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Will of William H. Hudnel, part 2


I, W H Tuck Clerk of Butler Co KY certify that this Will was signed by W E Christmass this day and sworn same to be true and being witness to same given under my hand this 29th day of Dec 1888

W H Tuck, Clerk
By H H Forgy, D.C.

State of Kentucky}
County of Butler }Sct

At a County Court held in and for Butler County Jan 14 1889 the Courth House in Morgantown Kentucky the foregoing will of Wm H Hudnel Deed was poduced in an open court and W C Harper one of the subscribing witnesses thereto being duly sworn in open court testified that he wrote said will at the request of the Testator who subscribed his name to it and acknowledged it in said witnessess presence and that he W C Harber subscribed his name as a witness to said will at the request and in the presence of the Testator, and also testified that the other subscribing Witness to said Will W E Christmass signed said will as such witness in the presence of the testator and at his request and in his said Harpers presence wherefore said instrument of writing is ordered to be filed and recorded and the same together with this and the foregoing crtificate is fuly recorded in my said office. Witness my hand Feb 15th 1889
W H Tuck Clerk
By A H Tuck D.C.



Butler County, Kentucky