Daniel Boone Knight

Daniel Boone Knight "Dan" and or "D.B."
Son of George W. Knight and Sarah "Sally" Christmas Knight.
Daniel was born  Febuary 1854 .
He married : October 28, 1875 Butler County , Kentucky.
Elizabeth Malissa Fuller.  "Eliza"
Eliza was born April 1849 ? Some say Kentucky.
Their Children are :
 1-Lena Knight born in November 1876
2- Russel Knight born 1910
A son and Or a grandchild.
3- Lynda H. Knight born 1909? A daughter and or a grandchild.
I suspect grandchildren.
4- Lillie Knight  born April 1879..married ? DeArmond
5- Clarence Knight born January 1880...married Daisy "Dean" Scarbrough
6- Dona Knight born August 1883 ...married W.Burris.
7- Gertrued Knight "Girty" born September 1880
married Adolphus D. Knight"Dolphus" or "Doll" or "D.D."

Picture provided by: Connie D. Poole Hurley