Butler County, Kentucky

Photographed and copyright May 2007 by Alice (Warner) Brosey


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Chapel Union Church Cemetery

Chapel Union Church Cemetery is located at Chapel Union Church at Welchs Creek on the side of hwy 79.

This is a complete listing of all marked graves as of May 2007.

Photos taken Memorial Day, 2007

Click the name of the individual to view image of the stone.

NIXJohn Daniel5 Nov 19313 Aug 2002joint with Joyce L Dockery; marr 28 Jun 1985
NIXJoyce L Dockery8 Jan 1943joint with John Daniel; Jun 28 1985
WILSONOllie21 Sep 189223 Aug 1969joint with Daisy Pearl
WILSONDaisy Pearl29 Nov 190230 Jan 2001joint with Ollie
WILSONBuna27 May 191015 Sep 1992joint with Tollie Second Image
WILSONTollie30 Oct 19078 Jun 1970joint with Buna Second Image
MUDDDietress Bea28 May 192814 Apr 1985joint with William T marr 4 Oct 1952 Second Image
MUDDWilliam T31 Jan 192727 Nov 2002joint with Dietress Bea marr 4 Oct 1952 Second Image
MUDDWilliam T31 Jan 192727 Nov 2002SGT US ARMY KOREA
CARROLLEdward Len27 Dec 19566 May 2001father of Scotty and Adam; stepfather of Jennifer Stacy Whitney papaw of Ethan Cole Dawson Len Second Image
CARROLLWanema I20 Nov 1934joint with Charles E; marr 24 Jan 1953 children: Ross Lee, Len, Mark, Neil Second Image
CARROLLCharles E4 May 193320 Apr 1995joint with Wanema I; marr 24 Jan 1953 children: Ross Lee; Len; Mark; Neil Second Image
CARROLLNeil Wayne24 Jan 196728 Jan 1967
JOHNSONMaliana Mavis30 Oct 199513 Nov 1995
GARYJames D25 Dec 192128 Nov 1970joint with Mavis E
GARYMavis E21 Sep 192823 Sep 1992joint with James D
GARYMary Etta19571972
EMBRYB H2 Oct 189814 Aug 1971joint with Frances
EMBRYFrances24 May 189118 Sep 1973joint with B H
NIXJohn Daniel5 Nov 19313 Aug 2002PFC US ARMY
JONESWilliam Payton18831970
JONESAnna Bell19271949
CROUTHERSMary Ellen18871962
HOUSEVera J22 Jan 192011 Oct 1985joint with Elijah F
HOUSEElijah F14 Sep 1931joint with Vera J
WOOSLEYRoger Dale6 Nov 19535 Jan 1954son of Hester and Martella
WOOSLEYMartella L9 Sep 1936joint with Hester marr 7 Feb 1953
WOOSLEYHester13 Dec 1928joint with Martella L marr 7 Feb 1953
TAYLORLillie23 Jun 190513 Nov 1989joint with Eugene marr 29 Jun 1922
TAYLOREugene24 Nov 190114 Jan 2000joint with Lillie marr 29 Jun 1922
TARRANCECarrie Taylor25 Feb 19254 May 2000
LACEFIELDDrucillar18831964joint with Francis M
LACEFIELDFrancis M18831976joint with Drucillar
AKINGertrude L9 Aug 19021 Apr 1997son amol owen akin Second Image
GARYMargaret A17 Sep 190212 Mar 1977joint with William Odra marr 19 dec 1923
GARYWilliam Odra8 Sep 19012 Nov 1995joint with Margaret Alice marr 19 Dec 1923
GARYLayman R9 Apr 19578 May 1960beloved son of Denzel R and Mildred N
GARYHettie B23 Jan 19109 Jun 1991joint with Reedie O Sr
GARYReedie O Sr3 Jun 19106 May 1981joint with Hettie B
KISSENGERMyrl D2 Jun 19329 Feb 1989joint with Authur T
KISSENGERAuthur T22 Aug 1920joint with Myrl D
EMBRYJohnny20 Aug 195625 Jun 1968
KESSINGERRalph13 Apr 1961
KESSINGERDarrell10 Jul 195811 Jul 1958
EMBRYRichard J11 Oct 1953
DOCKERYCrandell B11 Oct 19442 Jul 1945
DOCKERYEstey H28 Jun 19015 Dec 1965
DOCKERYOtis E7 Aug 1935
PHARISBobbie Harldean1 Aug 194425 Oct 1944son of Mr and Mrs Wilmpet Pharis
FELTYAda Helen12 Aug 189027 Jun 1968
FELTYL A30 Jul 18904 Apr 1958
FELTYLaura B1 Nov 187621 Feb 1957joint with John C
FELTYJohn C9 Mar 18694 Jun 1952joint with Laura B
PHARISHearl I19311957
PHARISElberta16 May 189723 May 1997joint with Oda
PHARISOda4 Jan 18969 Sep 1965joint with Elberta
HUNTRandal20 Jul 194529 Jan 1946baby
HUNTOrtence W29 Jan 192824 Feb 2006joint with Charles H wed 9 Aug 1944
HUNTCharles H23 May 19201 Sep 1985joint with Ortence W wed 9 Aug 1944
RENFROWHillary6 Apr 191418 Dec 1967joint with Gracie marr 27 Feb 1940
RENFROWGracie30 nov 1922joint with Hillary marr 27 Feb 1940
TAYLORCody Ray11 Jan 194126 Dec 1983children: linda, windell and rebecca Second Image
TAYLORTrelon Inez21 Mar 1937 14 Jan 1967
