Dripping Springs School; located on Threlkel Region Road in Butler County, KY
Front Row Kneeling-Left to Right: Donald Castell, Marlon Tarrence,Glen Joiner, Randall Tarrence
Middle Row-Left to Right: Tootie Tarrence, Bob Joiner, Frank Gabbard, Thurman Gabbard, Clyde Threlkel, R.D. Johnson, Buna Johnson, Inez Tarrence, Bill Joiner, Florence Marshall-Teacher
Back Row-Left to Right: Opal Joiner, Glea Joiner, Harley Threlkel, Reva Keown, Gene Gabbard, Lois Gabbard, Leon Joiner, Linda Johnson, Margie Rone


Submitted by Gail Taylor for Capt. Bill Joiner