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Joe Taylor
OCT. 14, 1996 updated 2-97
(1) Am seeking to TRADE information on the following family lines; BARNES, BEESLEYS, DAUGHERTY, HINES, HOCKER, HUDNALL, JOHNSON, LaMASTUS, PETERS, PORTER, TAYLOR.
(2) Have made up Cemetery Text files on the following family lines buried in Butler, Ohio and Logan Counties; AUSTIN, BARNES, BROWN, COX, DAUGHERTY, EWING, GOODALL, HOCKER, JOHNSON, LEACH, PATTON, PETERS, PORTER, STEVENS, TAYLOR, WALLACE. If you would like one of these files, just send a post asking for it. Put TAYLOR in your subject window.
William Douglas
Jan. 6, 1997
Seeking information on J.R. Norris b 26 July 1868, in Butler Co., m Martha Bell Douglas in July 1891. They had eight children and both died in Butler county. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Bill Douglas

Polly Moore
Jan 5 1997

I am looking for some information into my father's family--EMBRY. The earliest known relative on my father's, father's side was Ike EMBRY. I don't have any other information on him other than he had a son named Jack, and Jack married a woman named Polly. Jack and Polly had a son named Billy (Billie?), and he married a woman named Mary. Billy and Mary had a son named Virgil Homelton EMBRY who was born on November 29, 1876 in Butler county. Virgil married on August 14, 1899 a woman by the name of Susan Harritt PRYOR (born on November 19, 1880 in Grayson County) whose parents were Andy and Martha Jane (JOHNSON) PRYOR. Virgil and Susan had twelve children: Pearl (born 8/21/1921), Hubert (born 8/29/1916), Oscar (born 5/07/1911), Arthur (born 5/07/1911), Billy (born 1/10/1928), Lillie (born 5/15/1919), Jane (born 7/19/1908), Andy (born 9/11/1902), Virgil (born 9/12/1904), James Columbus (born 7/01/1906), and my grandfather William Cuba (born 8/01/1900).

On my father's mother's side, I know that my grandmother's parents were Martha and Charles EMBRY. They had five children: Wiley, Hugh, Grady, mammie, and my grandmother, Stella, born April 8, 1903.

Ruth Goodman
Jan 5 1997

I would like any information on Owen Daugherty Sr. and Owen the son who was in Warren Co. in 1795 for a few years. They had moved to Ohio by 1803. They had their extended family with them. Taylors and Prevatte or Pravatte. *NOTE* Some of the Daugherty's were also in Butler Co. *NOTR*

William Douglas
JAN 6 1997

Seeking information on J.R. Norris b 26 July 1868, in Butler Co., m Martha Bell Douglas in July 1891. They had eight children and both died in Butler county. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Richard Flanery
JAN 6 1997


Vicki Spencer
JAN 12 1997

ISIAH KEITH b.?, d.?; m. TABITHA EMBRY b. ? maybe in Jackson Co.,Tn., d. ? d/o John EMBRY & Elizabeth EMBRY. Their children as I know them are:

*1.Elizabeth KEITH b.?,d.? m. 14 June 1852 in Butler Co., Richard A.

 EVANS s/o     Wm.EVANS & Lejane COY.

 2. Parolee KEITH

 3. Parazette KEITH

 4. Louisiana KEITH

 5. Wade KEITH  m. Jane BREWER 10 Oct. 1871

 6. Angeletta KEITH m. James A. BURDEN 18 June 1886

 7. Eliza KEITH b. 30 Nov. 1844

 8. Isiah KEITH

 9. Washington KEITH m. Martha C. Gilstry  12 June 1873

10. Green KEITH b. 26 Aug.1845 Edmonson Co., d. 13 Jul. 1906, m.

    Elisa Dockery  15 Oct. 1867

11. Grandville KEITH b. 13 Feb.1851, d. 21 Nov. 1914, m. Sarah E. Flener

    1 Mar. 1877

12. Sarah KEITH b. 30 Nov. 1859

My question is, can someone help me fill in the blanks. Parents of Isiah KEITH, where were they all born, when did they die and where? If anyone is linked to them in any way please contact me. Vicki K. Spencer [txcalvert@texinet.net] HOME PAGE HOME PAGE

Vicki Spencer
JAN 12 1997

Desperately seeking a FELTY. I have a JOHN SR. b.?,d.?, m. SARAH LINDSEY ?
JOHN FELTY b. 1825 m. LOUISA JANE PHELPS b. 1833 they married on 24 Feb. 1845 in Butler Co.

* 1. RHODA FELTY b. 1854 d. 1915 Butler co. and is buried in ISIAH EVANS

     Cemetery near Brooklyn,Ky.  Marr. 10 Nov. 1876 Butler co.


  3. NICHOLAS FELTY b. Aug. 1854
The * denotes my line. Need to know where the FELTY family came from. Where did they die and where are they buried? Are there any of their descendants left any where on the planet? Please help me fill in the blanks. Thank you. Vicki K.

Lorraine Goodall Hignight
JAN 13 1997

My Surname is listed in Butler Co. I am Lorraine Goodall Hignight. My father was Robert S. Goodall, the Fifth child of Elbert and Martha GOODALL. Robert was born in 1914 and passed away 1989. He is buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetary in Louisville, KY. Elbert Goodall was the son of Hiram Joseph and Josephine Goodall. My mother's maiden name is Nellie BROWN, daughter of Charlie and Mavie Brown of Ohio County. We have traced both sides of the family back to the fourth great great grandparent. Just last year found the land deeds that connect the BROWN family to that area also. You may contact me at hignight@gte.net. LORRAINE

JAN 13 1997

I am related to Taylors in Butler Co., KY. Joseph (B1844) married Sarah McCown, son of Calvin P. Taylor and Dorcas Beasley. I do have limited information on the Taylors prior to Joseph. Roberta [JBurns2345@aol.com]
Jean Robison
JAN 15 1997

My three greats grandmother Elizabeth Taylor Stephens and her husband Jackey Bowman Stephens were murdered in Madison County Missouri 1821 along with two young sons. Two little girls survived Bethsadie Granbury, and Mary E. (Polly) Stephens. Moses Taylor came from Butler County Kentucky and got the two girls and became their guardian and took them to Butler County until they were married in 1828 and 1829. I think Moses was the father of Elizabeth and the grandfather of the two girls. Does anyone know if this was Moses Taylor Jr.? Need confirmation. Jean Robison

Carolyn Pasquier
JAN 18 1997

Leonard HUFF (1782 Bedford Co, VA to 1851 Butler Co, KY) married at least once, to Nancy ?? (1784VA to 1851 Butler Co, KY) He appears in the Federal Census as follows: 1820 Jackson Co, TN P. 13, 1830 Jackson Co, TN P. 135, 1840 Jackson Co, TN P. 311, 1850 Butler Co, KY P. 260 Dwl 645. Leonard had the following children:

William HUFF (1800-1849) M: Martha
Priscilla HUFF (1806-??) M: James WILLOUGHBY
Leonard HUFF Jr. (1811-1883) M: Martha WILES
Thomas C. HUFF (1813-1885) M: 1st Jane, 2nd Melvina MENTON, had 14 children
Hannah HUFF (1814-??) M: James BRYANT
Nathan HUFF (1816-1878) M: 1st ?? WILLIAMS, one child, 2nd Catherine LEE, 11 children
Peter HUFF (1820-1848) M:Evaline EMBRY, 2 sons
Martha HUFF (1824-B4 1878) M: Joel JACOBS, 8 children
Sarah HUFF (unknown)
Mary "Polly" HUFF ((Unknown) M: Frederick Shraeder
James B. HUFF (1834-1850) Possibly grandchild
Always looking for cousins and more information.
Carolyn Pasquier, P.O. Box 166, Sumner, WA 98390, [carolynp@sprynet.com]

Carolyn Pasquier
JAN 18 1997

Joel JACOBS (23 May 1823 Wilson Co, TN to 17 Apr 1900 Newton Co, MO) Married Martha HUFF (10 Dec 1824 Jackson Co, TN to B4 Dec 1878 Newton Co, MO) She was the daughter of Leonard HUFF (B:1782 Bedford Co, VA). They married @1844 and moved (with her family) to Morgantown, Butler Co, KY (1850 Census P. 260). By 1860 they had returned to Wilson Co. TN (1860 Census P.432). During the Civil War, they traveled thru North Carolina and IL to finally settle in Newton Co, MO where they lived until their deaths. Their children were:
Christena JACOBS (1845-1881) M: John W. PAGE
William (Billy) Wilson JACOBS (1846-1910) M: Nancy MURRAY
Priscilla JACOBS (1848-?) M: ?? BRADLEY
Joel JACOBS Jr. (1850-1917) M: 1st Martha A.M. BRADLEY, 2nd Susan R. PATTEN
Allen JACOBS (1851-B4 1904) M: Martha NAPIER
Martha A. JACOBS (1858-??) M: Solomon WATERS
Mary Emma Catherine JACOBS (1860-1944) M:Perry Wood PATTEN
Stokes Jordan JACOBS (1863-??) M: Irene Alice PHILLIPS