TAYLORMary Liza19101992joint with Chester Ray marr 15 Mar 1928
TAYLORChester Ray19061965joint with Mary Liza marr 15 Mar 1928
TAYLORJ V27 Sep 193027 Sep 1930son of Mary & Ray
FLENERL F12 Dec 186321 OCt 1940
FLENERVinia F7 Aug 186331 Jul 1927wife of Frank Flener
PHARISHearl J27 Dec 193113 Mar 1957PVT US ARMY KOREA
LACEFIELDLeslie13 May 1919joint with Valor parents of Geoffrey and Loraine Second Image
LACEFIELDValor20 Apr 19231 Sep 1994joint with Leslie parents of Geoffrey and Loraine Second Image
BROOKSBertha M19061982joint with Sedney G
BROOKSSedney G19001947joint with Bertha M
PHARISMarguerite9 Dec 191922 Jul 1993aunt dudie"" marr Jul 30 1936 joint with Carl children: Larry, Wilda, Benita, Louis Second Image
PHARISCarl27 Nov 1915joint with Marguerite marr 30 Jul 1936 children: Larry Wilda, Benita, Louis Second Image
PHARISWilda Carlene7 Nov 194325 Nov 1943dau of Carl and Marguerite Pharis
TAYLORCora E14 Jan 19021 Jul 1992joint with Arthur E Marr 24 Dec 1920
TAYLORArthur E25 Jul 18997 Feb 1984joint with Cora E marr 24 Dec 1920
TAYLORCalvin7 Dec 197316 Aug 1964joint with Dora
TAYLORDora7 Dec 187511 Feb 1959joint with Calvin'
VANCEMay Taylor10 Sep 191422 May 1998joint with Daniel J; marr 11 Oc t 1958
VANCEDaniel J28 Aug 191527 Jul 1983joint with May Taylor; marr 11 Oct 1958
EMBRYEthel24 Jul 19074 Nov 1997joint with William N wed 9 mar 1920
EMBRYWilliam N28 feb 189520 Jun 1970joint with Ethel wed 9 Mar 1920
DOCKERYMartha F13 Oct 190610 Jan 1984joint with Simon R marr 28 Nov 1922
DOCKERYSimon R24 Aug 190126 Jun 1980joint with Martha F marr 28 Nov 1922
DOCKERYM L10 Nov 189717 Dec 1965
DOCKERYF W27 Apr 189916 May 1919
DOCKERYDelia o15 Apr 18809 Mar 1958joint with Rev W L marr 23 Jul 1896
DOCKERYRev W L23 Jul 18746 Jan 1949joint with Delia O marr 23 Jul 1896
DOCKERYThurman28 Jul 192420 Sep 1935
DOCKERYChasJan 19388 Jan 1940
LeGRANDStencel19 Apr 193630 Jun 1937
LeGRANDJ Lee29 Nov 193125 Mar 2001
LeGRANDOdell2 May 19092 Mar 1944joint with Anna
LeGRANDAnna11 Apr 19083 Mar 1983joint with Odell
BURDENBeaulah Merle19151981
EMBRYLinda Sue14 Sep 1952
EMBRYDevaul28 Dec 1924joint with Ada A wed 21 Apr 1961
EMBRYAda A22 Jan 19254 Oct 1983joint with Devaul wed 21 Apr 1961
FLENERGrace16 Jan 189821 Aug 1924joint with J Wesley and Claudia
FLENERJ Wesley6 Dec 189316 Dec 1973joint with Grace and Claudia
FLENERClaudia11 Nov 190413 Apr 1990joint with Grace and J Wesley
TAYLORCora18871917joint with V A
TAYLORV A18841957joint with Cora
TAYLORJames20 Jun 191711 Jul 1917
TAYLORJanie6 Nov 190910 Feb 1946
TAYLORRochie19111962joint with Alma
TAYLORAlma191019--joint with Rochie
TAYLORHershel R15 Jul 191418 Mar 1971
EMBRYWilliam N28 Feb 189510 Jun 1970PFC 4 CO 159 DEPOT BRIG WORLD WAR I
PHELPSJoe9 Feb 18644 Nov 1948
VANCEDaniel J28 Aug 191527 Jul 1983TEC 5 US ARMY WWII
PHELPSWilliam T19191944joint with Annie May
PHELPSAnnie May192219__Joint with William T
WITHAMBilly Gene8 Nov 195328 Nov 1963son of Annie Phelps Witham
WILSONGustava20 Aug 19069 Mar 1948
PHELPSClemmie25 Jun 1924joint with Alford R
PHELPSAlford R11 Aug 19171 Sep 1981joint with Clemmie
KEITHInez M18 Oct 191719 Sep 1990
KEITHLucy Jane16 Jul 18968 Sep 1973joint with Otis Estel
KEITHOtis Estel18 Apr 189123 Jan 1958joint with Lucy Jane
KEITHPFC L B1 Jul 192225 Jun 1944KENTUCKY 8th INF 4th DIV WWII
FLENEREdd2 Oct 18891 Jul 1963joint with Iva
FLENERIva14 Jun 189131 Jul 1923joint with Edd
FLENERClima18 Sep 192120 Oct 1921
FLENERLorain11 Oct 191613 Dec 1916
FLENERRoy R11 Nov 191311 Jan 1914
HENDERSONCorie28 Jun 1925joint with Hershel
HENDERSONHershel3 Jun 191516 Apr 1966joint with Corine
TAYLORIva Eloda22 Jul 191418 Mar 1994joint with Ernest
TAYLORErnest17 Feb 191017 Nov 1998joint with Iva Elod
TAYLORElfie13 Dec 19083 Apr 1990joint with Roscoe; marr 25 Nov 1924
TAYLORRoscoe30 May 190419 Jul 1996joint with Elfie; marr 25 Nov 1924
TAYLORDimple Elaine28 Apr 193124 Aug 1934dau of Roscoe and Elfie Taylor
FLENERElton B19151994
FLENERE Doran15 Sep 188519 Apr 1925joint with Alta F
