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Butler County, Kentucky

Photographed and copyright August 6, 2007 by Alice (Warner) Brosey


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New Hope Wilson Home Cemetery

Wilson Home Baptist Church is on Bryant Ridge Rd, which is approximately 14 miles north of Morgantown off Highway 79. The church is approximately 3 miles down Bryant Ridge Rd from 79.

This is a complete listing of all marked graves, or so I thought. Based on reading over my notes from the cemetery, I am missing a part of the pictures and am looking for them There may be as many as 50 graves missing from this listing. I intend to remedy that in the next few months and retake the missing graves if they cannot be found in my backups.

Photos taken August 6 2007

Click the name of the individual to view image of the stone.

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EMBRYMartha18871966Joint with Jackson Embry
EMBRYJackson18841951Joint with Martha Embry
EMBRYRosevelt8 Nov 190418 Jan 1991Joint with Edna M Embry
EMBRYEdna M29 Dec 191217 Apr 1991Joint with Rosevelt Embry
DAILEYDoris Crain28 Mar 192524 Dec 2006
DAILEYDoris M25 Apr 196112 Jan 2001
DECKERMyrtle7 Nov 191024 Dec 1915
DAILEYDennis A22 Dec 196519 Sep 2006
SWIFTMcMarion15 Aug 18731 Jun 1959Joint with Frances Ellen Swift
SWIFTFrances Ellen4 Jan 18777 Apr 1955Joint with McMarion Swift
SWIFTAmos4 Feb 18849 Apr 1964
BRYANTMarthaDaughter of Steve Bryant; Wife of Wayne; no dates
SWIFTBeatrice6 Sep 191614 Aug 1921Dau of S & C Swift
SWIFTFrancis J Wilson18801904
SWIFTSimpson20 Oct 187525 Jun 1954
SWIFTEllie10 Aug 190922 Apr 1968
SWIFTClara Miller12 Oct 188614 Aug 1969
WOOSLEYOpal Lee2 Sep 191926 Dec 1990TEC 5 US ARMY WWII; Joint with Faustine E; marr July 21 1943 Second Image Third Image
WOOSLEYFaustine E2 Jan 192515 Nov 2005Joint with Opal Lee Woosley; marr 21 Jul 1943 Second Image
WILSONSebery188219--Joint with Louisa Wilson
WILSONLouisa18821919Joint with Sebery Wilson
WILSONInfants1900Of Sebery & Louisa Wilson
WOOSLEYLishmon1 Apr 188922 Nov 1949Joint with Lona Woosley
WOOSLEYLona21 Dec 189827 Nov 1975Joint with Lishmon Woosley
TAYLOREliza18711955Joint with Samuel R
TAYLORSamuel R18451922Joint with Eliza
ROSERoscoe L SR20 Sep 188813 Jan 1984Joint with Nellie F
ROSENellie F6 Jul 189719 Mar 1973Joint with Roscoe L Sr
LACEFIELDAugusta3 Nov 191120 Oct 1918
LACEFIELDWilliam28 Dec 187219 Jul 1975Joint with Leora
LACEFIELDLeora3 Apr 18808 Oct 1967Joint with William
BRYANTOdell21 Jul 191131 Jan 2007Joint with Ida M
BRYANTIda M3 Apr 190312 Dec 1980Joint with Odell
EMBRYLelie1 May 18839 May 1937
EMBRYJoe1 Jul 187913 Feb 1923