Always looking for cousins and more information. Carolyn Pasquier, P.O. Box 166, Sumner, WA 98390 [carolynp@sprynet.com]

Ruth Goodman
JAN 21 1997

I would like any information on Vincent Embry who was sheriff of Butler Co. in the early 1900's he was married Viola Smith Coots. Thanks, Ruth Goodman [rgoodman@kih.net]

Carolyn T. Cochrum
JAN 25 1997

My grandmother's ancestors are lost! Her name: Effie Kahn. She was born in Morgantown, Butler, KY, June 20, 1865 (or thereabouts!) On January 3 or 12, 1896, she married John Blackstone Taylor in Ohio Co., KY. Effie died July 10, 1950. [CarolynC@prodigy.com]

J. VanShuren
27 JAN 97
I am looking for any information on Mary Abney, I believe she was previously a Flenner. She married John W. Abney. They were my great grandparents. My grandmother was Lula May Mitchell she died Oct 1981. Her mother died when she was a small child and is somewhat of a mystery to the family. John W. Remarried someone by the name of Lotti or Loddie. I am not exactly sure. I do not know if I am sending this to the right place, but am trying to start somewhere. Thank You for any help Julie in Louisville

Ron Gilstrap
27 JAN 1997
I'm researching Gilstrap genealogy and ran across the town of Gilstrap, KY in Butler County while doing some research. I'm interested in learning why the town was named Gilstrap, and the history of it. I'm also interested in any information on Gilstrap's from the area. I have a small data base of 3908 people, Gilstrap's and I'm always interested in exchanging information. Ron Gilstrap [Kain54@msn.com]

Charles E. Elrod
28 JAN 1997
Requesting information on the Baxter and Clark families of Butler County. [wezup1@ldd.net]

Nellie Dwyer
Feb 1 1997

ROARK-looking for Roarks in Harlan Co Ky.Jane Roark b.1837 Va or any family of hers.Siblings were John b.1835 Va,Matilda b1838 William b1840,Aaron b1845m Hetty Brock and Elizabeth b1848.Jane had sons(illigetimate)Blevens and Matison.She may have had other children.I'd like to talk to any ROARK descendant.

Tom Carroll
1 Feb 1997
Searching for any historical information concerning Carroll's in the butler county area of Kentucky. I presently have a listing of family members that stops in 1828.

Soloman T. Carroll - Birth unknown, Death unknown - Looking for info for anyone before him.
Wiley J. Carroll - Birth 1828, Death 1904
Thomas Burton Carroll - Birth 1871, Death 1931
Ever Louis Carroll - Birth 12/24/1894, Death 4/4/1953
Thurston Thomas Carroll - Birth 7/5/1918, Death 10/28/1961
Thomas Junior Carroll - Birth 4/14/1941, Death 5/31/1968

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Tom Carroll tcarroll@premier1.net

Feb 3, 1997
Am searching for information on my gr.gr. grandfather, Porter Neel, b. Ky 1823. Believe could have been b. Butler Co. His siblings were William and Peter (all I know). Could have had an older brother or uncle martin Neel. His father might have been a William Neel. Name could also be Neal. Also have strong feeling that Porter could have been his mother's surname. Any Information would be appreciated. Please email Deesend@aol.com

Cheryl Harnack
Feb 5, 1997

Researching William Henry Brooks b: July 12, 1819 in Beech Grove, KY and m: Rachel Tanner on October 16,1841 in Daviess county. Need information on any Brooks from Daviess, Trigg, Christian, Hancock, Breckinridge, Christian and Hopkins counties. Some names: Sanford T Brooks, Frederick Brooks, Samuel Brooks, Thomas Latney Brooks.

Chuck Keown
Feb 5, 1997

Looking for info on Keown,s of thomas or james alex desendants. I,ve got appx. 3000 names. will share info with same clan. Thomas Keown came to Bowling Green, Ky. area in 1805,settling appx. 19 mile north on the green river..All info of any keown is needed we are related.thank you. chuck keown

Sharon Woodcock
Feb 5, 1997
I am Sharon Woodcock and I am looking for any information which might help me find out who the parents of William Woodcock were. William was born in 1817 lived in Butler County, Kentucky was married to Rhoda (Elmore) Woodcock, Anything at all would be appreciated. Thank You Sharon Woodcock

Leanis Carter
8 Feb 1997
My Maternal grandmother, (Lou Ettie Roach), was born in Butler Co, 12/11/1887 to Calvin Roach md. Lizetta Russ (b. 3/30/1865, d. 12/16/1954). They were married 12/1886 in Butler Co. Calvin Roach's father was William M. Roach md. Elender Peay. Lizetta Russ' father was Henry Russ, Jr. md. Nancy J. Lyons. Willim M. Roach and Elender (Peay) Roach had 6 children; John M., James K. P., Perry Calvin, Ludolphus, Vincent M. and Melvil B. Henry Russ, Jr's father was probably Henry Russ, Sr. md. Sally Ann (?) Fisher 7/2/1828. Henry Russ, Sr. was probably born 1800 in Ky. His parents evidently were born in NC. Sally (or Sallie) parents were probably born in Ky. Any info on the above families would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Christian
Feb 9 1997

Looking for parents of Josephine NELMS, who b. 12 Jun 1844 nr. Bowling Green. Interested in father's given name, mother's maiden name, and parents places of origin.

Dianna Young
14 Feb 1997
I am looking form information on Green Barry MASSEY who lived in the Reedyville area. He is buried in the Bethlehem Church of Christ Cemetary b. 7 Nov 1830 d. 28 Dec 1912 m. Elisabeth Harriet Whalen 20 Dec 1849 need information on his parents and where he was born. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Dianna Young DMY@aol.com

J. Sharer
15 Feb 1997
i have my line back to christian sharer [early 1800] but cant go back any farther i know that he had a land grant in butler county. his bro jacob is buried in the rev. war cemetery in buorbon county. he had a sister catherine who married thomas bibb also in butler county . henry sharrer [old spelling] was also a sibling. where did they come from? what was their nationality? some say german . any help would be appreciated.

Kenneth Johnson
17 Feb 1997
Searching for ancestors and descendants of JOHNSON, Joseph, married 10 July 1816 in Butler County, KY, Sally PITTMAN.
Kenneth Johnson
R. 1, Box 78
5 Penfold Road
New Harmony, IN 47631

Tom Jurgens
Feb 17 1997

Any information regarding Edith 'Emma' Sawyer b 10/18/1871 or the Sawyer family would be greatly appreciated. This family was known to have lived in Greenville, KY and/or Butler or Muhlenberg counties. Thank you.

Dan Manson
Feb 17 1997

I am looking for ANY information related to the Andrew J. and Saly? MAYS family Andrew J Mays born July 1861 born in KY father born in NC? Mother born in NC? Wife Saly? _____ born Nov. 1862 born in KY father born in KY Mother born in KY Married in 1882 (presumably in KY) Daughter Lulu born Mar. 1885 born in KY (There were a few other children too) Any lookups or suggestions greatly apprieciated !!! Dan.

Julia DeHart
Feb 19 1997

Searching for any DEHART, STEGALL, BRAWNER, McDAVID, GOODLETT information. Thanks.

Bruce E. York
Feb 16 1997

Am researching all YORKS and YORK descendants in U.S. Am seeking other Yorks to cooperate on research of Yorks in Kentucky. Currently have 30,500 Yorks in PAF data base.

Kathy Tyson
Feb 20 1997

I'm searching for infortation on the JOHN LEMASTER BURDON FAMILY, who had a daughter name LAURA VICTORA who married SUMNER LEE ROLAND, they had a daughter name CASSIE CLEO ROLAND, who married LOREN CHAPPELL.They lived in Butler, Jefferson,Hopkin Counties.If anyone can help me it would be appreciated.Thank you. Kathy Tyson e-mail rtyson@pacifier.com

Leslie L. Fierstat
Feb 27 1997

Searching for paternal greatgrandfather, Charles or Charlie MONTGOMERY born in 1880's. He had three daughters, one of them Mamie Jane MONTGOMERY-LAMB who was my grandmother. Mamie was born January 24, 1908, location unknown. The names of the other siblings unknown. Mamie moved to Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee and married Harris LAMB. Her father, Charles/Charlie MONTGOMERY lived out his old age in Bowling Green, KY. His wife's name was possibly Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). Any info that ANYONE may have would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Eads
Feb 26 1997

Am Looking For Information on Jesse Jenkins, Jr. Married 4-29-1818 Butler Co., Ky. to Sarah Talbert.
Children: James B 2-7-1825 Married Elizabeth Jenkins
Jeremiah B 8-2-1828 Married Isabell Elizabeth Christmas
Amanda B 7-20-1840 Married Douglas Murphey Phillips
Susan B 1835
Sally B 1836
Information needed is Death Dates and Place of Jesse and Sarah; Any and all kinds of information on Susan And Sally, I have Nothing. Have descendants of James, Jeremiah and Amanda, Will Trade or Share.

