Wills and Court Documents

Will of Simon Murphey, 27 Aug 1673, Lancaster Co. VA

Contributed by Mark Murphy

[Will of Simon Murphey, 27 Aug 1673, Lancaster Co. VA]
[Bundle of Loose Records, Library of Virginia, pp. 113 & 114]
[transcribed by Mark A. Murphy, March 2003]

In the name of god Amen
I Simon Murphey being [weaken?] in body but in perfect memory blesed be
god I [doe?] make my last will and testament in manor and formd as
I bequeath unto John Dabenport Junor two [sorels?] the one called
pic[?] and the other called billy and [there in ordered flow & son?]
Item I give unto George Dabenport one horse[?] by the name of Jason and
two [then sauler and the used Gutridge for time?]
Item I give unto George [?Part?] one son saulfo whiskie at Mr Lawson
Item if give unto John Dabenport [forever my two ouwest jhands?]
Item I give unto John Dabenport foreve my furlong of two hundred and
forty acres of Land
Item it is my desire that my sow[?] called by the name of Showry may be
killed att my funerall
Item G I do ordain and uppoye John [Dabenport?] forever my lawfull
Exctor finally [Fedor son jasmu] this to be my last will and testament
utterly denouncing all other wills and testament whatsoever as witness
my hand and seale this 27th August
Signed sealed and Delivered Simon US Murphey
in the presents of Us his marke
Robert + Sadge ani fualo
George O Portux[?]
his marke

[Looks like Latin- probatus suit huminmodi tostus p& anum noble
gadges of Georgi Lortisi ni our lomi lani & sid Lofi Aodin-
Jese &Y do oarle & r lauftis]




Lancaster County, Virginia