EMBRYW A21 Feb 191226 Jun 1932
FLENERAvery21 Sep 190124 Nov 1974Joint with Wife Cora Mae (m. 22 Sep 1956) and 2nd husband Theron Cardwell
CARDWELLTheron10 Mar 193822 Dec 1994Joint with Wife Cora Mae (m. 24 Jan 1981) and 1st husband Avery Flener; SP 4 US ARMY VIETNAM Second Image
WOOSLEYRalph Desmond30 Oct 198530 Oct 1985Infant Son of Ralph & Betty Woosley
WOOSLEYPatsy M27 Jan 195220 Dec 1964
WOOSLEYMary Jane Wilson19 Jan 19368 Dec 2002
EMBRYJames R23 Oct 193329 Jan 1986CPL US ARMY KOREA; joint with wife Alice M Second Image
EMBRYVannie18 Feb 189313 Dec 1978Joint with Mary L; marr 14 Oct 1915
EMBRYMary L12 Apr 189815 Apr 1980Joint with Vannie; marr 14 Oct 1915
EMBRYBillie A1 Oct 193124 Apr 1953
ROSERoscoe L Jr20 Jan 192730 Sep 1973INDIANA PVT US ARMY WWII
ROSEArpa22 Mar 192222 Mar 1922Daughter of R L & N F
ROSELois1 Dec 19171 Dec 1917Daughter of R L & N F
SWIFTRobert31 Dec 189120 Jun 1967Joint with Sudie
SWIFTSudie24 Jun 18949 Apr 1967Joint with Robert
SWIFTLatna18 Jun 19154 Nov 1918
SWIFTZona15 Jul 18989 Feb 1975Joint with Oscar
SWIFTOscar14 Feb 189413 Aug 1956Joint with Zona
LACEFIELDRalph 15 Sep 191717 Sep 1918son of J B & C
SWIFTJohn27 Apr 18793 Apr 1964Joint with Laura
SWIFTLaura1 Mar 189011 Aug 1977Joint with John
SWIFTMyrtle29 Jul 188429 Jun 1917Wife of John Swift; Daughter of Simon & M E Small Second Image
SWIFTInfant 27 Jun 191727 Jun 1917of John & Myrtle Swift
SWIFTLeahr11 Feb 186124 Feb 1942Joint with Sidney Swift
SWIFTSidney20 Mar 185525 Jun 1915Joint with Leahr Swift
WOOSLEYJohn H18831975Joint with Oleva
WOOSLEYOleva18901952Joint with John H
SWIFTEverett O6 Nov 191628 Jun 2001Joint with Son Hayward and Wife Iva M Second Image
SWIFTIva M1 Apr 19214 Apr 1994Joint with Son Hayward and Husband Everett O Second Image
SWIFTEarnesteen4 Sep 194317 Feb 1945Second Image
SWIFTLula5 Jan 190529 Oct 1918daughter of Y & M L Swift
SWIFTCicero27 Jan 189729 Jun 1919son of Y & M L Swift
SWIFTYeaman18691949Joint with Mary L
SWIFTMary L18771959Joint with Yeaman
WILKINSAnna Mae Nash30 Mar 190217 Jul 1986Joint with Tommie Nash
NASHTommie18 Apr 189817 Sep 1924Joint with Anna Mae Nash Wilkins
WILKINSHillard27 Aug 194727 Aug 1947Joint with Willard; sons of G & A M Wilkins
WILKINSWillard27 Aug 194727 Aug 1947Joint with Hillard; sons of G & A M Wilkins
WILKINSGuy T1 Jul 18938 Jun 1972
SWIFTEarnest C15 Apr 189925 May 1959Joint with Pearl M
SWIFTPearl M13 Jun 190017 Apr 1987Joint with Earnest C
SWIFTRayman30 Nov 191830 Nov 1918Son of Earnest and Pearl
SWIFTDayman30 Nov 19185 Dec 1918Son of Earnest and Pearl
SWIFTMary R28 Dec 192526 Jun 1927Daughter of Earnest and Pearl
SWIFTFreeman7 Nov 192721 May 1929Son of Earnest and Pearl