Feb 26 1997

I am searching for relatives of Wm. Sylvester Taylor. His father was Zachary Taylor. Wm. S. was born in butler co. He was married to Sarah B. Tanner on 2-10-1878. They had 5 children. Anna, mabel , Letha belle, Wendell S. and another daughter. Wm. was a lawyer and attorney gen of the state of Ky from 1895-99. He then was elected Govenor in 1900, but was accused of conspiracy and possible murder and fled with his family to Indianapolis, In where he resided until his death in 8/1928. he remarried Nora Myers in 1912. They had a son Charles Linden who was born 1916, also living with them was a grandson Wm. J. Bohannon Taylor. We do not know who his parents were. He is the one we are primarily looking for. Wm. S. also had a brohter Fern Taylor of Morgantown KY. We are interested in any information anyone might have on this line of Taylors.

Cheryl Harnack
Feb 5 1997

Researching William Henry Brooks b: July 12, 1819 in Beech Grove, KY and m: Rachel Tanner on October 16,1841 in Daviess county. Need information on any Brooks from Daviess, Trigg, Christian, Hancock, Breckinridge, Christian and Hopkins counties. Some names: Sanford T Brooks, Frederick Brooks, Samuel Brooks, Thomas Latney Brooks.

Chuck Keown Wed Feb 5 1997
Looking for info on Keown,s of thomas or james alex desendants. I,ve got appx. 3000 names. will share info with same clan. Thomas Keown came to Bowling Green, Ky. area in 1805,settling appx. 19 mile north on the green river..All info of any keown is needed we are related.thank you. chuck keown

Ruth Goodman Wed Mar 5 14:36:06 1997
AMOS GOODMAN was on the Grayson Co. 1850 and 1860 censuses. In 1860 census, Caneyville P.O. , AMOS was 42 and his wife was AMERICA REYNOLDS age 37. Children were ARTHUR age 20 , HANNAH 17, THOMAS 15, LUCRETIA 12, ELLENDER 7, JOHN 4, and AMOS 2. I would like any information on AMOS GOODMAN and his Parents. Also AMERICA REYNOLDS and her parents. AMOS GOODMAN appears to have had family also in Butler Co.

Carole J. Southerland
March 5, 1997
My Mother is Dolores Agnes Burden b. 14 July 1923 Henderson Co. KY mar. 1. 20 Aug. 1941 Hayden Jennings (b. 29 Aug 1913 Webster Co. - d. 1 May 1941 Butler Co. After Dads death she remarried Troy Cook of Butler Co. Dolores is the d/o America Evelyn Hall & Walter Enos Burden, s/o Martha P. Lindsey & James Alford Burden, s/o Martha Patsy Coy & Gabriel S. Burden, s/o Mary Brain & James Burden. Anyone researching these many lines can e-mail me at, cjsouth@tcsx.net

Barbara Brinkley
Mar 5 1997

Humprey Pope married Elizabeth Duncan in 1794 Lincoln Co. Ky. They were in Butler Co. by 1820.Their chidren were:William,John,Pricilla,Jane,Edna,Elizabeth and Hester who married William M (Marshall ?) Lee,born 1807,Va. They were on the 1850 Butler Co. census and moved to Texas in the early 1850's.Would like to exchange information with someone about all these families.Willaim Lee's parents may have been William and Frances Lee of Butler Co.

Sharon Woodcock
Mar 11 1997

I am looking for any information on the WOODCOCKS ,PEACH, and BRYANTS, Especially William Woodcock's parents, William was born in 1817, I am also looking for the parents of Katharine Bryant Will share any information I have.

Jann Grimes
Mar 11 1997

Looking for the father of Harriet KEOWN who died (father) 1856-1857. Mother was Sarah A. ______ "Sallie" b. 1822ca. KY m. probably 1852-1853. Their children were May C. KEOWN b. 1852 ca KY, Harriett KEOWN b. 1853 ca KY, and Martin C. KEOWN (was this C. perhaps Caldwell Keown's used so much?) b. 1856. Harriett had two children with Johnny Stuart out of wedlock, Eugene Washington KEOWN and Frances KEOWN who went by LEE, then married James LEE. Martin married Sarah___________. Their children were, Nancy, Willie, Louie, Julie, Frank, Allen, Fred. These families were in Edmonson County KY, but also Warren, and possibly Ohio and Butler Counties.

Tom Cockerel
Mar 11 1997

COCKEREL connections are found throughout Butler County. Some of the surnames are SKAGGS, ASHLEY, STICE, DECKER. If you have a COCKEREL connection I have information to share. I also have information on the COCKEREL families of Grayson and Edmondson counties and much of Kentucky. Tom Cockerel

James R. Wade
Mar 15 1997

Need information on Josiah Wade and his family who lived in Morgantown, KY from prior to 1900 until the present.

Mar 23 1997

I have been told that Lucy May Staples was born on Oct. 08, 1906. Her father was William (Bill) Staples and mother was Lura Miller. If anyone has any information at all about these people please contact me. Thank you.

Dave Edwards
MAR 30 1997

Elizabeth WARREN was born March 28, 1837 in Garrard Co., Ky. She was married in Morgantown, Butler County, KY. at Nancy WARREN's residence (perhaps her mother) in 1857 to Fleming CLARK. Both Fleming and Elizabeth (WARREN) CLARK are my 2nd great grandparents. I am searching for information on Elizabeth WARREN's Parents. Thanks.

Dave Edwards
MAR 30 1997

Mary W EMBRY was born in Butler County KY in abt 1831. Her parents were born in Tennessee. She married in Morgantown, Butler County, Ky in 1854 to Robert BEASLEY, s/o John and Polly (BURDEN) BEESLEY. Searching for the parents of Mary EMBRY as well as the parents of Polly BURDEN. Willing to share info. Thanks

Dave Edwards
MAR 30 1997

Isaac CLARK moved to Butler County from Virginia in the very early 1800's. He first married Elizabeth MORRIS in abt. 1819 in Butler Co. KY. They had 3 children, Elizabeth CLARK, Presley Morris CLARK, Born: Abt. 1829 in Vanderburgh Co., In., and Betsey CLARK. Isaac then married Eliza JAMES in January 27, 1835 in Butler County. They also had 3 children. Fleming CLARK, Born: January 15, 1836 in Butler Co., KY., Emiline CLARK, Born: May 5, 1838 and Mary C CLARK, Born: 1839. I am interested in any information on these families and willing to share. Thanks

APR 9 1997
My great -great grandfather William Cader Dockery was born in Gerrard Co, Ky in 1813 and lived most of his life in Butler Co. My great grandfather was Verdine Dockery (b 1858), my grandfather was Van Lincoln Dockery (b.1881) and my father is Elmer Leonard Dockery (b. 1927) . Anyone with information on the ancestors of William Cader Dockery please E-mail me at SDock73556 @aol.com. Thank You.

Darlene Moran
APR 9 1997
I am interested in any info on the family Kinkade/kincade, and Kirby. My maternal grandfather's were Preston Kinkade, whose father was Samuel Kinkade, and Greenberry Kirby. Preston married Lura Bell Kirby.

Linda Williams
APR 9 1997
Looking for any information on Hamilton Cockrel. He was married three times first in Spencer Co. In.,then in Butler Co.,and also Grayson Co. It is said that he was the father of 11 children.Need to know the names of the 11 children.Thank you

Jan Willis Williams
10 Apr 1997
I recently learned of a GREENVILLE WILLIS who lived in Butler co, KY in the mid 1800's. He married Julian Ann Phelps in 1844. I believe I am connected to his ancestry. If I am correct, his ancestors came from Patrick Co, VA and he would be a grandson of Joseph WILLIS and Sarah NOWLIN, also from Patrick Co, VA. The name "Greenville" was frequently given to sons of the WILLIS family, and our family oral tradition indicates that many of our WILLIS cousins migrated into KY, OH and WVa.

I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who is interested in this group of WILLIS'.Jan Willis Williams, 5332 Deep Springs Drive, Stone Mtn, GA 30087

Nona Nunnelly
10 APR 1997
James ASHLEY married Nancy SHELTON, Butler Co., KY 1817. Family lived in McCracken 1830, 1840; to Republic of Texas by 1845. Need parents and siblings of James ASHLEY.

