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Volunteer needed to INDEX 1880 Butler County census from the online images
Contact Joan at: USGenWeb Online Census Images

Put Subject:  "Butler County Lookup"

If this is not done, you may not receive a response. Sorry but we can no longer accept requests for full surname searches, or "I want everything you have on surname from all your resources."  Please be specific which book (one at a time please) and the name of the person for whom you are looking.  We also need to know the approximate date they lived in Butler County.

Reference Author Owner/Email
Butler County Funeral Homes N/A Need a Volunteer
Butler County Births - 1911 to 1980 Look-up (specify county) N/A Robin
Butler County Marriages - Courthouse Look-up N/A Carole Southerland
"Butler County Kentucky Records #1: 
Marriages 1810-1850, Deaths 1852-1859". 
. Need a Volunteer
Marriage Look-ups 1763-1871 Automated Archives Marriage CDs, 1763-1871 Jean Alongi
"A Genealogical Collectionof Kentucky Birth
And Death Records, Volume I" 
Sherida K. Eddlemon, published by
Heritage books
Need a Volunteer
History Of Kentucky William Elsey Connelley and E.M.
Coulter and edited by Judge Charles Kerr 
Betty Card
Butler County Historical & Genealogical Society Books Butler County Historical & Genealogical Society Gladys Brooks
Pioneer Families N/A Connie Hurley
Butler County - History N/A  
Butler County - Census - 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1880 N/A  
Butler County - Census - 1850, 1870 N/A Connie Hurley
Butler County, KY. Marriages 1865 to 1885 N/A  
Butler County, KY. Marriages 1865 to 1885 N/A Marie Twigg
Butler County, KY. Marriages 1810 to 1929 N/A Connie Hurley
1894 Butler County School Census Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society Alice Warner
Butler County, KY. Cemeteries (latest 2002 version) Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society Alice Warner
Butler County, KY. Cemeteries N/A Marie Twigg
The County Of Butler in the Commonwealth of KY. 1810 to 1814 N/A  
  N/A Need a Volunteer
Kentucky births from 1911-1999 CD Sue Ann Hornung Morrow
Kentucky deaths from 1911-1999 CD Sue Ann Hornung Morrow
Kentucky marriages from 1973-1999 CD Sue Ann Hornung Morrow

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KyGenWeb Look-up Page

Historical and Genealogical Society Books for sale

Desert Road Publications - books for sale

Demographics of Butler County from the Census Bureau

Courthouse Information

Library -
Butler County Public Library
116 West Ohio Street
P.O. Box 247
Morgantown, KY 42261-0247
Phone: 270-526-4722
FAX: 270-526-4722

Registered Historic Places


Kentucky Information

  •  Place Names  - Choose Kentucky then type in the name of a place, such as Welch Creek,
  • Morgantown, etc.  If you choose Butler County you receive a partial list of the sites in Butler County
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  • GenForum - Great place to find relatives!



Places of Interest

Civil War Monument
Located on the courthouse lawn. Honors both North and South, only one of it's kind in Kentucky.

Green River Museum & Butler County Park
Located at Woodbury, overlooking the Green River. Exhibits from the colorful riverboat era.
Open Apr. 15 - Sept. 15, Sat & Sun noon-6

Read's Ferry
Located on KY 369, across the Green River. The last county owned ferry in KY; in operation for 150 years.

Stephens and Son's Gun Shop Site Marker
Wm. Stephens and his two sons ran the business from 1855 and began making guns for the Confederacy in 1861,
the shop closed in 1868. A Historical Highway Marker located near the 6000 Block on Reedyville Road in Roundhill,
Butler Co., was erected in 1969 by the Butler County Historical Society marking near the spot where the gun shop once stood.
The marker gives a brief history on the shop and the family.

Special Events

Woodbury Long Rifle Frolic - 2nd weekend in May .

Riverfest - Green River Museum, last Sat. in June.

George Dabbs Celebration Of The Arts - Photography show last wknd of June,
Art show last weekend of Sept.

Green River Catfish Festival - Music, Square dancing, arts, crafts, catfish & other great food,
games for children all day July 4, races, softball, volleyball, & tennis tourments. July 3-7.

Woodbury Skirmish & George Dabbs Craft Show - last full weekend in Oct.

Lodging And Restaurants

Green River Motel - 231 South St.; 14 units

Helm House Bed & Breakfast - 309 S. Tyler St; 5 guest rooms; 1-800-441-4786

Hillside Inn - 219 Rochester St.

Windmill Restaurant - 729 W. Logan ST.

Fast Food:Dairy Queen, Hardee's, McDonald's, Subway .


Hidden Valley Golf Course - 530 Hidden Valley Rd., 9 Holes





Butler County, Kentucky