FLENERAlta F10 Apr 188815 Sep 1953joint with E Doran
LeGRANDJaneAug 6 1871joint with W D
LeGRANDW D22 Oct 186329 Apr 1912joint with jane
LeGRANDColman181530 Sep 1904
LeGRANDElizabeth181812 Jan 1908
BURDENDora Phelps2 Jan 18815 Jun 1947joint with William Bud
BURDENWilliam Bud13 Feb 18701 May 1939joint with Dora Phelps
EMBRYDessie May11 Dec 191014 Feb 1948
EMBRYBennie8 Nov 191421 Jan 1985
KESSINGEROdie28 Sep 191329 Jun 1966joint with Sylva
KESSINGERSylva22 Aug 1920joint with Odie
KESSINGERMendell C25 Jun 195929 Jun 1966
KESSINGERGwindon D12 Jun 194215 Sep 1954
VETETORosetta26 Jan 189711 Jul 1980Second Image
DILLINGHAMNovella D1 May 1922
EMBRYNora31 Oct 188128 mar 1949joint with Solomon
EMBRYSolomon9 Nov 18712 Apr 1948joint with Nora
EMBRYNora M29 Feb 194429 Feb 1944
LACEFIELDRichard W3 Feb 196229 May 1978son
LACEFIELDVetaNov 1937Oct 1977joint with Richard
LACEFIELDRichardSep 1939joint with Veta
LACEFIELDNorma Bernice25 Nov 194317 Feb 1944daughter of Ethel and Beatrice
LACEFIELDBeatrice9 Nov 191924 Jan 2005joint with Ethel m. 23 Jul 1935
LACEFIELDEthel25 Jan 19123 Jun 1994joint with Beatrice m. 23 Jul 1935
DOCKERYNannie Mae21 Mar 19002 Mar 1972joint with Waldo F
DOCKERYWaldo F26 Dec 189126 Jul 1968joint with Nannie Mae
EMBRYWillie E30 Aug 188826 Sep 1888
KEITHMarshall R17 Apr 189310 Jun 1931
CRAINNancydied age 8528 Nov 1908wife of J C
CRAINJ F21 Oct 18159 Sep 1900
DOCKERYElizabeth17 Aug 187913 Jun 1972joint with Perry
DOCKERYPerry19 Nov 187124 Oct 1934joint with Elizabeth
BROOKSDonward Devella Jr22 Jun 196122 Jun 1961
LACEFIELDLeoma17 Jun 18819 Aug 1969joint with Willie
LACEFIELDWillie9 Aug 18707 Dec 1957joint with Leoma
NAPIERWilliam Payton3 Apr 183210 Jul 1904
NAPIERElizabeth7 Jun 193828 Feb 1895
NAPIERLaura2 Oct 187320 Mar 1929wife of EE
NAPIERMargaret22 Jun 185928 Dec 1938joint with John
NAPIERJohn19 Nov 188421 Nov 1933joint with Margaret
EMBRYJohn23 Dec 186930 Oct 1942
EMBRYJulia E20 Mar 187824 Oct 1953
EMBRYRobert S B18 Sep 191910 Jan 1942
EMBRYLula Belle19171986joint with Jesse W
EMBRYJesse W19161964joint with Lula Belle
EMBRYArtie L11 Aug 190830 Jul 1999joint with Ben N
EMBRYBen N29 Aug 190830 Oct 1971joint with Artie L
EMBRYEssie19091992joint with JohnW
EMBRYJohn W19031956joint with Essie
EMBRYEllis25 Oct 187814 Mar 1959joint with Ustus; father
EMBRYUstus17 Mar 192223 Sep 1939joint with Ellis; son
DOCKERYPauline20 Mar 19327 Mar 2005joint with Lavelton; marr 14 May 1949; parents of Rita Fay and Richard Alan grandparents of Russ Second Image/td>
DOCKERYLavelton3 Feb 1928joint with Pauline; marr 14 May 1949 parents of Rita Fay and Richard Alan grandparents of Russel Second Image
DOCKERYAria M18 Feb 19021 Oct 1983joint with Homer C marr 2 Oct 1919
DOCKERYHomer C7 Jan 189722 Oct 1980joint with Aria M marr 2 Oct 1919
DOCKERYPalmer F M20 Mar 19258 Jan 1926
KEITHHarriet Jane3 Mar 187715 Jan 1943joint with Mark Welburn
KEITHMark Welburn25 Aug 18795 Jul 1939joint with Harriet Jane
EMBRYOneal28 Jul 193814 Dec 1938
EMBRYNita R21 Jan 193428 Oct 1934
EMBRYNovell28 Sep 1925
EMBRYZelpha Jalene30 Jan 19458 Mar 1945daughter of Waitress and Pansy
EMBRYWaitress9 Feb 191720 Apr 1983joint with Pansy
EMBRYPansy9 Dec 19227 Apr 1999joint with Waitress
WOOSLEYDona18 Sep 188415 Feb 1980joint with James Henderson
WOOSLEYJames Henderson13 Nov 187822 May 1939joint with Dona Woosley
EMBRYTarvin L25 Jan 194624 Dec 1989
MORRISRoscoe31 May 190226 Feb 1963
MORRISElmer18 Aug 192125 Jun 1957
MORRISDella9 Jun 190629 Oct 1954
MORRISIda Bell15 Jan 188219 Feb 1952
BROOKSWilliam Francis ""Bud11 Jul 185125 Apr 1932
LEGRANDEFlorise18 Feb 189027 Oct 1890dau of Joel G and Sarah
LEGRANDEMinnie28 Dec 189127 Jul 1895dau of Joel G and Sarah
EMBRYValmer Brooks19 Apr 1927joint with Adrain W; parents of Drexel, Sue, Bruce
EMBRYAdrain W26 Feb 192323 Oct 2006joint with Valmer Brooks, parents of Drexel, Sue, Bruce
EMBRYClara E3 Nov 19009 Oct 1982
EMBRYCletus10 May 191128 Feb 1969joint with Vauda Mae