Nona Nunnelly (00nanunnelly@bsu.edu) (That's "zero, zero...."!) Muncie, Indiana

Rita Ferguson Wilson
Apr 17 1997
My g.grandmother Anna Myers - she had one child by David Myers a daughter - Myrtle O. Myers b: Dec 22, 1905. David committed sucide when my grandmother was a young girl of 6. Seeking any information on David Myers - parents, where burried, etc. Shortly after his death Anna Myers married into the Pendley's. Thanks for sharing any info. Rita Ferguson Wilson

Dianna Young
Apr 16 1997

My grgrndmthr Martha Annie Huff was born 15 Feb 1874 d. 29 Jan 1966 married Ewing Carl Gott 27 Feb 1861 her parents names I have were George Huff and Nan ? later she married a Tarrance with several children. I would appreciate any information you could help me with on these elusive ancestors. Family history is Nan died when Grandma was young and she was raised by a neighbor who would not let her go to school or learn to read. You can email me at dmyng@aol.com

Mark A. Raymer
Apr 20, 1997

I am looking for information on a Millie Lacefield. I only have an date. I don't know if its a marriage, birth, death, date but if you have this person name please send me what information you have. It is July,1839. This is an ancestor of my aunt's. Her maiden name was Butler and she lives in Mulenburg county Kentucky. It is her great grandmother.

Nellie Pickett
Apr 20, 1997

I am looking for the marriage of a Buela Grant and Nora Carson somewhere around 1896 in Butler or Ohio Counties. Anyone have any information on this families. Nora was b in 1878. Thanks, Nell

Lillian Decker
Apr 20 1997

My gr. grandfather was John William BENSON. He died in 1910 while working for the RR in Butler Co., Ky. Family tradition said he was hit by a train. Does any one know of this family? He was married several times. His last wife died at the birth of Frances. Frances was raised by her half sister Izone Elizabeth Benson who was married at the birth to Robert Andrew Fleming. Who were John William Bensons wives? The first one was a McCoy. The Benson lived around Russelville. Thank you for any help. I'll gladly share my Ky. information with others. My family were all born in Ky. In Butler, and surrounding Co's. My names are Fleming,Benson,Dortch, Christian, Johnson. Thanks Lillian ldecker@quix.net

Janet L. Jensen
APR 22 1997
James Crews b 1780 Va was in 1850 census of Warren Co, Ky, mar Cloah ____ b 1783 Va. In 1860 Cloah was in Warren Co census as a pauper. A land record in Butler Co, Ky 1835 noted James Crews and wife Cloah of Butler Co and Sarah Miller with land on Big Creek. Can anyone shed some light on who this Crews is? And who is Cloah ___? I have other Crews or Cruse info to exchange. These come from surrounding counties in Ky. For anyone who does not have access to the internet, my address is: Janet Cruse Jensen, 2216 W Cheery Lynn Rd, Phoenix, Az 85015-5705.

Linda Williams
APR 22 1997
Looking for information on Melvina J. Hendersond b.around 1843. Would like very much to find out who her parents are. Hendersond is her married name.Thanks in advance for your help.

June Miller
May 10 1997

I am seeking information about John M. Wetzel. He was born in Indiana about 1836 and died before 1900. I think he is buried in Poplar Grove, McLean County. His occupation may have been a lock keeper on the Green River. He was married to Mary Anne Morrow and their children were John T., George, Mollie (May have been Mary Elizabeth.,) George (G.W.), James Ernest, Sarah Frances (Sallie), Thomas L., Alexander, and Lenora (Lula.) Mary Anne Morrow Wetzel is buried in Butler County.

Sharon Woodcock
May 13 1997

Woodcocks, Elmores, Peaches, Bryants, Cummings
I am especially looking for the family of William Woodcock born in 1807 although Willam was born in Tennessee, he resided in the Butler,Barren and Whitley Counties of Kentucky. Would appreciate any information no matter how small. I am willing to share what information I have on these families.

Genevieve Kile
May 14 1997

Looking for the parents of James Kile born 1821 in Kentucky. Parents believed to be Alexander and Elizabeth Kile as that is the name of his first son and dau. Found an Alexander Kile in Bulter Co in 1820 years ago but have misplaced the book. James kile was in Shannon Co, Mo by 1842 as he m. Caroline Suggs who was in Shannon in 1840 w/her parents. First child Elizabeth born in 1843. James Kile was killed at the Battle of Wilson's creek Springfield Mo Aug 10, 1861 My husband Jerald's Grandfather James Nelson was the youngest child of 9 and only 4 mo's old at that time We have never been able to find parents or siblings of James Kile tho we have found the Kile name in the census spelled Coil, Coyle, Kyle and Kile. There was a Henry Coil in an adjoining county born Ky 1819 who we believe was a bro as at a later date there was a widow Elizabeth Kile and ch. If anyone is researching the Kile's of Ky would appreciate hearing from them. Shannon Co courthouse burned three times so early records of marriages etc are lost up to 1880.

Genevieve Kile
May 14 1997

Looking for others researching the name LeGrand. My GGGrandfather George Washington Legrand came to Shannon Co Mo from Butler Co KY in the 1870's and married Ruthie McMullins six children were born to this couple. Permelia, Nancy Margaret Sarah Abraham, and William. Permelia m. George W. Conley and were my Great Grandparents. We have been told that George LeGrand left a wife and several children in Ky. Am trying to prove this as fact or fiction.

Debbie Hund Hogan
May 22 1997

Seeking information on these families of Jefferson County. John J. EARLY b. ABT. 1873 in Breckinridge County d. 5 Sep 1940 in Louisville, Ky. m. Nelligan WEIDMAN b. ABT. 1878 in Spencer Co., Ky. d. 8 Aug 1947 in Louisville, Ky. Nelligan WEIDMAN EARLY's parents were Unknown WEIDMAN, b. ABT. 1850-1860 probably of Jefferson Co. and Doshee (Doshie? Theodoshia?) NELLIGAN, b. ABT. 1850-1860 probably in Jefferson County. Also seeking information on Elsie Elnora MESSENGER b. 13 Nov 1898 in Jefferson Co. d. 10 Oct. 1988 in Jeffersonville, Ind. m. William Edward BARTON b. Abt. 1888 possibly in Butler Co. d. 17 Nov 1941 in Jefferson Co. Ky.

Robert Rose
MAY 25, 1997

I am trying to find information about Minerva Laws and Nancy Johnson who were listed as living in Logansport in the 1860 Butler Cty. census. Minerva 34 and 6 children and Nancy 31 and 1 child. I would like to know the relationship of these two women, maybe sisters, sisters-in-law or whatever. Really I would like information on the Nancy Johnson if possible because I believe this may be my family. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Robert Rose bdrose@intrnet.net

Dean Lunsford
May 26 1997

Looking for the father of THOMAS ELZIE PENDLEY. Thomas was B. Feb 10 1876 D. Nov 17 1964. Is resting in Sandy Creek Cemt. Most of the Pendley came from Butler Co. My Great grand father ANDREW JACKSON PENDLEYand his family came Ky. to Ar. & back to Ky. Thank anyone in advance for any info. lunsford@yell.com

Julia DeHart
26 May 1997

Looking for information about Ebenezer Erskin Goodlett (wife Rebecca (Eliza) Hammond) who was listed in the 1820 census of Butler Co. Later resided (according to 1830 census) in Princeton (Caldwell Co) Ky. Any information about the family would be helpful. Thanks. Julia DeHart

Sandy Myers
Jun 2 1997

Looking for anyone researching NEILL/NEAL surnames In Butler, Henry, Jefferson, Knox, and Shelby counties Re: Marriages listed in Ancestry Marriage Database. Sandy Myers

Carol Vidales
Jun 4 1997

Richard LAWRENCE of Fauquier & Culpepper cos., VA went to Barren Co. KY between 1810 and 1820. His children were: Edward, (Woodford?), Archibald, Willis, Walter, Sally, Eliz. (md. Rodham Tullos LAWRENCE), Nancy (?- m. James THOMPSON), and a dau. who supposedly married Robert WHEATLEY. Family intermarried a good bit with BUTLER and HAYNES family members. They spread out to Warren and Butler cos., KY as well. I am researching the LAWRENCE/LARRANCE family and descendants.

