Russell Clay Johnson & Grace (Johnson) Thomas

Russell Clay Johnson (1912-1950) next to the youngest son of Joseph R Johnson
(CR Johnson-Dorothy Baker) and Minerva Phelps (Valentine Y Phelps-Manthia Dunn).
With him is his sister, Grace (Johnson) Thomas. The photo was taken at Grace's
home in Detroit, Michigan around 1943.  Russell moved from Kentucky
in the mid 1920's with his father and brothers to Ohio. Russell suffered
a congenital heart defect from birth staying with family members and helping
out around the house until he passed away quietly at our home in Massillon,
Ohio on May 5, 1950 leaving a large void in our lives.  He would tease
the neighborhood children when they asked why his coloring was 'blue' saying
that when he was a boy he hit his thumb with a hammer and his whole body turned blue.

Picture provided by: Nancy L (Johnson) Hancock