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Billy Burden Farm, Tidler Cem Rd, Butler County

Photographed July 19, 2007 by Alice Warner



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Burdin Cemetery

From Morgantown, take 231 north to 79. At the signs for Barnett
Lick and other churches, turn left on 340. Go about 4 miles and
turn right on Tidler Cem Rd. The cemetery is in woods up a path.
Land is owned by Billy Burden, who knows where the cemetery is and is
related to the individuals buried.
You will not find it unless he tells you where it is, so ask
instead of walking everywhere looking for it.

Visited July 19 2007 by Alice Warner. Photographs by Alice Warner

For the record: This *is* the cemetery that I broke my foot trying to find. But I broke it by tripping getting out of the car. The walk back to the cemetery was not that treacherous.

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Name DOB DOD Other info from stone
BURDEN, Nancy Embry 1857 1943
BURDIN, J A  25 Oct 1849 25 Dec 1927 husband of Nancy
BURDIN, Mary 18 Apr 1881 wife of J W
BURDIN, James W 26 Nov 1837 24 Jun 1924 consort of Mary