Butler Co., KY Will Book 1 page 128-9


Joseph Johnson’s Will


Joseph Johnson living in the State

of Kentucky Butler County do hearby

make my last will and testament

in manner and form that is to say

1st I desire that all my land and

goods and Chattels remain in my

wife Sarah’s Johnston hands for

her suport and my little ares that

is to say John my son and James

C my son and Thomas M my son

And Joseph N my son and Kni-

cholas W my son Except twenty

fore sents to each of my other ares

and lastly I Do hereby constitute

and appoint my wife Sarah John-

ston executor for this my last will

and testament by me heartofore

made in witness whearof I have

hearunto set my hand of affixed

my seal This 14th day of Fabuary


Joseph my x mark Johnston (seal)

Witnesses to the above

William Duweese Esq

William Booth

State of Kentucky

Butler County Sct

                        April Term 1844

I Vincent S Hay clerk pro tem

of the county court for the county

aforesaid do certify that the fore

going instrument of writing

purporting to be the last will

and testament of Joseph Johnson

was in open court duly proved

by the oaths of William Duweese

and William Booth the two

subscribing witnesses thereto to be

the act and deed of said John

ston and was ordered to rec

ord Whereupon said writing with

the foregoing certificate have been

duly admitted to record in my

office Given under my hand

This the 17th day of April 1844

Att V S Hay clk

Joseph Ricketts DC


Provided by: JP Johnson