Located at the edge of Butler and Warren Counties on Route 1083, this old cemetery contains 19 graves with engraved stones and several graves marked by field stones. To reach the cemetery, drive to the Butler/Warren County line on route 1083.  About ½ mile into Warren County is a small cemetery on the North side of 1083 which is visible from route 1083.   Straight through the pasture about Ό mile behind that small cemetery is the Lewis Cemetery. 


Lewis Cemetery is quite old and is partially protected by fencing.  There is one small wrought-iron section which is adjacent to Lewis but separate from it.  It appears to be the Dial family plot.  That plot contains one readable stone, that of William Dial.  There are foot markers for ED and WD.  From Belle Muth’s earlier record, the ED would be that of Elizabeth Dial.


To see the plot map and an explanation of the family relationships follow the links. 

Photo of Cemetery


Surveyed March 11, 2003 by Norm and Marsha Graham Strader.



BRATTON, Nancy G.            7/5/1789 – 12/4/1876

dau of George & Jane Bratton

                                                She’s gone to God.  Angels greet her

                                                Gone to join the Seraph band

                                                Who are springing now*to meet her

                                                In the glorious Spirit land.

                                                                        (*no longer legible in 2003)


DIAL, William            9/15/1807 – 4/20/1887

                                    Sleep In Jesus



Jeremiah B.            11/17/1817 – 8/1/1876

                                    Unto thy hands I commend my spirit.

            William H.        12/16/1822 – 7/19/1873

                                    May he rest in peace.

                                                Masonic emblem

            G. B.                1/23/1813 – 3/11/1835

            Rebecca            6/20/1820 – 3/24/1886

Armon Ann            7/26/1811 – 7/26/1899

Aaron               12/25/1768 - 8/6/1838

            Jane                 8/11/1780 – 4/2/1851



            Garrett             Died 12/10/1815, Aged 46 years

            Esther               Born 10/1779 Died 10/18/1869

Easter, wife of Garrett Graham

            Esther               4/24/1811 – 12/14/1821

            Ann                  4/24/1811 – 7/10/1889


            Tobethie T.            3/30/1822 – 8/13/1909                       

            Robert              6/22/1811 – 11/6/1876

            Elizabeth            7/16/1846 – 7/8/1861 

                                    Dau. Robert & Toba T. Shanks



            C. L.                10/27/1856 – 7/30/1905

                                    Thy brother shalt rise again     

            Minnie C.            9/10/1867 – 3/30/1896

                                    Resting in hope of a Glorius resurrection

            Garrett G.            2/6/1821 – 3/24/1901

                                    He died as he lived, a Christian

            Margarett A.            2/7/1826 – 6/25/1899

                                    She believed & sleeps in Jesus


TAYLOR, Nancy M.            5/25/1815 – 2/20/1901

                                    With Christ in Heaven