Reedyville High School

Reedyville High School 1929-1940

     When the Reedyville High School was opened in 1929 there were no graveled or paved roads in the area. Those who lived near the school walked, and those who lived in the Threlkel, Region, and Roundhill area came on horseback.
    In the early thirties the road from Roundhill to Morgantown was built and graveled. Under the WPA program the road from Reedyville to Roundhill was built and graveled.     In 1936, with hard surfaced roads available, the County purchased a 1 1/2 ton Ford truck chassis for the school to make a bus.
    One of the men of the community picked up the chassis and brought it to the Government garage at Lock #5. There the local men built the body for the bus from wood.
     The bus was put into service and picked up students from the Jetson, Vineyard, and Roundhill area.
     The school was located on Youngs Ferry road, about 1/4 mile from the present Reedyville Community Center on Highway #185. It served as a center for community activities. There were pie suppers, ice cream suppers, 4-H activities, halloween parties, barbecues, "rally days", "old time fiddler's contests", and other similar activities.

Information compiled by John M. Phelps, Class of 1938

Picture provided by: David A. Jones
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