EMBRYVauda Mae22 Sep 191320 Nov 1982joint with Cletus
JOHNSONThelma Hayes10 Sep 1926joint with Ricel; wed 37 years Second Image
JOHNSONRicel2 Nov 192012 Jun 1986joint with Thelma Hayes; wed 37 years Second Image
HAYESJanie8 Dec 191311 Ar 1997joint with Charlie; marr 2 Nov 1933
HAYESCharlie11 Aug 190720 Sep 1973joint with Janie; wed 2 Nov 1933
HAYSELonda V5 May 194028 Nov 1940dau of Charlie and Janie
HAYSEGracie M29 Jul 193929 Jul 1939dau of Charlie and Janie
BRYANTRosie Bell13 Nov 190223 Oct 1925joint with Chester
BRYANTChester7 Nov 190010 May 1932joint with Rosie Bell
EMBRYRae B21 Sep 190318 Mar 1929
EMBRYMary C30 Nov 1877joint with Ike
EMBRYIke18 Jan 187128 Nov 1953joint with Mary C
DOCKERYVoilet16 May 19255 Oct 1926
DOCKERYWiley L19 Sep 189926 Apr 1972joint with Lillian
DOCKERYLillian1 Mar 19075 Jan 1990joint with Wiley L
DOCKERYHerbert C5 Apr 192224 Aug 1999
DUKEMartha F8 May 1873joint with Vinson
DUKEVinson5 Dec 186813 Jan 1942joint with Martha F marr 28 Nov 1922
LEGRANDDonald C29 May 19325 Jun 1943
LEGRANDArchie13 Jul 189124 Aug 1979joint with Perna
LEGRANDPerna11 Jan 189316 Aug 1973joint with Archie
LEGRANDMary J18671944
DOCKERYHerbert C3 Apr 192224 Aug 1999US ARMY WWII
BROOKSDewey Jr26 Jun 194326 Jun 1943
BROOKSVivian1923joint with Dewey; parents of Dewey Jr, Roger, Royce, Joyce, and Kenneth.
BROOKSDewey1922joint with Vivian; parents of Dewey Jr, Roger, Royce, Joyce, and Kenneth
EMBRYLeslie12 Oct 18874 Sep 1936joint with Allie
EMBRYAllie27 Jul 189526 May 1929joint with Leslie
EMBRYRuby Ethel3 Oct 19198 Jul 1938
DOCKERYEthel Marie4 Aug 192626 Sep 1926dau of Pirtle and Minnie
DOCKERYMinnie13 Sep 190621 Apr 1980joint with Pirtle marr 22 Aug 1925
DOCKERYPirtle8 Jan 19042 Mar 1980joint with Minnie
SMITHCourtney11 Jan 1929
GARYErna R19 Feb 1934joint with William O; marr 29 Sep 1951
GARYWilliam O3 Nov 193026 Aug 2002joint with Erna R; marr 29 Sep 1951
GORDONJoseph Clayton19171990
GARYWilliam O Jr3 Nov 193026 Aug 2002US ARMY KOREA
CASEYS E Alton5 Mar 192426 Sep 1991joint with Mildred
CASEYMildred29 Dec 1928joint with S E Alton
DOCKERYMamie R13 Sep 19064 Jun 1971joint with Willie G; marr 9 May 1925
DOCKERYWillie G8 Mar 190521 Oct 1971joint with Mamie R; marr 9 May 1925
DOCKERYOlie Orean18 Feb 192718 Feb 1927dau of Willie and Mamie
DOCKERYJames W2 Sep 19322 Sep 1932son of Willie and Mamie
DOCKERYGuinden G4 Jul 19344 Jul 1934son of Willie and Mamie
DOCKERYMelvina11 Oct 18721 Jan 1963joint with Rado
DOCKERYRado18 Jul 18826 Jan 1963joint with Melvina
EMBRYJ S Velton22 Jan 19328 Sep 1934son of O E and R E
EMBRYRenda16 Sep 190428 Oct 1984joint with Onie E
EMBRYOnie E29 Oct 190223 Apr 1970joint with Renda
GARYMargret22 Nov 192518 Nov 1975joint with Amos A; married 28 Dec 1945
GARYAmos A15 Sep 1919joint with Margret wed Dec 28 1945
BRYANTFreeman M12 Nov 1937joint with Betty, wed 30 Jun 1956
BRYANTBetty J23 Jun 19381 Feb 1981joint with Freeman M; wed 30 Jun 1956
DOCKERYMicheal G27 Mar 195929 Mar 1959
JONESMyrtle17 Aug 19189 Jun 1985joint with Victor P Sr
JONESVictor P Sr2 Aug 191926 Sep 1987joint with Myrtle
KESINGER26 Dec 189320 Nov 1932
KESINGERSarah J29 Aug 186113 Jan 1929
KASSINGERZachary David21 Apr 199121 Apr 1991son of Nila and Dale
EMBRYCalvin6 Mar 18847 Oct 1954
MILLERVictory LeGrand11 Feb 190528 Apr 1965
PHELPSLouis F Jr12 Feb 193917 Oct 1939
PHELPSThelma14 Jan 19229 Feb 1978
PHELPSHoward H4 Sep 1940joint with Martha A marr 15 Sep 1959
PHELPSMartha A16 Jan 1945joint with Howard H marr 15 Sep 1959
PHELPSRonald L25 Mar 1961joint with Kathleen
PHELPSKathleen17 Nov 1958joint with Ronald L
YOUNGVirgil Lee7 Jan 194325 Sep 1994
DOCKERYGilbert M ""John8 Feb 192727 Oct 2000
WOODSLois O14 Apr 19289 Mar 2004joint with George; marr 20 Apr 1946; children Betty Brenda Barbara Beverly Bonnie Bruce Bobby Ba
WOODSGeorge21 Oct 191520 Mar 1990joint with Lois O; marr 20 Apr 1946; children Betty Brenda Barbara Beverly Bonnie Bruce Bobby Ba
WOODSBilly Eugene28 Nov 194829 Nov 1948son of Georgie and Lois Woods