Ruth Goodman
Jun 9 1997

I would like any information on Rosie Daugherty (daughter of James E Daugherty and Anarpa Burden) who married Mack Burden in McLean Co. Dec. 30, 1899. I would like to know if they had children and who they were. Rosie was my great aunt. I was informed that some of the records from McLean Co. were sent to Daviess , Ohio , and Muhlenburg County because they did not have a county seat at one time. To view some of my information visit my homepage. http://members.tripod.com/~Rruth/index.html

Sarah Shaw Tatounova
Jun 12 1997
I am looking for any and all information on the families of Alexander CHAPMAN, b. Jan. 2, 1776 in Bucks Co., PA, d. Sept. 15, 1835 Butler Co. KY and his wife Ann Dixon CARSON, b. 1785, d. 1836 in Butler Co., KY. They had 8 children, Martha, Thomas, James, Avalette, Mary, Baxter, Eliza and Margaret, all born in Butler Co. Ann Dixon CARSON was the daughter of Thomas CARSON, b. 1760 in VA and Anna PORTER, b. 1761. Alexander was the son of James CHAPMAN and Martha FITZPATRICK. Would love to find other descendants of this couple or any other relations, however distant.

Harold G. Morris
Jun 16 1997

Would like to discuss exchange of information concerning John Renfrow & family; Champion Edwards, Sr., & family, Squire Monroe Carroll & Family; Holland Morris & Family; John Valentine Fentress & family, also associated families.

Harold G. Morris
Jun 24 1997

Need information concerning the marriage of William Steven Davenport to Isabella Sweatt, daughter of Azeriah Sweatt who died in 1869. Isabella was one of 10 children mentioned in his will. Thank you in advance.hmorris@vci.net

Deborah A. Kaelin
Jun 24 1997

I am definitely related to the Daugherty and Borah families listed on the 1850 Census. I am most likely related to the Embry and Davis families as well. John and Mary Daugherty on the 1850 were my 2 great grandparents. Any information you can share on the above would be appreciated. I have quite a bit of information on the Daugherty family but my Embry information is still sketchy. I do have some photographs of Davis and Embry family members from a couple of generations back if you are interested. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

My 2 great grandfather John and his approximately 3 year old son are allegedly buried in unmarked graves in a cemetery in Butler County. I have no idea what the son's name was but I know he died of rabies he got when bitten by a cat. Any help with this ancestor would really be appreciated. Deborah Hofmann Kaelin

Timmy House
JUN 25 1997

I am searching for my family toots and would appreciate any information. My grandparents are: Fred HOPE AND Ruth AKIN, Veachel HOUSE AND Lora DUKE.
ROCHESTER KY 42273-8322.

Charles Elrod
Jun 28 1997

I am researching the Baxter and Clark families of Morgantown, Butler Co., Kentucky. Any information on either family would be appreciated. Thanks, Charles E. Elrod haapy1@ldd.net

Anita Turner
Jun 29 1997

I'm searching for information on Thomas TURNER, married to Hannah CARSON, moved to Butler County and raised ten children. I believe they were there by about 1820. After Hannah died, Thomas married Rachel Porter COOK in Butler County on 11-6-1845. I understand you are willing to look up information, especially census records. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anita Turner

Walt Ward
Jun 30 1997

Searching for my great-grandparents, Samuel and Emma NORRIS, daughters: Lula Bell, born 23 June 1882 in Cumberland Gap, Bell County KY? or TNN? [married Kenneth WARD], Jesse [married Sherrod] and Ethel [married Gossett]. Kenneth and Lula married in CoolSpring Baptist Church, Woodbury, Morgantown,Butler County, Kentucky 3 Jan 1904. I have found no trace of Samuel and Emma in the Kentucky Census records. Any suggestions?

Willie M.Silas
Jul 4 1997

Looking for information on Walter Nash married Eliza J. Cockrill in Grayson co. Ky.about 1885. He is the son of Lewis C.Nash and Milly Oller. At least two children Mary and James. Walter Nash was born In Edmonson Co. Thanks ror any information.

Darlene Moran
JUL 7 1997
I am researching the EMBRY family specifically G.J."Jackson" Embry who married Martha KING. They had a son named Rosevelt EMBRY born Nov. 8, 1904. Any info much appreciated.

Terri Lagneau
JUL 20, 1997

I am researching the family of John GIDCUMB and Mary FELTY daughter of Conrad FELTY. I am looking for information on both the GIDCUMB and FELTY lines. Can anyone help me? Also interested in other FELTY lines and how they are related to Conrad FELTY. Terri Lagneau 709 E. Broadway Princeton, In. 47670

Gena Theiss
JUL 20, 1997

I am researching the JOHNSONS of Butler Co., Ky. Would like to correspond with anyone who has a Johnson connection in Butler Co. or Grayson Co. Ky. Gena Theiss gena.theiss@tfd.org

Cindy Cowan
JUL 21 1997

Searching for info about Murton John MATHIS b 1896, Abrham MATHIS b1856 and Benedict L. MATHIS b 1823. Murton's siblings James, William and Mary Mathis Pea. Abrham's siblings Oscar, Martha J. Anatener?, Gabrel, Rachel M., Laura E, Benjamin, and Arthur. Also, Virginia R. Pendly and Rachel Amanda Woods.
Ginny Cowan cowan@icubed.net

Lecia House
JUL 22 1997

I am researching my family tree. My grandparents were Harold MOORE and Gerturude ABNEY. Their parents are William Powell MOORE AND Margaret Hampton, John W. Abney and Mary Flener. The next set of parents are Thomas W. Moore and Mary Ann ABNEY. Don't have any further information on the HAMPTONS, John W. ABNEY Sr. and Martha Jane FLENER or Embry Pleasant H. FLENER and Victoria KENDAL. Will share information. WRITE TO:
ROCHESTER KY 42273-8322

David and Sally Appleby
Jul 8 1997

We are researching the following family names in Butler Co. Ky. and would be happy to exchange information with anyone who is also researching these family lines ! WHALEN,WAND,KEOWN, SUBLETTand JORDAN. Many thanks-David and Sally Appleby

Jul 26 1997

REYNOLDS, GOODMAN, PHELPS families. Need info on Thomas GOONMAN and his 6 yr old grand-daughter Nancy REYNOLDS in the 1880 census. ron_reynolds@prodigy.com 217-544-6066

Tom Hunt
Fri Jul 25 1997

I am searching for information on the Haven surname. Frank M. Haven, wife Icy P. Daugherty Haven. Known children: Will Haven, Marion Francis Haven 1881-1967, Ora Haven Romans, Matt Haven Goodall. Marion is my Grandfather. He married Sarah Frances Daugherty, daughter of John and Nancy Daugherty. Thank you.

Ruth Goodman
Tue Jul 29 1997

I am looking for information on CAVENDER FARRIS or sometimes spelled PHARRIS married to MARTHA ??? . On the birth records in Butler Co. Ky it shows them having a son JAMES P. FARRIS March 6, 1852 . JAMES P FARRIS was married to ANDLINE DARCAS ROMANS and she was born Dec. 25 ,1843. If anyone has information on MARTHA's maiden name or the parents of CAVENDER FARRIS I would be happy to share information.

Barry Comer
Mon Jul 28 1997

COMERS Searching for COMER's buried in Ebenezer Cemetery off Hwys 626 and 1038 around Sharer & Richelieu. My aunt was doing research many many years ago on her family and noticed Comer's buried near her mothers family graves but didn't take the time to get the COMER info. Ebenezer Cemetery is not listed for Butler County, but Aunt Mickie says it is there. HELP!!! Thanks in advance for any help.

Gary Poole
JUL 29 1997

I'm trying to find someone who has knowledge about William Thomas POOLE ( one document shows him b.8 Mar 1805 Ky another shows his birth as 1812 Schuyler Co , Il ) d. 17 Aug 1871 Beatrice,Gage Neb . Married 16 Mar 1825 to Delilah BROWN ( one account shows her b.15 Feb 1807 Ky. Another account shows her b. 1816 Schuyler Co , Il .) d. 28 Mar 1883 Canyonville Or. I know many of their children were born in Schuyler County Il in the period from 1826 to 1840 . I have info to share on their descendants but nothing on Delilah and not much on Wm. Thomas . Any help is appreciated and it would be nice to meet some more cousins . Thank you , Gary Poole

Archie D. Pollock, Jr.
Tue Aug 5 1997

I am interested in any information re: POLLOCK family who came from Scotland in the 1850's to Muhlenberg County. My g-grandfather, Archibald, was in Mining City & McHenry, KY. Am looking for his death date. Also any info on his sisters' families, Katie Pollock Campbell; Jennette Pollock Main.

William Davison
Sat Aug 9 1997

Seeking information on John Davidson b. 1759 Prince Edward Co., VA m. Eleanor Ewing and relocated to Logan and Butler Counties, abt 1805. Listed in Butler County 1810 census. was a surveyor. Need sibs, children, descendants.

