John Roberts Eberman & Jennie Irene (Harman) Eberman

John Roberts Eberman (1844-1900) and his wife Jennie Irene Harman (1849-1925) came to KY in 1879
after their foundary in PA burned down. They moved to Morgantown, KY in 1892.
John and Jennie has three sons: Harry William Eberman (1877-1950), George Adam Eberman (1881-1954),
and John Orenus Eberman (1888-1958).
The family ran Eberman Planing Mill first and then put in the Morgantown Waterworks in 1904. In 1913,
they started a lighting system as well that was sold to the West Virginia Power Company in 1929.
During the 1920's until the early 1940's they ran the Eberman Ice Plant. All three sons raised their
families in Morgantown.

Picture provided by: Donna Rand