PHELPSAlice5 Sep 187322 Apr 1945wife of Dr J W Phelps
PHELPSAgnes M21 Aug 19108 Apr 1928dau of Dr J W and Alice
PHELPSRudolph V14 Nov 189613 Feb 1931
PHELPSRev Julius E11 Apr 188323 Dec 1964
PHARRISMabel28 Jul 190929 Oct 1976joint with Troy wed 23 Jan 1930
PHARRISTroy1 Aug 19092 Mar 1986joint with Mabel wed 23 Jan 1930
PHARRISVernell16 Aug 193616 Aug 1936dau of Troy and Mabel
JONESVictor P Sr2 Aug 191926 Sep 1987US ARMY WWII
EMBRYRev James H ""Tebo10 Nov 19189 Jan 1990joint with Delois F marr 5 Jun 1948 parents of Mack Maxine Gary Ramona Elaine and Terry Second Image
EMBRYDelois ""Dee18 Dec 1931joint with Rev James H; marr 5 Jun 1948 parents of Mack Maxine Gary Ramona Elaine and Terry Second Image
EMBRYTerry Lynn13 Jun 196714 Jun 1967son of Mr and Mrs James H Embry
EMBRYMonica Renee2 Aug 197312 Jul 1995
EMBRYJames H19181990US ARMY
JOHNSONRev James Clay ""Clay25 Jan 19276 Nov 1986joint with Ola Mae married 1 Oct 1947 parents of Larry Susan Regina and Robert Second Image
JOHNSONOla Mae Embry ""Mae6 Dec 1932joint with Rev James Clay, marr 1 Oct 1947; parents of Larry, Susan, Regina, Robert Second Image
JOHNSONDaughterOct 1961Oct 1961daughter of Rev and Mrs Clay Johnson
SHEPHERDSherra Wan4 Jul 19604 Jul 1960dau of Wm Jr and Juanita
MORRISKeith Nell17 Jun 190914 Sep 1931
KEITHClinton T20 Jun 19356 Jun 1997US NAVY
BROOKSVelma Temple31 May 193830 Nov 1939dau of Cherry and Arvie
BROOKSArvie24 Feb 19186 Jan 1980joint with Cherry R
BROOKSCherry R12 Feb 19161 Nov 1979joint with Arvie
BROOKSLinda Ann26 Sep 194926 Sep 1949
BROOKSShelton15 Jan 19246 Nov 2002joint with Clara
BROOKSClara20 Jun 192710 Jul 2006joint with Shelton
EMBRYLelie18991975joint with Lanie
EMBRYLanie18971962joint with Lelie
BROOKSCherry R12 Feb 19161 Nov 1979US ARMY WWII
COOPEREdith Delain19161944
COOPERCora Lee18 Jul 18891 Jun 1966joint with Alva S marr 27 Nov 1907
COOPERAlva S3 Oct 188317 Mar 1969joint with Cora Lee marr 27 Nov 1907
COOPERFaustine17 Sep 19176 Nov 1991joint with Till
COOPERTill10 Jun 191120 Aug 1968joint with Faustine
COOPERGary Ray5 May 1955
COOPERSammie Sr5 May 190825 Apr 1999joint with Anna Woosley
COOPERAnna Woosley2 Feb 1931joint with Sammie Sr
GARYJohnnie27 Jun 190929 Oct 1988
GARYEulma15 Jul 1928joint with Ezra
GARYEzra27 Jun 192629 Dec 1972joint with Eulma
GARYMartha L17 Jul 188428 Jul 1983joint with Anderson B
GARYAnderson B8 Jan 188520 Aug 1968joint with Martha L
GARYWilliam J27 Apr 189020 Jan 1963
LINDSAYRuthia13 Jun 1929joint with Paul wed 1 Nov 1952
LINDSAYPaul28 Apr 192813 Jun 1992joint with Ruthia wed 1 Nov 1952
LINDSAYGracie7 Jan 190226 Oct 1991joint with Johnie
LINDSAYJohnie23 Feb 190015 Sep 1960joint with gracie
ELMORERuby9 Sep 19057 Jul 1952
ELMORETilford9 Apr 19056 Oct 1965
TAYLORYondel K2 Mar 192626 Nov 1976joint with Helen W Second Image
TAYLORHelen W8 Oct 1930joint with Yondel
TAYLORCalvin Coolidge27 Feb 192812 Jan 1981
EMBRYAnita B25 Apr 193028 Jul 1998
EMBRYJesse J17 May 19194 Dec 1982PVT US ARMY WWII
DOCKERYBelva M27 Jul 19569 Mar 2005joint with Mildred and Oscar; ""Precious Daughter
DOCKERYMildred2 Oct 192226 Nov 2004joint with daughter Belva M and husband Oscar G wed Sep 1950
DOCKERYOscar G11 Sep 191619 Aug 1997joint with Belva M daughter and Mildred wife wed sep 1950
MCCAULEYJacob26 Jan 199326 Jan 1993
BROOKSJanet Gary28 Apr 1945joint with Jesse Norman marr 21 Feb 1964
BROOKSJesse Norman23 May 194325 Apr 2002joint with Janet Gary Brooks marr 21 Feb 1964
BROOKSMyrtle23 Oct 190217 Mar 1984joint with Jasper
BROOKSJasper4 Jan 18978 Jan 1959joint with Myrtle
BROOKSCharles C18 Aug 193416 Aug 1954
BROOKSMartha Ann2 May 189311 Nov 1962joint with Dock
BROOKSDock15 Jul 18959 Mar 1974joint with Martha Ann
BROOKSShirley G21 Mar 192112 Dec 2000
BROOKSWm ""Buster16 Oct 191810 Aug 1971
LINDSEYPaul28 Apr 192813 Jun 1992SGT US ARMY KOREA
GARYFinis12 Feb 191717 Apr 1988
STAMPERWarren B19181997joint with Martha M
STAMPERMartha M19252000joint with Warren B
COCKRIELJanie28 May 19673 Nov 2000
