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Butler County, Kentucky

Photographed and copyright July 12, 2007 by Alice (Warner) Brosey


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Lacefield Cemetery

Lacefield Cemetery is on Lacefield Cemetery road, which is off of Bryant Ridge Rd, which is approximately 14 miles north of Morgantown off Highway 79.

This is a complete listing of all marked graves, as of July 12, 2007

Photos taken July 12, 2007

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WILSONThelma O15 Jun 19183 Nov 1998
WILSONDoris Jean14 Jan 19449 Mar 1944daughter of Thelma Wilson
EMBRYEsteran14 Nov 18809 Apr 1959Second Image
EMBRYMason28 Jul 187326 Apr 1930Second Image
LACEFIELDHershel1 Feb 191024 Oct 1993Joint with Catherine
LACEFIELDCatherine12 Jun 19115 Feb 1992Joint with Hershel
LACEFIELDInfant24 Aug 190824 Aug 1908of F M and Liza
LACEFIELDUNKNOWN"remnant only says ""lacefield"" and ""born"" - no given name or dates"
LACEFIELDPallie18727 Nov 1894wife of France? First two letters unclear
LACEFIELDFinnes12 Oct 188025 Dec 1883
LACEFIELDSilvia J20 Apr 18846 May 1884Daughter of A B & M
LACEFIELDInfant Son7 Aug 18867 Aug 1886Son of A B & M
LACEFIELDInfants Sons14 Oct 189214 Oct 1892Sons of A B & M
LACEFIELDInfant9 Mar 18949 Mar 1894Daughter of A B & M
LACEFIELDMinnie9 May 18887 Sep 1894Daughter of A B & M
LACEFIELDMargaret7 Feb 186731 Aug 1957
LACEFIELDA B15 Jun 185929 Nov 1932
ASHLEYCharles L4 Jan 193220 Nov 1932
BRATCHERZora E23 Apr 19088 Apr 1990
HILLARDNancy Coats14 Jun 197114 Jun 1971
COATSPerry16 Jun 191616 Jun 1916
LACEFIELDGeorge W23 Oct 185713 Sep 1910
LACEFIELDWilliam15 May 182018 Jul 1862
LACEFIELDJesseSepthard to read; hi res available
LACEFIELDSamuel24 May 185527 May 1855
LACEFIELDSusan7 Feb 184627 Sep 1929Joint with Volentine
LACEFIELDVolentine20 Oct 184422 Oct 1917Joint with Susan
LACEFIELDJackson18 Jun 183819 May 1885
EMBRYMason18 Mar 18452 Jun 1921Co G 38th Ky Regt; Joint with Margrett
EMBRYMargrett9 Aug 1844Joint with Mason
WILSONGray22 Dec 19179 Aug 1934Son of Marion and Sarah Belle
KINGDona4 May 190120 May 1922Mother of Eva L Higgs
WILSONMarion1 Sep 187329 Apr 1936Joint with Sarah Belle
WILSONSarah Belle30 Mar 188222 May 1924Joint with Marion
WILSONH M23 Sep 19379 Aug 1990Son of Homer and Mary
WILSONMary10 May 190712 May 1989Joint with Homer
WILSONHomer4 Sep 190223 Jul 1971Joint with Mary
WILSONBetty17 May 194017 May 1940
WINCHELMary Margeret8 Jun 19368 Jun 1936Daughter of W L & Mallie
WINCHELLW L 24 Sep 18704 May 1935
WINCHELLMary Jane Embry20 Jan 187428 Oct 1933