The Willford Embry family (30-40 male as head) likely is Willford, the son of Cader Embry Sr. and Frances Sebastian. Willford was born in 1809 and married Charity Taylor.   -   Eugene Embry 
Eugene, Charity M. Taylor b. 1809 m. Willford Embry b. 1809 is sister of Garrard Banks Taylor.  Garrard Banks is my GGgrandfather.  -   BOBZACH

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 2nd ed.,  1885, Butler Co.

GARRARD BANKS TAYLOR, Butler County, was born July 7, 1813, in Garrard County, Ky., where he grew to manhood, and in 1833 removed to Trimble County, and in 1845 located in the northeast part of this county, where he has since resided.  His father, Mooreman Taylor, an ative [sic] of North Carolina, was born in 1769; removed with his father to Garrard County while a youth; was a hatter by trade, and died in 1827.  He was the son of Zachary Taylor, a cousin of Gen. Taylor's father.  His
children were Mooreman, Uriah, Zachary, George and Betsy (McDonald). Mooreman married Levina, daughter of Lynn and Sully (Proctor) Banks, of Garrard County (born in 1776, died in 1868), and their offspring are Betsey, Naoma (Banks), Uriah, Zachary, Melissa (Pruett), John, Charity (Emery), Lorenah, Garrard Charity (Emery), Lorenah, Garrard B. [,?] Oliver, Garton C. and Theresa B. (Sadler).  Garrard B. procured his education by his own industry, and is a reading man.  He has been twice married; first March 5, 1835, to Nancy, daughter of Jesse and Hannah (Kimmel) Stearling, of Trimble County (born July 7, 1818, died December 21, 1867), and to them were born John M., William A., Wilford E. (deceased), Charity E. (deceased), Garrard B. Jr., Zachary, Jesse S., Mooreman, Joel J., James S., Edward, Mary J. (Bryant) and Oliver P.  Mr. Taylor was next married October 25, 1868, to Mrs. Julina, widow of Azel Simpson, and daughter of William and Rachel (Hampton) Lowe (born in Barren County, December 6, 1819).  Her children are James W., John E., Warren T., Angeline (Lee), Amanda J. (Bryant), Marion (deceased), Martha L. (Bryant), Jesse S. (deceased), and Sarah E. (Embry).  Mr. Taylor has served his community seven years as a magistrate and member of the court of claims in Butler County.  He is a farmer, having 217 acres of productive land, in a high state of cultivation.  He has for more than forty years been an elder and a deacon in the Christian Church; in politics he is a Prohibitionist.
Mr. Taylor and his last wife had three sons each in the Union army in the late war.  Taylor McDonald Banks Proctor Banks Pruett Emery Sadler Stearling Kimmel Bryant Simpson Lowe Hampton Lee Embry
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