Butler County, Kentucky

Photographed and copyright September 2008 by Alice (Warner) Brosey


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Lee Cemetery

In the south section of the county at the intersection of Dimple Road (off Hwy 79) and Cane Ridge Rd.

This is a complete listing of all marked graves as of September 2008.

Photos taken September 2008, by Alice Warner and Marc Brosey

Click the name of the individual to view image of the stone.

HATCHERRobert Connor, Jr.8 Dec 1947American Politician, Educator
HATCHERJosephine B.14 Oct 19303 Dec 2007Joint with Darold G. Hatcher, marr 5 Oct 1948
HATCHERDarold G19 Apr 192720 Jun 1983Joint with Josephine B. Hatcher, marr. 5 Oct 1948; PFC US ARMY Second Image
LEEJames E.5 Jan 19076 Oct 1957KENTUCKY PFC US ARMY WWII
LEEByron T.18901942
LEEJimmie8 Jun 186529 Aug 1941
LEENannie31 May 186618 Feb 1900wife of Jimmie Lee
HATCHERShelley Ivan19341934
LEEJessie M10 Dec 18886 Dec 1889daughter of Jas and Nannie Lee
LEEMagdalene O1 Feb 182422 Jun 1890wife of E P Lee
LEEEdmund P.15 Apr 181810 Sep 1885
LEEBenjamin P.11 Mar 185315 Jun 1856Son of E P and M O Lee
LEEJohn C11 Nov 185016 Jun 1856Son of E P and M O Lee
HATCHERAnn29 Dec 184813 Nov 1904
MAHONECatharine O5 Oct 185225 Nov 1859
HATCHERGrace7 Mar 18867 Mar 1886Inf of Sam and Hellen
HATCHERHelen22 May 185721 Jan 1903Joint with Sam
HATCHERSam28 Dec 185514 May 1894Joint with Helen
JOHNSONInfant Son17 Dec 189917 Dec 1899Son of B P and P E
BROOKSGuy30 May 191127 Nov 1970Joint with Rubel
BROOKSRubel8 Oct 190918 Nov 1997Joint with Guy
BROOKSW G Jr.9 Dec 192824 Nov 1984
BARKLEYSam11 Dec 188610 Apr 1955Joint with Vera
BARKLEYVera27 Apr 189116 Sep 1982Joint with Sam
HATCHERR T18881961
HATCHERGrace Lee18911963
CHAPMANByron Lee1 May 195320 Aug 1972
COOKMarjorie Hatcher20 Apr 19213 Feb 2008and Smith FHM Second Image
COOKJohn F3 Apr 192213 Feb 1985Husband of Marjorie Hatcher; CPL US ARMY WWII Second Image
HOODNewel T.3 Dec 18383 Jul 1919
HOODRosaline A.23 Dec 18509 Jun 1909Wife of N. T. Hood
HOODNewel G.28 May 188312 May 1907
LEEGeorge M.6 Mar 18265 Aug 1853
LEEThos.19 May 183222 Aug 1844
LEEBenj. P.21 Jul 180320 Sep 1851
LEEHarriet B.5 Jan 180713 Apr 1869Wife of Benjamin P. Lee
JOHNSONPatti Ella (Mulcah2 Oct 18823 Jun 1965
ELMORELafe E.16 Feb 18817 Jun 1909
MULCAHYBelle24 Aug 184510 Jun 1897
BELCHERMacie3 Jan 190930 Oct 1910Daut of S. D. and N. L.
HATCHERJune Carolyn15 Jun 191930 Sep 1997Joint with Robert T. Hatcher
HATCHERRobert T.10 Jul 192329 Aug 1987Joint with June Carolyn Hatcher
BLANCHARDEunice H.24 Jul 1932Joint with George W.
BLANCHARDGeorge W.31 Jul 193216 Jan 2002Joint with Eunice H. Blanchard