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Will of W B Davis, part 2

Will of William H. Hudnel, part 1


was produced in open court and the handwriting duly proven by the oaths of B L Guffy Thos P Wand N T Howard and Thos T Porter thereupon same was ordered to record whereupon it together with this certificate have been duly recorded in my office. Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court this 19th dy of Oct 1888.
W H Tuck Clerk
By A H Tuck D.C.

I William Hudnel being of sound mind an in feeble helth concidering the uncertainty of life and certanty of deth make this my last Will and request in order to make my last set of children as near equal to my first as I am able, I want Elizabeth Harvey to have twenty five acres of land to commence near the negro School House running with booth(?) back lines so as to make it twenty five acres, I give to Mary An Chrtmiss (??) twenty five acres of land commencing on the back line including the place where William Forgy new his. I give to Francis Simmans twenty five acres of land commencing on the back line next to Hickory Grove Church and running so as to include the house in which shee now lives. I give to my wife Poly Hudnel all the stock with all the house hole and kitchen furnstore and a life time or widdowhood suport on the remainder of my land at the deth or mariage of my wife Poly Hudnel, I want the remainder of my land equally divided between Edward Hudnel Grant Hudnel and Rochel Hudnel. Uppon these conditions that Edward and Grant Hudnel suport me and my wife our life time and Rochel and Liza so long as they remain singl and stay on the farm. Edward and Grant is to pay Liza Hudnel Forty Dollars agoust she becomes of age.

Wm H Hudnal
WC Harper
W C Christmas





Butler County, Kentucky