The Last Will & Testament of John W. Allen, Sr.
January 9, 1873
I John W. Allen being of sound mind and despairing memory, Will first my body to the dust and my Spirit to God that gave it.
Second:  I Will that all my just debts be paid.
Thence:  I Will that all my property after paying said debts shall belong to my beloved wife, Sarah Allen;  All my live stock, house hold and kitchen furniture and notes, cash and everything that now belongs to said Allen or may be left to Said Allen by Will or otherwise, I beqeuath to my beloved wife Sarah to do with as she may think best so long as she may live:  At her death what ever part of Said property or money may be left after paying all her just debts and funeral expenses, shall go to her children.
Given under my hand and seal this day and date above named.
John W. Allen (mark)
H. B. Turner
David R. Allen
A. M. Neal
State of Kentucky}
Butler County}
At a County court held in and for Butler County at the Court House in Morgantown, KY on the 9th day of January 1882 the foregoing Last Will & Testament of John W. Allen decd. was presented to Court and duly proven by the Oaths of H. B. Turner and David R. Allen, subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded.  Whereupon the same and this Certificate have been duly recorded in my office.
Witness my hand as Clerk of Said Court - This 12th day of January 1882.
J. Bunch, Clerk


Provided by: Barb Allen Coons