SWIFTJohn Gordon5 Jul 19034 Aug 1978
ZABALLAAlta Swift8 Aug 190912 Mar 1993
PATRIMONIOGeorge18941971Joint with Fosteen and Jerome Phelps Patrimonio
PATRIMONIOFosteen19201993Joint with George and Jerome Phelps Patrimonio
SWIFTObie Ray4 Jun 191522 Apr 1991
EMBRYEmmitt D9 Feb 19208 Apr 1977Joint with Marlene A
ASHLEYNannie Pearl19021972
BROWNINGVirgil "Brownie"7 Jun 19012 Nov 1983Joint with Myrtle Ashley
BROWNINGMyrtle Ashley5 Feb 191718 Mar 1971Joint with Virgil "Brownie"
WILSONWilliam20 Apr 190928 Mar 1992Joint with Myrtle Second Image
WILSONJuanita Justis6 Nov 19186 Jun 2003Joint with James G; Marr 16 Feb 1944
WILSONJames G20 Apr 190912 Jan 1985Joint with Juanita Justis; marr 16 Feb 1944
JUSTISBertrand28 Jun 19262 Feb 1931Son of R E & Alice Justis
JUSTISAlice J26 Jan 18982 Sep 1953
JUSTISR E Sr15 Jan 18964 Mar 1992PVT US ARMY WWI Second Image
JUSTISR E Jr21 Jan 192318 Oct 2003PHM2 US NAVY WWII; Joint with Martha E; marr 17 Apr 1949; parents of Joe and Darlene Second Image Third Image
JUSTISMartha E5 Aug 192911 Feb 2004Joint with R E Jr; marr 17 Apr 1949; parents of Joe and Darlene Second Image
PEACHHaskell C3 May 193120 May 1931
PEACHLonzo26 Jun 190313 Sep 1935
SWIFTElbert L8 Jul 190524 May 1962
SWIFTRado10 May 18824 Jul 1925Joint with Josephine "Josie"
SWIFTJosephine "Josie"1 Aug 18848 Jul 1983Joint with Rado Swift
SWIFTChester O3 Oct 191917 Oct 1919Son of R & J Swift
ROSEM S6 Jan 185819 Dec 1923
ROSEFrancis M Sr18671946
EMBRY-BROWNNancy Elizabeth31 Jan 19023 Aug 1992
WOOSLEYMallivy29 Sep 192029 Sep 1920Daughter of C B & D W
WOOSLEYC B15 Apr 190114 Sep 1930husband of Dora Woosley
WOOSLEYAustin15 Oct 187930 Sep 1960Joint with Louisa Woosley
WOOSLEYLouisa27 Apr 18811 Aug 1959Joint with Austin Woosley
LEEEmmett13 May 19013 Apr 1992Joint with Albina Lee
LEEAlbina6 Apr 190331 Aug 1973Joint with Emmett Lee
LEEChelcha D25 Jul 19303 Jul 1949Son of Emmitt and Albina
LEEAubrey20 Dec 193520 Dec 1935
LEEChalmer27 Oct 194127 Oct 1941
BRYANTDaymon O23 Nov 191928 Feb 1992TEC 5 US ARMY WWII; Joint with Cuba S; marr 17 Jul 1942; parents of Lloyd and Charlotte Second Image Third Image
SWIFTMartha B15 Jan 18876 Jul 1913
EMBRYCharlie18 Apr 188410 Jan 1952Joint with Della Embry
EMBRYDella10 Jan 18908 Jun 1938Joint with Charlie Embry
EMBRYRonnie C26 Jun 194727 Jun 1947
EMBRYGlendel Ray23 Aug 195014 Feb 1951
EMBRYCevil19 Jan 192630 Dec 1989Joint with Dorothy
EMBRYDorothy19 Feb 1929[[6 Feb 2008]]Joint with Cevil [[death after cemetery photographed; date from obituary]]
BRYANTEllar25 Dec 19153 Aug 1999Daughter of Baylus and Minnie
BRYANTBaylus G27 Aug 188022 Apr 1969Joint with Minnie L
BRYANTMinnie L15 Nov 187915 Jul 1964Joint with Baylus G
