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Will of Jerome T. Moore, part 1

Jerome T Moore's Will
I Jerome T Moore of Morgantown Butler County Ky living now of sound mind and of disposing clear mind and calm judgment do hereby make publish and declare this my las Will and Testament as follows Viz:
Item 1st
I will and direct that all my debts if any owing by me at my death be paid as soon as convenient after my decease.
I will and bequeath to my beloved wife N. A. Moore all and every kind spicies and amount of property real personal and mixed including the right to the use and benefit and ownership of any policy of insurance on my life to be owned held controled and disposed of by her as she shall choose to do during her natural life and after her death all of my estate not used by her and their remaining. I will and direct shall be equally divided between my children and the issue of any of such of them as shall have died.
I hereby nominate and appoint my said wife N. A. Moore sole Executrix of this my Will and Tesiment and hereby authorize and request the court in which this will is probated to permit her to qualify and accept said trust without Executing bond or giving security as such Executrix as I have the fullest confidence in her performing all her duties as my Executrix for the best interest of herself and our children as well and faithfully without Bond + surety as with it. I testimony of all which I hereto set my hand this 21" day of February 1888.

Jerome T Moore

Witness H A James
W T Kittinger
E M Moore

I hereby add to my foregoint will this further wish and direction. I authorize and impower my wife N. A. Moore as my Executrix to sell and convey by good and sufficient deed any real Estate of which I may be the owner Legally or Equitably at my death. Wherever in her judgment such sale and conveyance shall be deemed advisable and to reinvest the proceeds of such sale in such manner she may think best for herself and our children In Testimony Whereof and hereto set my hand this 22" day of Feby 1888
Jerome T Moore

R A Reed
T C Carson
H A James




Butler County, Kentucky