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 Lancaster Community Library

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Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library website

Post Office Box 97, 8346 Mary Ball Road, Lancaster, Virginia 22503
Phone: (804) 462-7280 Fax: (804) 462-6107

Lancaster County Courthouse
PO Box 125
Lancaster, VA 22503
Phone: 804-462-5611
Lancaster County, Virginia Official Phone Numbers 

Lancaster County Historical Society and Museum
631 Main Street, Kilmarnock, VA 22482 P.O. Box 1328, White Stone, VA 22578


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Lancaster Marriage Bonds 1652 - 1850 (book)Cindy Lawson
General Research AdviceDiane Cukro

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GHOTES (Genealogy & Historie Of The Eastern Shore) of Virginia

Historical Highway Markers of Lancaster County

Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters

 Lancaster County - Historic Districts

Lancaster County Government

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

Common Nicknames

Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century: An Inquiry into the Material Condition of the People, Based on Original and Contemporaneous Records. New York: MacMillan and Co., 1896

African American Resources

Virginia Black History Archives

Treaty Between Virginia And The Indians 1677

Tributary Indians of Virginia 1670







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