L. J. Ewing
Tue, 12 Aug 1997

Looking for descendants of these families. William EWING married Florence PORTER in Prince Edward CO, VA & moved with the PORTER family to Logan & Butler CO,KY in 1795/6. Children of Wm & Florence EWING were James m. Mary HOWARD, Wm m. Rebecca HAYS, Samuel m. Mary LAWRENCE, Saray m. Thomas P. STROUD, Mary m. 1st Elijah HALSELL 2nd Jeremiah THOMPSON, Peggy m. David PORTER, Elizabeth m. Benjamin PORTER also had a son Nathaniel EWING. LJEwing@aol.com

T. Murphy
13 Aug 1997

Looking for the parents of William Thomas MOORE b 26 Jan 1831 in Bulter County, KY. William Thomas MOORE m Martha Ann DAVIDSON on 17 Aug 1856. William Thomas MOORE and Martha Ann (DAVIDSON) MOORE moved to MO and some of the MOORE settled in KS. Martha Ann (DAVIDSON) MOORE m #2 husband who was Thomas W. STARK. Looking for any connection on the MOORE or STARK family members. Thank you for reading this.

19 Aug 1997

Beally GAITHER and Melissa GREGORY were married in Butler Co. in 1835. I believe Melissa to be the daughter of John D.GREGORY. Johns second wife was Melvina JACOBS. They were married in Rutherford Co. Tn in 1836. Who was his first wife? In 1860 John and Melvina were in Crittenden Co. Ky. His daughters Amelia Eveline, who married William Daugherty and Lucy B. Who married John P. Grissom along with Melissa and Beally Gaither moved to Van Buren Co. Ark before the civil war

Donna Johnson
22 Aug 1997

Am looking for the parents of Joseph Johnson b. 1784, near Richmond, Virginia. Married Sara Pitman b. 1797. Marriage date July 10, 1816. They had 9 living children. Sara's parents were John and Mary Phelps Pitman of Butler Co., Ky. Will be glad to trade info. Donna Johnson KDDONNA 1@ aol.com

Brenda Robinson
23 Aug 1997

Does Anyone have any infomation on Fronie Caroline Thomas WILLOUGHBY. they called her Lina for short .She married James Cook in 1912. They lived in butler co. Brenda Robinson

Does any one in Butler or ohio county county have any information on Caroline willoughby she born in butler county around 1864-67 to precilla willoughby or embry/I believe she came out of the James willoughby lineIhave Info on one one of her marriage licene saying she was fronie caroline thomas but canfind no proof she married James cook from butler county the second time in 1912.

Gary Norris
Thu Aug 21 1997

Would like to correspond with anyone researching the Payton families of Grayson Co. I have done extensive census research.

Matt Neal
Thu Aug 21 1997

I am looking for information on Joseph Neal, he is the son of Benjamin Neal and the father of Matthew Harrison Neal. He was born around 1807 and lived in Muhlenberg County with his wife Sarah Gish until 1859. They disappeared from Muhlenberg County and I can't find any trace of them again. Also anyone with information on any Neal is welcome to contact me and share information.

Brenda Shue
Sun Aug 24 1997

Looking for information on the following family listed in 1850
Butler County, KY Census...
James L. MOORE b. ca 1809 VA (husband)
Nancy MOORE b. ca 1804 KY (wife)
William Thomas MOORE b. 26 Jan 1831 KY (son)
Nancy MOORE b. ca 1833 KY (daughter)
Tervisa MOORE b. ca 1835 KY (daughter)
Mary MOORE b. ca 1837 KY (daughter)
Frances MOORE b. ca 1840 KY (son)
Autheline(sp) MOORE b. ca 1842 KY (daughter)
Any help would be appreciated.

Kerry Wilson
Mon Aug 25 1997

In Scott- Butler- Bath-Fayette-Woodford counties I have some info but it is all 1830 and later..I'm looking for anything I can findon these names. I have no problem sharing anything I have. Thanks in advance for any help!

Doug Flowers
Sun 31 Aug 1997

I'm working on the above names and would like to share information with anyone interested.. Mainly interested in the Flowers, Lorenzo Walter b. 1813 prob in NC moved to TN and then to Butler Co. KY. He's buried at Logansport Butler Co. KY. Doug Flowers
3313 Maple Leaf Dr.
LaGrange KY 40031-9319

Sat, 30 Aug 1997

Requesting info on the STONEBRAKER families of Butler Co.

Darlene Moran
Fri Aug 29 1997

Any info on Hugh Kinkade and his wife Vicey Jane Jones, who were married in Butler County, April 14, 1856 would be greatly appreciated. He may or may not be the Father of Samuel P. Kinkade who married Sarah Ann Hope in Butler County.

Chris Smaz
Wed 3 Sep 1997

I am tracing the family of Llewellyn Elam, b abt 1780 in Campbell Co. VA. About 1815, Llewellyn moved to Butler Co., KY and is reported there in the 1820 census as well as his brother Samuel Elam. About 1825, Llewellyn moved on to Campbell Co. Illinois. Llewellyn and Samuel are the children of Richard and Susannah Elam. Susannah's burial may be in Butler Co. KY.

Steve Laster
Fri, 5 Sep 1997

John D. Arnold, a Civil War soldier, was married 4 times and had 23 children. William Bennett Arrendell was married 3 times and also had several children. They were brothers, sons of Williford Arrendell and Mary Lemon Ewing. Any information on this family will be very much appreciated. John Riley Baggett m. Sarah Elizabeth Kirby Dec. 3, 1904. He was the son of William Baggett and Eliza Jane Arrendell (daughter of William Bennett above). She was the daughter of James Kirby and Mary Summerville of Rochester, KY. Again, any information on either of these families would be very much appreciated.

Warren T. Wilson
Fri Sep 5, 1997

I'm seeking information concerning the family of George B Wilson (b. 1764, d. 1834) and Agnes McMachen (b. 1776, d. 1834). According to the 1810 census, they had some 10 children -- one was my great-great grandfather, William N (or H. ?) Wilson. Would appreciate assistance with the others. Warren T. Wilson (wtwilson@utk.edu)

Mary Ann Fulcher
Mon 08 Sep 1997

I need information on James Fulcher. He was in the Butler County, Ky. area in 1874. James Fulcher married Martha Ann Strong Lockridge on July 19, 1874.There were two children William and Ed Fulcher. Martha died in 1891 and is buried at Bethel Cemetery in Butler County, Ky. In 1893 James Fulcher married again to Sarah Jane Engler daughter of Thomas M. and Martha (Gardner) Engler. In 1900 Butler County Census Sarah J. Fulcher is a widow and her mother Martha is living with her. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks You, Mary Ann Fulcher

Janice Mauldin Castleman
Fri 05 Sep 1997

Seeking further information on SHELTON/LEE/MCKINNEY connections in Butler Co., KY early 1800's. Although the marriage record in Butler Co., KY shows that John W. Lee married Nancy Shelton, a deed found in the Benton Co., AR courthouse proved that her name was actually Martha A. (Shelton) Lee, as does the Arkansas census. The Benton County Pioneer, Vol. 3 #2, page 26 has Land Transfers 1846-1853, from Book B, Benton County Circuit Court Records - Abednig and Elizabeth SHELTON to Martha A. (Shelton) Lee and John W. Lee, near Pea Ridge. In the actual Deed books, record of land being sold to Elizabeth Shelton by John W. Lee and wife, is recorded in Book D, page 150, dated March 9, 1857. John W. Lee's neighbors in 1850 Greene Co., MO, were George McKinney 46 Ky and Rebecca b. KY, son Shelton A. 18 b. KY, Jesse 17 b. KY, Reafosac m. (?) 13 b. KY, William M. 3 b. MO. George McKinney married Rebecca Shelton in Butler Co., KY 07 Feb 1826. Rebecca was the daughter of Rev. Abednigo and Nancy Ann (Gough) Shelton who married in Logan Co., KY 18 May 1801 (this according to WFT Vol. 9 #3184. Janice Mauldin Castleman castle96@flash.net

Mary Ann Fulcher
Sep 5 1997

I need information on the parents of Vessie Pendley. They could be Hall-Paul Pendley and Bettie Lively. However I need conformation on this. Vessie Pendley married Ed Fulcher in 1909 in Butler County, Ky. In the early 1920's Ed and Vessie Pendley Fulcher moved to Simpson County., Ky. Ed Fulcher had a previous marriage to Effie Jones who died in 1905 in Butler County, Ky.