MAJORSEmmitt18981963Joint with Stella B and James L
MAJORSStella B19031992Joint with Emmitt and James L
DOCKERYMarcella Cooper10 May 19314 Jul 1995
BAXTERRansome E5 Mar 192013 May 2007Jones FHM
EMBRYCharlie J9 Jun 19091 Dec 1978Joint with Lillie
EMBRYLillie22 Apr 191111 Oct 1996Joint with Charlie J
EMBRYFosteen19 Nov 19426 Dec 1942Daughter of Mr & Mrs C J Embry
EMBRYZelda Shain21 Jun 194425 Mar 1999Joint with Robert A Second Image
EMBRYAdrin H4 Jun 192016 Mar 2001Joint with Alma I
EMBRYJuannetta Faye16 Aug 19544 Feb 1955Baby of Adrin and Alma
BRYANTCuba S16 Oct 192423 Sep 2000Joint with Daymon; marr 17 Jul 1942; parents of Lloyd and Charlotte Second Image
BRYANTJulie Ellen6 Sep 19666 Sep 1966
BRYANTAnthony7 Jun 19677 Jun 1967
EMBRYNetter11 Apr 186218 Feb 1940Joint with Berthenia
EMBRYBerthenia11 Apr 186721 Apr 1965Joint with Netter Embry
DECKERVoyage19 May 192919 May 1929
DECKERPalmer29 Mar 193129 Mar 1931
DECKERCharlie Owen21 Oct 190226 Apr 1988Joint with Zella Lou; marr 25 Dec 1925
DECKERZella Lou21 Sep 19062 Sep 1985Joint with Charlie Owen; marr 25 Dec 1925
ANDERSONGeorge W22 Aug 186126 Mar 1939
BRYANTArgalus28 May 188816 Mar 1964joint with Martha E
BRYANTMartha E9 Oct 188828 May 1975Joint with Argalus
WILSONBruce19 Jan 193319 Jan 1933
WILSONElsie Mae31 Aug 190920 Jan 1933
EMBRYLucy M22 Apr 192018 Nov 1984Joint with Edward Embry
EMBRYEdward11 Jun 192227 May 1980Joint with Lucy M
EMBRYLarry Edward28 Oct 194619 Feb 1961
CLARKFrederick M4 Sep 19342 Aug 2004
BRYANTDoris Margaret20 Apr 194620 Apr 1946Daughter of Collins and Ruby Bryant
BRYANTCollins27 Apr 190910 Jul 1989Joint with Ruby;marr 19 Dec 1931
BRYANTRuby4 Jan 19105 Aug 1996Joint with Collins; marr 19 Dec 1931
WILLISJames R. D.26 Jul 19295 Nov 1993
McCOMBSBeatrice A27 Aug 194123 Jun 2006Second Image
CRAINERandall23 Oct 193931 Jul 2004SP4 US ARMY; Joint with Rita Second Image Third Image
EMBRYFrankie20 Nov 19343 Nov 2001
EMBRYFreda F25 Mar 193221 Jun 2002Joint with Randall C
EMBRYCecil Collins1 Nov 195116 Apr 1998husband of Beverly; marr 12 Mar 1977
CRISPOliver13 Jul 194115 Mar 1998Second Image
CRAINFrank24 Apr 191314 Jan 2002Joint with Bertha Second Image
WILSONWilliam E4 Aug 195619 Jul 2003joint with Tammy L Second Image
WILSONAdam Flener29 Mar 198712 Sep 2005Second Image
EMBRYEvelyn F21 Dec 194918 May 2005joint with Donnie L
RUSSELLJames III17 Feb 194610 Apr 2001Joint with Glenda Faye Second Image
ASHLEYHillard26 Apr 19212 Aug 2004Joint with Essie Second Image
EMBRYBetty Louabt 192218 Oct 2005"*no stone at time of photography, info from obituary"
EMBRYJoe Jrabt 193630 May 2009"*died after photographs taken, info from obituary"