GARYJohnnie19091988US ARMY
MITCHELLRaymond25 Aug 192612 Aug 1999joint with Ruby L marr 14 Aug 1950
MITCHELLRuby L14 Aug 1933joint with Raymond marr 14 Aug 1950
INGRAMMary21 Dec 188527 May 1968joint with Bun
INGRAMBun21 May 18754 Apr 1955joint with Mary
INGRAMLillie N18911979joint with Edgar C
INGRAMEdgar C18831959joint with Lillie N
INGRAMJewel Embry28 Sep 191016 Sep 1994joint with Arthur J
INGRAMArthur J13 Jun 190812 May 1990joint with Jewel Embry Ingram
HAYESP F C Christopher L13 Apr 195027 Aug 1968KILLED IN VIETNAM
MITCHELLRaymond25 Aug 192612 Aug 19994 Tec US ARMY WWII
HAYESOleta8 Sep 192311 May 1969joint with Curtis L
HAYESCurtis L15 Mar 191924 Apr 1992joint with Oleta
BROOKSDenzel30 Oct 19338 Sep 1986US ARMY
DOCKERYDolores23 Jun 1931joint with Wallace marr 30 Jul 1947
DOCKERYWallace12 Oct 192613 Jun 1988joint with Dolores marr 30 Jul 1947
DOCKERYPauline Berry18 Apr 1933joint with Rev Carmon D marr 22 Apr 1950
DOCKERYRev Carmon D10 Mar 193014 Mar 1992joint with Pauline Berry marr 22 Apr 1950
HAYESBarry D3 May 19539 Jun 1998
HAYESBarry-3 May 19539 Jun 1998SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM
COOTSEarl C2 Apr 19325 Aug 1992joint with Stefanie E parents of Connie, Johnny, Steve and Mary Ann
COOTSStefanie E21 Jun 1930joint with Earl C, parents of Connie, Johnny, Steve and Mary Ann
COOTSEarl C2 Apr 19325 Aug 1992SP5 US ARMY
DOCKERYWallace L12 Oct 192613 Jun 1988US ARMY WWII
ALVEYAlbert V5 May 193312 Mar 2001joint with Glenda E; marr 16 Feb 1957, parents of debra, karen and mary Second Image
ALVEYGlenda E17Dec 1939joint with Albert; marr 16 Feb 1957, parents of Debra, Karen, Mary Second Image
BROOKSJoe F31 Jul 19253? Jun 200?joint with Hettie Mae, marr Sep ???? (flowers in way of image) Parents of Tavie, Joann, Vivin, R Second Image
BROOKSHettie Mae8 Nov 192422 Feb 2002joint with Joe F, parents of Tavie, Joann, Vivin, Richard Second Image
EMBRYClarence Jr18 Sep 1936joint with Pandora, marr 18 Aug 1956, parents of Vickie, Ruby, Sheila and Jeff Second Image
EMBRYPandora21 May 1937joint with Clarence Jr, marr 18 Aug 1956, parents of Vickie, Ruby, Sheila and Jeff Second Image
RAWLINGSAllan Neal23 Aug 195724 May 1994joint with Kitty E, marr 24 Oct 1975
RAWLINGSKitty E28 Jan 195924 Jun 2004joint with Allan Neal marr 24 Oct 1975
SMITHJames P24 Jun 193317 Aug 2004US ARMY KOREA
SMITHJames P24 Jun 193317 Aug 2004joint with Floy C, marr 16 Jul 1955
SMITHFloy C7 Feb 1936joint with James P, marr 16 Jul 1955
SMITHAlice M25 Jun 191719 Jan 1992joint with Claudus wed 9 Jan 1937 Second Image
SMITHClaudus13 Sep 19187 Jan 1983joint with Alice M wed 9 Jan 1937 Second Image
HUNTNorma23 Apr 1931joitn with Glen, marr May 28 1948
HUNTGlen13 Jan 192828 Apr 1982joint with Norma, marr 28 May 1948
SMITHGeorge23 Sep 19222 Aug 1983AS US NAVY WWII
SMITHGeorge23 Sep 19222 Aug 1983
SMITHMarietta15 Apr 19214 Jan 1984
WILLOUGHBYLottie Young14 Oct 1939joint with N D Thelmer, marr 10 May 1958 parents of Carlos, Carla, Arlos and Charlene Second Image
WILLOUGHBYN D Thelmer17 Mar 193924 May 2003joint with Lottie Young marr 10 May 1958 parents of Carlos, Carla, Arlos and Charlene Second Image
BISHOPNola W3 Apr 1933joint with James W marr 2 Sep 1961
BISHOPJames W3 Jan 193729 Aug 1988joint with Nola W, marr 2 Sep 1961
BRYANTRobert ""Bobby28 Dec 1932joint with Cordie Mae
BRYANTCordie Mae26 Aug 193727 Jul 2006joint with Robert ""Bobby
YOUNGDavid S3 Jun 195511 Jun 2005joint with R Diane marr 2 Nov 1973
YOUNGR Diane21 Jun 1957joint with David S marr 2 Nov 1973
WHITFILLWilliam F15 Jul 1932joint with Vetra ""Vicki"" marr 26 Oct 1956
WHITFILLVetra ""Vicki28 Jan 19289 Jun 2004joint with William F marr 26 Oct 1956
WOOSLEYIsaac23 May 19238 Nov 1994joint with Elizabeth Embry marr 15 Oct 1951
WOOSLEYElizabeth Embry9 Jan 1935joint with Isaac marr 15 Oct 1951
EMBRYWiley F1 Mar 189713 Apr 1991
EMBRYDonna J11 Aug 1942joint with Linden C
EMBRYLinden C28 May 1932joint with Donna J