Arkie Genie
Sep 5, 1997

Looking for info/relatives on/of P.M. Moore and Elizabeth Givens who were married on March 12, 1858 in Butler Co., KY in the home of James Givens,her father. Peter and Elizabeth had a son James Sanford Moore born in Brunswick, Chariton Co., MO in 1859-1860. I have a lot of info on the Givens line, and would love to share with relatives. I have NOTHING on Peter or his family. Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail at ArkieGenie@aol.com Thanks, MJ

William B. Lacefield
Sep 13 1997

Need information on Adeline MCINTIRE married Alfred LACEFIELD ca. 1851 (Butler, Grayson, Ohio, ??). They had Sylvester(Jun. 1852), Monroe(Oct 1854), Mary(ca. 1856), Perry(Jul 1857), and Harve(Apr 1860). Alfred was alive when the 1860 Census of Butler Co., KY was taken in June of 1860. However, on 10 Dec. 1861, Adeline was appointed Administratrix of Alfred's estate in Butler Co., KY. In April of 1866, Adaline married Jackson LACEFIELD, younger brother of Alfred. In August 1870 Jackson married Frances Embry so he and Adaline must have divorced in the interim. In the1870 Census of Caneyville, Grayson Co., KY: 301: LACEFIELD, Adaline (35) kh; WILLIS, H. C. (1); LACEFIELD, Perry (12); Harvy (10); M. F. , dau, (6). QUESTION -- What happened to Adeline? Did she remarry? Where did she die; where is she buried? Thanks!

Reba Teal Parks
Wed Sep 10 15:51:12 1997

PORTER DESCENDANTS-want to locate descendants of John W. Porter wife Mary "Polly" Anthony m. 1740 in Belfast, ireland. Immigraated to Pa. then to Prince Edward co. Va. Children, John Jr., William, Oliver, Nathaniel, Francis "Frank", Flora "Florence", Racheal (m. Moses Reid) and Anna (m. Thomas Carson). Most of these sons were actively involved in the Revolutionary War. Several of the sons settled in Butler Co. KY, Oliver in Ga., Williams descendants in Kansas and MO., many in Texas. I am compiling a book hopefully to be issued in 2 years. Together, I hope to give some honor to this very important family. Will exchange what info that I have. Reba Teal Parks, 5428 9th, Lubbock, TX 79416

Lori Knight
Tue Sep 16 1997

I am searching for information on my ancestors of Butler Co., Ky JOHN GOODWIN born sometime between 1765 -1784 (wife's name unknown). He had at least five children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. One son WILLIAM GOODWIN born abt 1814 married Nancy (or Martha) born about 1819. Their children included: Pleasant, James, Thomas, William H., and Abner. WILLIAM H. GOODWIN born 1844 married Louisa (Pharris or Mattingly) born abt. 1842. Their children were: Sinit, James Pleasant, Cynthia, Georgia Ann, Alva "Kid", Samuel and Thomas B. Any information on this family will be welcomed. Also I am willing to share what I do have.

Susan Gard
Sat 20 Sep 1997

I'll share whatever information I have on the DABBS family (James R. ,1814-1865, married Catherine Robinson in 1835. He is buried in Rochester, she in Morgantown.)

Jean Schneider
Fri, 26 Sep 1997

Interested in location of Borah's Ferry, time period 1863. Civil War skirmish in March this year, 11th KY Volunteers, USA, involved. On what river? In Butler CO? Ancestor Alfred Butler died this skirmish I have heard.

James Romans
05 Oct 1997

Sarah A MARTIN was born to John Willis MARTIN and Sallie COLE on Oct. 2, 1841 in Butler Co.. She married a man named ROMANS. Do you have any references to these surnames? Thank you. James Romans

Harold Granville Morris
05 Oct 1997

Does anyone have the death date and place for Mary Catherine Marrs, b. 1820 Ky. She was married to Daniel Daugherty, 23 Jan. 1838 in Ohio County, Ky. Thank you, Harold Granville Morris

Paul Embry
06 Oct 1997

I am interested in the Embry that lived in Madision Co, KY. My lines are from Butler Co, Ky; however, a few of us have escaped from Butler Co. Thank you in advance, Paul Embry PaulgE8500@aol.com

Ron Bryan
07 Oct 1997

I've been looking for more information on George Keesee Cook for some time now.

George Keesee Cook, b. Jan. 5, 1792 in "Kentucky" when it was actually part of "Virginia" territory. His 1850 census in Indiana lists his birthplace as "VA".

He married Sarah ("Sally") b. in 1793 in Kentucky. They had at least two children in KY: Dorcas b. 1825 and George Robert, b. 1830. Others were born in IN. He fought in the Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812. He moved to IN in 1833.

I found some "George"'s in the 1820 KY census:  Butler Co., #313, #319

                                                Lincoln Co., #77

                                                Barren Co., #6

                               1830 census:     Butler Co., #86

                                                Hart Co., #206

                                                Lincoln Co., #366

                                                Trigg Co., #29


Just indices though, no specifics. Do you have access to KY census records? If so, I'd really appreciate knowning which, if any, of these "George's" may be mine. If not, could you forward this to anyone who does? Thanks for your help! Sincerely, Ron Bryan

Mon Oct 6 1997

I am looking for information on John David ARNOLD. There seems to be a name change between his father Willaford ARENDALL or ARNDELL and John David ARNOLD'S name.

Ruth Goodman
14 Oct 1997

Would like information on JESSE HOWARD married to NANCY ??? JESSE and family found on the Butler Co. 1860 Census.

JESSE HOWARD      58        1802  in Tenn

   NANCY          54        1806  in GA

   ISABEL M.C.    17        1843  in Tenn

   PATSY          14        1846  in Tenn

   SARAH          11        1849  in Tenn

PITMAN GEORGE W.  15        1845  in Tenn

Ruth Goodman

Larry Rickert
Sun Oct 12 1997

Searching for info on JOSIAH KUYKENDALL, born May 1825 in Butler Co, in Bowling Green area. Left Ky and believed to have spent some time in La and later (around 1850) moved on to Matagorda Co, Tx. Listed in 1860 Census there as a Dr. Believe father was Mathew Kuykendall who had a son Josiah and a brother Josiah.
Appreciate any info which may be available

Ron-bo Phelps
Fri, 24 Oct 1997
Seeking information on William PHELPS b. ca 1861 Butler Co, KY. Parents: E.C. PHELPS b. ca 1824 KY m. ca 1844 Mary Ann (?) b. ca 1826 TN. William's Siblings: James b. ca 1845 KY, Lousianna b. ca 1847 KY, John b. ca 1849 KY, Mary E b. ca 1852 KY, Julian N b. ca 1859 KY. In 1870 Butler Co census, William, Mary E, & Julian N PHELPS are living with Mary Ann WADDLE, mother has remarried. William may have married Mattie/Martha ODOM ca 1882, started a family in 1883 in Union Co, KY. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ron Phelps, r-phelps@uiuc.edu

Sandra Prater
Thu, 6 Nov 1997

I am looking for information on the Pendley Family. Specifically James Pendley and his wife Amelia Moness (Smith) Pendley and thier 12 children. I really need to verify the names of all 12 children as I am running into disputes with other researchers.
Sandie Prater
Choctaw, Okla

Joe Taylor
13 Nov 1997

Would like to trade information on this line. Joe Taylor VCJTAYLOR@AOL.COM

Terry Carroll
13 Nov 1997

Any information on George Penrod b.3/10/1882 d.11/13/1958 m.1905-07 to Hallie Forgy b.3/5/1889 d.10/31/1975 Children: Lavelle, Strother, and Nellie. Ancestors, Brothers, Sisters, any info would be great. He is my Great Grandfather on my Mothers side. Send info to:Terry Carroll E-mail: logan-2@ix.netcom.com

Edith Bastin
11 NOV 1997

Searching ancestors/descendants of WILLIAM ASBURY EDWARDS b. 12 March 1837, d. 17 June 1909 married 16 Dec. 1862 to NANCY JOSEPHINE HERROD b. 9 Sept. 1843, d. 13 March 1935. Their ten children were: Martha Jane (married to Stephen Douglas Poston), Jessie Tomes, Bonny Anna, Willie S. or M. (married to Mary P. Matthews), Mary Tabitha ( married to Charlie Meredith), David Newton (married Rilla Higdon), Charlie Luther, Sarah Silvannah, Clinton Clero and Rosa Bell (married Benjamin "Frank" Alvey).

Searching for ancestors/descendants of ANDREW POLSTON b. 10 Nov. 1832, d. 27 May 1904 and his wife, ELIZABETH GOODMAN, b. 16 Feb. 1837, d. 1 Feb. 1910. Their six children were Arrena (never married), Stephen Douglas (married Martha Jane Edwards), Anna Eliza (married Arch Logsdon), William Preston (married Charlotte Tharp), Robert Lee (never married) and George McClellan (married Disty Caswell.

