same more or less
being the one half of Thwo hundred & fifty acres of land which [?????
Frank left to his Daughter Anne lying & being in the County & Parish
above said and bound with the lans of William Carther & with the
Lands of John Quissinbury formerly belonging to Capt. John Spencer &
the Lands of Joseph Carpender with all & Every Part & Parcell of the
said One hundred & Twenty five acres with all & Singular its rights
Privilidges words [???????] ways Eavements Profits Conditions whatever
appertaining or in any ways belonging thereunto To Have and to hold
the Said Tract of Land with all & singular the premises granted
bargained & sold or maintained to be herein or hereby granted bargained
or sold with all their & every of their rights members and
appurtenances whatsoever unto the said William Remey his heirs Exectrs
Admintrs or Assigns forever & to the only Proper use behoof of the said
William Remey his heirs or Assigns forever agains him the said Thomas
Davis his heirs & Assigns & all & Every other Person or Persons whatsoever
Lawfully Claiming By from or under him them or any of them shall & will
warrant & forever defend by these Presents Peaceably & Quietly to Enjoy
the Said land without andy Just Throuble Denial Interruption or
Disturbance of the Said Thomas Davis his heirs of Assigns or any other
Person or Persons Whatsoever Lawfully Claiming by from or under him
them or any of them whatsoever & further the said Thomas Davis doth by
those Presents humly Oblidge himself his heirs Exectrs Etc. that he
himself & also his wife Elizabeth will make a Just & True Acknowledgement
of this Deed of Sale or Indenture in the COunty Court of King George when
is queried by the Said William Remey his heirs Exectrs or Assigns in
Confirmation of the Above said Premises and every artivle therein Contained
the Parties to those Presents have hereunto Set their hands & Seals the day
& year above maintained

Signed Sealed and Delivered } Thomas Davis {Seal}
In Presence of } Elizabeth E Davis {Seal}

The said Willm Remey Doth Promis & agree that the said Thos Davis shall
live peaceable & Quietly on the said Plantation from the date of those
[??? ??????] the first of Jany most [?????]

Gyles Carter
Will W Clabor At a Court held for King George County the 2 Day of mark May Anno Dom 1729

Then Came Thomas Davis & Acknowledged This Deed of
Lease to William Remey to be his Proper Act & Deed
which on the motion of the said Remey is Admitted
to record
Copa Test
T. Turner CoCur.


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