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Graciously donated by Diane Cukro

Will of Captain William Ball

Dated 28 September 1694

In the name of God. Amen.

I Capt. William Ball of the parish of St. Mary's White Chapel in the County of Lancaster in Virginia being sick & weak in body but sound & Perfect memory Praised be ye Almighty God for the same & considering the frailty of this life being but a blast I doe make this my Last Will and testament in manner and form Following hereby revoking and making Void all other Will or Wills formerly by me made sealed or published. First I give my soule to God that gave it me & commit my body to the Earth to be burried in decent order at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named in hope and true confidence that I shall have a joyful Resurrection at the Last day thru the merits of my most dear & Precious redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ. I give unto my Dr. wife all and every part of this 270 acres of Land whereon I now Live with all the housing & appurtances thereunto belonging and also my mill hereon standing during her Natural life and also full Power to plant, make and manure for her own use a Plantation if she pleae on every other Parcel of Land hereafter by me hereby given & my will is that she bring up my dear Children until they be 16 yrs. of age in Writing, Reading & c. and that they be under the tuition of my sons William and Richard, and that whenever the said mill be out of repair my will is that my said sons William Ball & Richard Ball give their assistance to mend repaire or new build her and that they be paid for their paines as the mill earns it. I give unto my said sons William Ball & Richard Ball all my Tract lyeing in this Neck next to Richard Cundiff's being about 950 acres to be equally divided between them provided they acquit all their right which they or iether of them may possibly have of any and to that Divident of Land in Richmond County next above Perpetua Creek being about 1,000 acres on which my Quarter Plantation now is unto their two brothers Joseph Ball & Geirge Ball then

I do give unto my said sons William Ball and Richard Ball to them and their heirs forever all and every part of the above said 950 avres of Land Lying in this Neck next to Richard Cundiffs as aforesaid but if my said two sond William Ball & Richard Ball molest their two brothers Joseph Ball & George Ball in their Quiet Possession at any time hereafter either them or their heirs in the said 1,000 acres of Land at Perpetua Creek where my Quarter now is that I then do hereby give said two sond Joseph Ball & George Ball and their heirs all and every part & Parcel of that 950 acres before hereby given unto my two sons William Ball & Richard Ball as aforesaid.

I give unto my two sons Joseph Ball & George Ball to them and their heirs all and every part & parcel of that Divident of Land in Richmond County whereon my Quarter now is near the head of Perpetua Creek to be Equally divided between them.

I give unto my der Daughter Margaret Ball and to her and her heirs forever all that and every part & Parcel of tht Divident whereon my mother Lives at the mouth of Corratomon being about 350 acres more to bee laid out of my ajoyning Divident next to the Plantation that James Wood lives on only reserving to my dear (wife or mother?) one third part of all the sider made thereon clear of all charge making & cask. I give to my said son William Ball a man serv't named Luke Dickson and a nergo man named Robin, and a negro woman named Dyner and my Silver Tumbler and a Punch cup at mother's when she is dead.

I give to my son Richard Ball a man serv't called Thomas Alderton and a negro woman called Dadoe and a Silver Mustard Pott. I give to my dear wife 3 negroes called Sambo, Tom & Mary and 3 Englis or white servants at my Quarter in Richmond County called Robin_____James Canady & Sarah and a Silver salt siller, Tankard & Drinking Cup of Silver and which of my Cups she shall make Choice of. I give unto my son William all the residue of my cups after my dear wife hath her choice of one.

I give to my son James Ball two slaves called Dominy & Kate and a boy and a girle.

I give to my son David Ball a girle slave called Poll.

I give to my daughter Margaret Ball two salve girls called Hanah & Betty thats at mother's.

I give unto my son Stretchley Ball a Girl Slave called Saran.

I give unto my son Samuel Ball a girl slave called Doll. The rest of my white servants and slaves not before hereby given, being Cox, Scotch, Tom, Betty & her mulatto child, 3 negro women Called Doll & Betty & Bess at mother's. I give unto my three eldest sond, viz., William Ball, Richard Ball and James Ball in cinsideration that they be at the charge of bringing uo and maintaining their three youngest brothers. i give and Bequeath unto my said sons William & Richard Ball 2/6s part of all the rest of my estate not hereby before given Desiring them to take all the care they can of their dear mother. And the residue of all my estate whereon had, found or being not before given I give to be equally Devided between my dear children here named, James, Joseph, David, Geore, Margaret, Stretchley & Samuel after their mother's decease but my will is that my dear wife have the use of it all During her Natural Life.

I doe make & Ordaine my son William Ball and my son Richard Ball the Executors of this my last Will and testament and my loving Brother Captain David Fox and my loving friends Mr. George Heale & Mr. Edwin Conway the overseers of this my last will and testament.

In Witness Whereof I have hereonto set my hand & seale this 28th day of Sept. A 1694.




Lancaster County, Virginia