Dr. Elwood Wand

Dr. Elwood Wand of Woodbury, KY

Dr. Elwood Wand was born (August 22, 1856) and reared on a farm near
Woodbury, Kentucky.  After having taught at a number of schools he chose
medicine as his profession.  He first attended The Kentucky School of
Medicine at Louisville, Kentucky and later graduated from Vanderbilt
University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1886.  By 1888 he was practicing
medicine in Woodbury and surrounding areas.  When there was no money for his
services he took live stock as payment.  He died May 13, 1941.

He first married to Leona Neel who died in 1889.  He then married Ginevra
Gertrude Phelps in 1893.  They had daughter, Bonnie Sunshine Wand (1895-1976)
and son, Thomas Phelps Wand (1907-1981).

Picture Provided by:  Barbara Drake Bresler