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Prayer Book of Captain Thomas Carter

- Original Prayer Book at Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia

- Handwriting recording births and marriages of Capt. Thomas Carter was assumed to be his, but later marriages occurred after his death. This oldest handwriting will be identified as "First Author"

- Editor arranged information in chronological order, as much as possible.

- Transcription of Prayer Book of Captain Thomas Carter of Lancaster County, Virginia

Born: circa 1630, London, England

Died: 1700, Barford Estate, Lancaster County, Virginia

- Passed down to son Thomas Carter, Jr.

Born: June 4, 1672, Lancaster County, VA

Died: September 30, 1733, Lancaster, County, VA

- Passed down to son Peter Carter

Born: 1706, Lancaster County, VA

Died: circa 1790

[First Author]

Tho: Carter His Book

--1669 --

[Second Author]

Thomas Carter Gent. His Book

Lancaster County Virginia

[Births recorded by First Author]

Edward ye eldest Sonne of Tho: & Kathn Carter was born on ye 9h Ap’ll 1671 of Sunday at 8 aClock in ye Morng and was baptz on Sunday the 30h. Mr John Carter, Mr Edwn Conaway & Mr Edw: Dale Gdfathrs & Mrs Diana Dale & Msz Lettys Corbyn G’dMothrs. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Thomas Carter son of Thomas was Born on the 4th day of June 1672 betw’n 3 & 4 aclock in ye Morng and was Baptzd att ye new Church Augt 5th. Captn John Lee, Mr Th: Hayne, ye Lady Ann Skipworth & Elizh Dale godparts. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

John 3d son was bornd ye 8th May 1674 and bapd Sunday ye 24h and had for God parents Coll. Jno: Carter, Mr Jno Stretchley and Mrs Ball ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Henry Skipwith, 4th sonn Tho. & Kath. Carter Bornd of a Wedndy the 7h June & was baptzd att Home by Rev Mr Dogette on Sunday aftr Service ye 18th. Capn Wm Ball, Capn David Fox and Mrs Srah Fleete standing ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Diana ye Eldest Daughr Th: & Kathn Carter was born on the last Day of Apll 1678 near 5 in the Aftrnoone and Christnd on Sunday 12 of May by Mr Doggett when was Entertaind a large Company. Mrs Diana Dale, Mrs Mary Willys & Capn Ball God parents. She Departd this Life of a Putrid Soar Throate at ye age of 2 yeares and 3 days. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Wm & Nicho twinn sonnes of Tho: Carter born 2d Novr 1679 and dyed on the 11th and 12th July 1680 of a Cholrey. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Elizabeth 2d Dauter was Bornd 4h day of Feby 1680 about Sunrise & weighd 11 lbs. Baptzd at St Marys Sunday 15 May Mrs Margaret Ball, Mrs Elizabeth Rogers & Captain Ball standing for her. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Daniel son of Thomas & Katharin Carter born 22d Oct’br 1682 and died on the 30h of a Fit. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

James 8th sonn was Borne on Christmas Day 1684 it being Thursday at 2 in the morng & was Chrisnd at Home on Sundy. Mr. Jno Edwards, Mr Tho. Wilkes & Mrs Edwards standing as God parts. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Katharine 3d Dau. was born at 6 aclock Easter Morning 4h Apl 1686 Bapd on Whit-Sundy Mr David Fox Mrs Hannah Fox & Mrs Sarah Perrotte Gdpts. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Peter 9th Son was Born near Midnight 23d May 1688 & Baptzd on 3d June Mr Edwin Conaway, Mr Tho. Dudly & Mrs Ann Chowning standing. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Joseph Youngest son born Friday 28 Novr 1690 & Christnd at home on 10th Decr Mr Robt Carter & Mr Joseph Ball Godfathrs & Mrs Judith Carter Godmother.

[Death of Edward Dale, father-in-law in Capt. Thomas Carter’s handwriting] Mr. Edw: Dale Departd this life on ye 2d Day Feb: 1695 and Mrs Diana Dale on ye last day of July. Hic Despositum Spe Certe Resurgendi in christo quicquid habuit Mortale EDWARDUS DALE, ARMIGER. Tandem hornorum et Dierum Obiit 20 Feby: Anno Dom: 1695. He descended from an Ancient Family in England & came into ye Colly of Virga after the Death of his Unhappy Master Charles First. For above 30 years he enjoyed various Employments of Public Trust in ye Coty of Lancaster wch he Dischred wth great Fidelity & Satisfacn. to the Governor & People. As neighbor-Father-Husband he Ex celled and in early yeares Crownd his other Accomplishments by a Felicitous Marriage wth Diana ye daughter of sr Henry Skypwith of Preswold in ye Coty of Leicester Bart who is left a little while to Mourn him.

[Death of Capt. Thomas Carter and wife Katherine in Thomas Carter, Jr’s handwriting] Thomas Carter Senr Departed this life on the 22d of October 1700 Aged about 70 years. Catharine Carter Departed this life the 10th Day of May 1703 in the 51st Year of her Life.

