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Will of Jerome T. Moore, part 2

State of Kentucky}Sct
County of Butler }

At a County Court held in and for Butler County at the Court House on the 13" day of August 1888. the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testiment of Jerome T Moore decd with codicil attached thereto was presented in open court and the will duly proven by the oaths of H A James and W T Kittinger subscribing witnesses thereto and the codicil attached was duly proven by the oaths of R.A. Read T.C Carson and H.A. James subscribing witnesses thereto and thereupon said instrument of writing was ordered to be recorded. Whereupon the same together with this certificate have been duly recorded in my office. Witness my hand as clerk of said court this 15 day of August 1888.
W H Tuck Clerk B.C.C
By A H Tuck D.C.




Butler County, Kentucky