CLARKRebecca Dawn4 Feb 196820 Nov 1997joint with Jeffrey N, marr 1 Mar 1997, mother of Phillip Scott Lucas Second Image
CLARKJeffrey N16 Aug 1970joint with Rebecca Dawn, marr 1 Mar 1997 Second Image
EMBRYInez Mae27 Feb 190117 Jun 1992joint with Eastico, marr 22 Sep 1920
EMBRYEastico23 Jan 189623 Jan 1988joint with Inez Mae, marr 22 Sep 1920
CARPERConstance Lorayne Embry23 Aug 19216 May 1994mother of Vicki Carper Shaffer, memaw of Embry Wynn Shaw and Erin Alicia Shaw Second Image
EMBRYWiley Jr11 Oct 192926 May 1986US ARMY
EMBRYWiley Jr11 Oct 192926 May 1986joint with Loleda Jean, marr 25 Oct 1963 father of Lolita Gail Second Image
EMBRYLoleda Jean19 Sep 1941joint with Wiley Jr, marr 25 Oct 1963 mother of Lolita Gail, Toby Lee, Bonita, Debra, and Stanle Second Image
WILDERTommy Lee29 Sep 196728 Feb 1978
WILDERJames Allen17 Sep 19634 Oct 1987
WILDERTommy L29 Sep 196728 Feb 1978joint with Robert E
WILDERRobert Ejoint with Tommy L
COOPERElfie M19031987
COATSChester6 Jan 193311 Aug 1983CPL US ARMY KOREA
BERRYOsbon18 Feb 19057 Sep 1983joint with Hallie
BERRYHallie20 May 190823 Feb 1992joint with Osbon
KEITHClifton4 Sep 19098 Feb 1991S SGT US ARMY WWII
KEITHClifton4 Sep 19088 Feb 1991joint with Eulema wed 13 Mar 1950
KEITHEulema7 Apr 1933joint iwht Clifton marr 13 Mar 1950
FELTYWilliam R12 Sep 190815 Oct 1985joint with Ruby, marr 2 Aug 1930
FELTYRuby9 Mar 19136 Jul 1990joint with WilliamR, marr 2 Aug 1930
BERRYVernita L29 May 19353 Apr 1979joint with Rollie K
BERRYRollie K29 Nov 1945joint with Vernita L
JOHNSONWallace13 Jan 191325 Jul 1993joint with Lottie
JOHNSONLottie22 Nov 1922joint with Wallace
JOHNSONRaymond R15 Jan 19527 Jul 1984
JOHNSONMaxine15 Jul 19346 Sep 1997joint with Esley wed 5 Apr 1958
JOHNSONEsley11 Apr 193115 Sep 1985joint with Maxine wed 5 Apr 1958
JOHNSONJames Floyd13 Jan 1941
JOHNSONZonie16 Jul 189917 Feb 1990joint with James
JOHNSONJames16 Jun 189315 Sep 1976joint with Zonie
MILLERChester Roy8 Jan 194214 Aug 1976
HUFFElsie May19 Jul 1906joint with Hurdle
HUFFHurdle23 Jan 190316 Jun 1989joint with Elsie May
EMBRYTonita C28 Sep 1928joint with Laymon D, marr 3 Dec 1946
EMBRYLaymon D15 Jan 192725 Nov 1991joint with Tonita C marr 3 Dec 1946
EMBRYLaymon D15 Jan 192725 Nov 1991US ARMY WWII
LACEFIELDLucille R12 May 191211 Feb 1996joint with Ernest L
LACEFIELDErnest L23 Feb 190923 Sep 1975joint with Lucille R
DOCKERYMonita Gale26 Sep 1947joint with Eldon Doyle, marr 15 Apr 1963 parents of Kit, April, Sarah, Phillip Second Image
DOCKERYEldon Doyle16 Dec 194030 Nov 1994joint with Monita Gale, marr 15 Apr 1963 parents of Kit, April, Sarah, Phillip Second Image
DOCKERYLola M7 Aug 196028 Jan 1999joint with Richard A wed 28 Jul 1979
DOCKERYRichard A16 Nov 1957joint with Lola M wed 28 Jul 1979
JOHNSONCarlie Sr13 Jan 19057 Jul 1981joint with Enly
JOHNSONEnly27 Jun 191125 Apr 1997joint with Carlie Sr
JOHNSONCarlie Jr20 Oct 1949joint with Patricia Ann Henderson marr 15 Oct 1966 parents of David, Candy, Patrick, and LeighSecond Image
JOHNSONPatricia Ann Henderson7 Sep 1950joint with Carlie Jr marr 15 Oct 1966 parents of David, Candy Patrick and Leigh Second Image
COOTSHuey Jr26 May 196226 May 1962son of Hury and Vida
BROOKSRandall6 Oct 192426 Apr 2004PFC US ARMY KOREA
MOOREVida C8 Feb 192720 Aug 1997joint with Kenneth marr 18 May 1948 parents of Dwight Bobby and Pamela Second Image
MOOREKenneth7 Jul 1926joint with Vida C marr 18 May 1948 parents of Dwight Bobby and Pamela Second Image
BROOKSIda Earlean21 Jan 1930joint with Randall marr 8 Jul 1950
BROOKSRandall6 Oct 192426 Apr 2004joint with Ida Earlean marr 8 Jul 1950
WESTAlma A28 Apr 193721 Feb 2002
BURKHEADRobert C9 Jan 19283 Dec 1972joint with Genell Blunk marr Oct 1948
BURKHEADGenell Blunk23 Dec 1932joint with Robert C marr Oct 1948
BLUNKEmmit7 Feb 19301 Oct 2001joint with Helen married 27 Jun 1955 parents of susan and david Second Image
BLUNKHelen21 Nov 1935joint with Emmit marr 27 Jun 1955 parents of susan and david Second Image