[Marriages of children recorded by Capt. Thomas Carter] Elizabeth Carter was Mard to 2dm George on Wednesday the 15 June 1698. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Kathe Carter was married to Jno: Lawson on ye 16h June 1703 ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

James Carter was mard ye 3d Octbr 1715 to Hannah Neale daur. to Danl Neal ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Peter Carter was mard ye 23 Sept 1712 to Kathe Rogers dau to --- Wm Rogers. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Henry Carter Ann Davis was married ye 6th day of May 1701. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Joseph Carter Ann Pines was married on 23 Decr 1713. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

James Carter Mary Brent was mard on 12 Augt 1724. ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Tho: Carter Jnnr Arabella Williamson was Mard on ye 22 Augt 1695 ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

John Carter Frances Ball was married on Tuesday the 21st Day Novbr 1698 ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

Edward Carter of ye coty of Lancster Elizh Thornton Dau: to Mr. Wm. Thornton of ye Coty of Gloucstr was mard 3d June 1697. It being a Thursday. Edward Elizh Carter had daur Margt born 1t June 1698-Judith born 22d June 1702- Katha 1 Feb: 1699/1700 son Thomas Born 1 Feb: 1699/1700-- in Gloucester att Mr Wm Thorntons And Edward born Augt 1704 Elizh Born 8 May 1706 in Lancaster to this --- ___________ _____________ ___________ ____________

With this Book pr Rv Mr John Shepperd on Wednsday ye 4h Day of May 1670-was Mard Mr Thomas Carter of Barford in ye County of Lancaster in Virga Katherine Dale ye eldest Daughr of Mr Edw: Dale ye same County.

[Second Author]

Francis the loving dear Wife of John Carter and Dau. of Mr. Joseph Ball and Elizabeth his Wife Departed this Life at 5 mins to 8 a clock in the Morning of ye 3d day of Sept 1699 three hours after she was delivd of a Son in the 18th year of her life. And was buried on the 5h day at St Marys White Chapell attended by an affectionate and sorrowing Husband and a large concorse of Relatives and friends. Joseph Ball Carter followed his mother to the Grave on the 1st Day of July 1700 of a flux and was burd at So. Marys on ye 2d.

[Recorded by Peter Carter]

January 14th 1777. Today came a letter from Edward Carter of Lancaster with the intelligence that my Brother Mr. Dale Carter Departed this Life on the 12th Day December last and our cousin 10 days earlier [Thomas Carter written in margin]. Now indeed am I the last of my generation--the lone leaf on the tree waiting the last frost.

Ye Datte of this Holy Book is at it stands from the printer as follows MDCLXII [1662] in the year of my God 1775 and in ye year of my Nattral Life 69. Romans ye 10 Chap 9 vers. If thou shalt confess with thine mouth the Lord Jesus; and shall Believe in thin heart tht God hath Rased him from the Dead thou shalt be saved. Romans ye 10 9 vers my Natral Life 82 in ye year of my God 1788.

Peter Carter in the year 1788 in ye year my Life 82. 58 years last May Day [May 1, 1730] I was Married to Judith Norris who passed on ye 15h day May 1765. We was Blest with 9 sons and 4 daughters viz. Dale Thomas on ye 24h April 1731. Judy on ye 2d Novm 1732. Job on ye 1st Jan’y 1734. Joseph on ye 4th September 1736. Arabella Catharine on ye 17th August 1738. Solomon on ye 25 Septr. 1739. Frances Ball on ye 8h Jan’y 1741. Peter on ye 9th March 1743. Sarah on ye 16h June 1744. Daniel on ye 22d Dec. 1746 ye same Day and year as Danl son of my cozen Robert Carter. Norris on 8h November 1748 and George on 15 March 1757. of which Thomas, Joseph Peter, Norris, George, Frances and Sarah are now living. George with me Peter in Amherst and the others on Clinch.

Robert Carters children born William born 1st May 1745, Daniel 22 Decmbr 1746, Robert 14 Febry 1748, Mary 21 May 1750, Jedisah 29 July 1752, Milly 22 May 1755, Henry 28 Janry 1757, John Novmbr 1758, Winny Born Decm 4 1762, Fredn 28 July 1767. These Dattes give me by Henry Carter.

Mrs Hannah Carter departed the Life on 9th Octo. 1722 and left a sorriful husband and 4 tender children Tho. Danl Presly Hannah

Job Carter past to his Reward the 8h Novem 1782.

Solomon Carter on 28h day September 1786.

[Third Author]

James Davis Mary Elizabeth Carter married December 25, 1738 Children Jno: Fielding born Jany 1, 1740 James C. born March 5, 1741 Benjamin born Jany 10, 1743 Elizabeth born Feby 22, 1745 Snead born May 16, 1748 Wm Dale born August 26, 1750 Mary born May 24, 1753 Felix Carter born April 27, 1755 Charles Edwin born Oct. 22, 1758 Thomas Wyatt born Nov 30, 1761 _____________

Thomas Davis Susanah Hieatt was married May 1, 1783 Children Elizabeth born Oct. 16, 1784 Mary Carter born Dec 22, 1786 Fielding born May 9, 1789 in Caintucky

Birth Record

Tho: Davis son of Jno: Susannah born August 8 1693 Sarah Davis dau of Ewd: fielding Esqr born May 12th 1695 Children Ewd Fielding Davis born May 6, 1718 James C. Davis born Nov 3, 1719 Wm Davis born April 30, 1727 Susanah Davis born Sept 9, 1729 Richd Davis born June 15, 1725 John Davis born July 3, 1723 __________ ___________

[First Author]

Children of Jos Catharine Carter Thomas Carter was born May 8, 1720 Mary Elizth Carter was born Dec 2, 1721 Ewd Dale Carter was born June 2, 1723 John Carter was born June 8, 1725 George Carter was born Dec 18, 1728 Elizabeth Carter was born Sept 20, 1731 Joseph Cater } was born May 3, 1733 Catharine Cater } Robert Carter was born Aug 22, 1735 Submitted by Kathy Schultz




Lancaster County, Virginia