Jerry Murray
11 NOV 1997

I am seeking for any information on John James MARSHALL b. 10/16/1843 in Butler CO., & d. 10/20/1895 in Butler Co. He was married on 11/11/1874 to Jailey Margaret FRYER b. 8/31/1859 in Butler Co. & d. 7/20/1934 in Sudan TX.
Jailey`s parents were James FRYER b.1818 in Butler Co. d. 1870., & America Susan DUCKER b. 1826 d. 1907. Any help with these people would be greatly appreciated, & would love to share info. Jerry

James Romans
11 NOV 1997

I am looking for info on Sarah MARTIN, born in Butler Co. Oct 2, 1841 to John Willis MARTIN and Sallie (COLE) MARTIN. Sarah married ? ROMANS. That is all the info that I have. Thank you! James Romans

10 NOV 1997

I have a deed to land in Butler County issued by Butler County Clerk's office on March 8th, 1884. It's between a Helen Knickerbacker and Sam and Nancy L. Brinn. It's quite graphic in the description of the land. Anyone know of these people?

Doug Flowers
15 NOV 1997

I'm looking for information on: Lorenzo Walter FLOWERS b. 1813 in NC/TN married to Sallie BABB b. 1818 in TN. They had 3 children in TN then moved to Butler Co. KY and had several more. I don't know if Lorenzo had brothers/sisters or his parents or where he orig. came from. Sallie's father was Jessie Babb I think he was from NC.

Also looking for Thomas A. FLUALLEN b. 1818 married to Sarah Ann Hawes b. 1827 in AL married in Butler Co. Ky 25 March 1869.

Maybe you or someone can help me.

Doug. Flowers
3313 Maple Leaf Dr
LaGrange KY 40031-9319

20 NOV 1997

I am seeking information on McNARY SWIFT, he is known to have fought in the Civil War. He has a beautiful monument, on his grave on the Butler/Grayson County line, near Caneyville. LWEVANS@aol.com.

Thu, 20 Nov 1997

Seeking information on SARAH A. SUBLETT b.abt.1844 who married George W. Cook.b. abt 1834. George was son of Elijah and Jane Cook they were in Butler Co. ca in 1850. Elijah may have been a tavern keeper. Sarah and George were in Daviess Co. ca in 1880 with 7 children. any iformation would be appreciated. Thank You. You can E-Mail me at BJGFL @AOL.COM

Robert Ford
Tue, 25 Nov 1997

Seek informationon stephen HAMPTON believed to possible be the father of timothy burgess HAMPTON, who was first person buried in Cook Cemetery. Robert W. Ford rwford@mnsinc.com

Harold G. Morris
Thu, 27 Nov 1997

I would like to add William R. Puckett, born abt 1833, married Catherine Sharer in 1861. Also Mary Jane Puckett, married Augustine Sharer in 1836. Any help to these lines would be greatly appreciated. Send information to Harold Morris, hmorris@vci.net

Ron Schroll
Tue, 02 Dec 1997

I would like to exchange information with anyone researching DAVIDSON in Butler Co, KY. My gr-gr-gr-grandfather was Stephen Davidson and I've found a listing in the 1840 Butler Co census but I'm not certain this is my Stephen Davidson. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks. Ron Schroll

Mina L. Brown
722 Frame St.
Denton, TX 76201
Thu, 04 Dec 1997
I would like to contact the descendants of John and Frances (WOODY) WALLER both born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. John WALLER was in the War of 1812. John WALLER and Frances WOODY were married in Caswell County, North Carolina in 1819. John WALLER died about 1833 in Williamson County, Tennessee. After John's death, Frances moved her family to Butler County, Kentucky. They lived there until about 1853 at which time they moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In her application for Bounty Land, Frances states there were six children born to her and John. I have only got information on two of these children: My great grandmother Sarah (WALLER) WHEELER and John Jr. John WALLER Jr married Hester YOUNG in Butler County, Kentucky in 1847.

This message was posted for me, as I do not have email. Please direct all replies to my mailing address:
Mina L. Brown
722 Frame St.
Denton, TX 76201

James G. Ward 13 Dec 1997
Looking for information on wedding of Almarine H. Lee And Looking for information on marriage date of Almarine H. LEE, died in Butler Co. on Apr 20, 1907, married Mattie Ann GOODMAN who died Nov 2, 1899 believed in Butler Co. One daughter was Carrie Della LEE, my grandmother. Were there other siblins of this marriage? Would appreciate any information. Have some LEE, JENKINS information for sharing. Thanks very much. James WARD metopower@juno.com or 1408 Nacion Ave., Chula Vista, CA. 91911-5514

Lori Henshaw
Mon 22 Dec 1997

I am researching the name of Lindsey. I have ancestors in Butler, Ohio, Edmonson, and Grayson Counties. I know that there is a town in Edmonson County that is name after my family, Lindseyville. I am willing to share information that I have with information anyone else might have.

Roger Walker
Sun, DEC 28, 1997

I have quite a bit of information on all of the above families that resided or otherwise passed through Butler Co., Ky during the 1800's. I do need help with ancestors, siblings and descendants of James JONES b. 18 Sept 1849, Edmonson Co., Ky. d. 23 Jan 1917 Rudyville, Butler Co., Ky. b. New Liberty or Roundhill Ky. m. 14 Feb 1880, Edmonson Co., Ky. Clarinda J. Humphrey b. 22 May 1857 Butler Co., Ky. d. before 23 Jan 1917. Their children: Zena m. Bernie French; David m. Tena Baugh; Lena m. ? Dotson; Addie m. ? Vincent. On James Jones Death Certificate, it states that his parents were William H Jones and Sarah Bullock. I would like to know more about James parents. Can anyone help? I am willing to share anything I have.

Charles Owen
7 Jan 1998

Seeking information on the following families ANDERSON, GIVENS, MOORE CARTWRIGHT In Butler County, KY
Joseph Greenbury ANDERSON b. ? d. ?
m. Martha Jane MOORE b. 03 Jan 1857 d. 17 Aug 1937
Children: Findley Otis (b. 7 Jan 1877); Christopher Clellan (b. 3 July 1881) married Eula Jane GIVENS; Eva Lena (b. 20 Sept 1883); Ersye Ann (b.19 May 1890) and James Compton "Dock" GIVENS b. 16 Apr 1857 d. 25 May 1943 m. Sarah Francis CARTWRIGHT b.06 Jan 1862 d. 01 July 1941
children: Hershal (b. 09 Feb 1879); Osco (b. 1881) Charles (b.30 Aug 1884); Eula Jane (b. 7 Aug 1896) Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Fri, 09 Jan 1998

I am researching the MOORE and HINES families. My gf Theodore MOORE was born 11 Sep 1881 in Sugar Grove, KY, my gm Nancy Al Binnie HINES was born 27 Jun 1882 in Woodbury, KY. Theodore's parents were Frances Jackson MOORE and Nancy A BROWN both born in TN. I will gladly share what information I have.

Carolyn Powell
Mon, 12 Jan 1998

Am seeking info re Abner Womack (Wormack), b 1764, Prince Edward Co., VA, lived in NC, moved to Butler Co., KY & is listed on 1840 Census (#389) as Abner Wormack. Not listed on 1850 Census shown on Butler Co., Homepage. Anyone have knowledge of this family or other Womacks that lived in Butler Co.? Carolyn Powell

Alec Sims
Tue, 13 Jan 98

I am searching for any information regarding Jesse H. Hall, born Oct 3, 1825, KY and died Feb. 15, 1903 in Butler Co., KY. He was first married to Sarah in 1850, then married Mahala Knight in 1854. They had Alexander, Netter, Mary, William, Sarah P., Elizabeth and Henry J. I believe that Jesse H. Hall's father is Edward S. Hall, born ca 1787 in VA and living in Todd Co., KY in 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850. In 1850 Edward S. Hall is living with Robert, Archy, Sarah and William. Again, I am not certain that Edward S. Hall is the father of Jesse H. Hall, but any information about any of these people would be greatly appreciated. Keri Hall Sims - alec@digitalexp.com.

Eugene Embry
Wed, 14 Jan 1998

Looking for information on the following familys: 1. My great-great-grandparents John Henry Evans (1849-unknown) and Delilah Smith Evans (1850-1924).
2. My great-great-great-grandparents Allen Evans (1820-unknown) and Catherine "Kisiah" Daugherty Evans (1821-unknown).
Both couples lived near the Butler-Ohio counties line.
I have photos of several children of the John Evans-Delilah Evans family and would be interested in trading for photos or other genealogical info. eugene embry embry@bgn.mindspring.com

L W Evans
Thu, 15 Jan 1998

Seeking information on McNary, Robert (Bob), Park B., or Sidney SWIFT. All which fought in the Civil War. McNary has a quite prominent obelisk tombstone, located in Butler County.

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