COCKRELLRaymond Farris5 Aug 19163 Sep 1998joint with Edythe Jewel Swift parents of Kathleen Joann and Ballard
COCKRELLEdythe Jewel Swift24 Jul 1920joint with Raymond Farris parents of Kathleen Jo Ann and Ballard
FARRISWoodrow11 Apr 193026 Jun 1971
FARRISCesnia16 Oct 191725 Mar 2003joint with Carlos, wed 16 Oct 1932
FARRISCarlos30 Apr 18957 Mar 1985joit with Cesnia, wed 16 Oct 1932
STEVENSBirchel F10 Mar 192125 Feb 2002
BROOKSHelen25 Jul 1930joint with Damon marr 21 Jul 1949
BROOKSDamon25 Jun 193028 Jan 2000joint with Helen marr 21 Jul 1949
DOCKERYOlley W5 Sep 192717 Nov 1989FSC US AIR FORCE
PHELPSShirley E12 Aug 191913 Nov 1999CPL US ARMY WWII
RENFROWBonnie5 Apr 19298 Dec 1990joint with Harold marr 9 Apr 1948
RENFROWHarold12 Jan 1929joint with Bonnie marr 9 Apr 1948
EMBRYGauda1911971joint with Foy Ertest
EMBRYFoy Ertest19151975joint with Gauda
WILSONRalph G29 Nov 19327 Aug 2003SGT US ARMY KOREA
WILSONMarzola E11 Jun 193415 Apr 1986joint with Ralph G
WILSONRalph G29 Nov 19327 Aug 2003joint with Marzola E
EMBRYDink13 Aug 1949joint with Loretta ""son
EMBRYLoretta2 Feb 1931joint with Dink ""mom
EMBRYBarbara S12 Mar 1954joint with Leon D
EMBRYLeon D27 Apr 1941joint with Barbara S
HUNTBrenda L25 Apr 19525 Jan 2002joint with Ronnie H marr 27 Jul 1974 parents of Kim Kristy Rhonda Brandon Second Image
HUNTRonnie H21 Aug 19517 Sep 2003joint with Brenda L marr 27 Jul 1974 parents of Kim Kristy Rhonda Brandon Second Image
HUNTRonnie Hogan21 Aug 19517 Sep 2003SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM
CARROLLBobby L7 Jul 1941joint with Anita Jean
CARROLLAnita Jean15 Feb 191128 Oct 1974joint with Bobby L
CARDWELLJames Curtis9 Jan 198127 Jul 1981joint with Roger Lee
CARDWELLRoger Lee2 Nov 197011 Feb 1971joint with James Curtis
JOHNSONCooper E19 Nov 190814 Feb 1974joint with Lorene C
JOHNSONLorene Cjoint with Cooper E
PHELPSShirley E12 Aug 191913 Nov 1999joint with Opal A, marr 3 May 1946
PHELPSOpal A9 Apr 1924joint with Shirley E marr 3 May 1946
DOCKERYOkley W5 Sep 192717 Nov 1989joint with Bonnie L marr 15 Oct 1947
DOCKERYBonnie L22 Apr 192411 Feb 1989joint with Okley W marr 15 Oct 1947
WOOSLEYJean5 Feb 19345 May 2001joint with Ned marr 11 Aug 1951parents of linda and sharon Second Image
WOOSLEYNed8 Jan 192819 Nov 1988joint with Jean marr 11 Aug 1951parents of linda and sharon Second Image
EMBRYRuby M30 Apr 1924jjoint with Freddie C marr 28 Feb 1942
EMBRYFreddie C19 Jul 1920joint with Ruby M marr 28 Feb 1942
FELTYDallas C10 Dec 192910 Apr 1990joint with Joyce E
FELTYJoyce E6 Mar 1932joint with Dallas C
FELTYRita14 Sep 190919 may 2004joint with Clayton
FELTYClayton16 Nov 190329 Dec 1985joint with Rita
FELTYRoy Lee29 Oct 19486 Aug 1969
WILLOUGHBYErnest 'Latney'1 Jul 189622 Feb 1974joint with Elizabeth 'Eliza'
WILLOUGHBYElizabeth 'Eliza'16 Dec 189516 Sep 1977joint with Ernest 'Latney'
GIVENSEsther7 Aug 1938joint with Roger H, marr 9 Feb 1957 parents of Cynthia, Cheryl, Chris Second Image
GIVENSRoger H14 Nov 1936joint with Esther, marr 9 Feb 1957 parents of Cynthia Cheryl and Chris Second Image
HENDERSONRita Cheryl16 May 19606 Aug 1997daughter of Roger and Esther Givens mother of Joseph and Joshua Second Image
EMBRYEffie18881935joint with Elba
EMBRYElba18811953joint with Effie
EMBRYEdna7 May 193222 Oct 1994joint with Garfield
EMBRYGarfield28 Aug 19045 Mar 1998joint with Edna
DAUGHERTYAlice R3 Jun 19403 Mar 1997joint with Ravon
DAUGHERTYRavon9 Jan 191923 Jul 2003joint with Alice R
FLENERLillie16 Feb 19177 Aug 1999joint with Audley marr 10 Sep 1930
FLENERAudley15 Jun 19103 Jan 1995joint with Lillie marr 10 Sep 1930
DOCKERYClara K15 May 1918joint with Alvi S
DOCKERYAlvi S1 Aug 191530 Oct 1968joint with Clara K
SCHROADERCliffie Willoughby14 Sep 190121 nov 1982mother of Clifton Schroader, Herley and Alvi Dockery
DOCKERYOtto L19111975
DOCKERYCatherine W7 Mar 192022 Oct 1997
DOCKERYHerley N10 Dec 19195 Jun 2005Second Image
DOCKERYHerley N10 Dec 19195 Jun 2005US NAVY WWII
FLENERAudley15 Jun 19103 Jan 1995S1 US NAVY WWII