Wills and Court Documents

Lancaster Court Rules 1671

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 4. (Apr., 1897), p. 264.


Att a Cort held for ye county of Lancaster Nov. ye 8th, Ao Dom. 1671, at ye Cort house there:

mr Will Ball, Sen.,

mr Bryan Stott,

Present mr George Wale,

mr Robt Beckenham,

mr Tho: hayne,

mr Will Ball, jun,

mr Robt Griggs,

mr Tho. Marshall, mr Dan Harrison

Ordered by this court that the rules & orders hereafter herein menconed & prescribed bee duely observed of all mann: of psons whose occacons shall now, or att any tyme hereafter require their attendance at this Court upon the penalties menconed, & ye further displeasure of this court.

  • 1. That noe pson psume to move ye Cort for anything but by peticon.
  • 2. That noe pson psume to smoke tobacoe or to be covered in ye fface of this court, upon ye penaltie of lyeing in ye stocks one hour, or payeing 100lb of tobaccoe to bee disposed off by ye further order of this Court.
  • 3. That noe peticon bee psented to this Court but in a faire and legible hand, otherwise the peticon to be rejected.

    Ordered that these rules & orders bee published and affixed in a conspicuous place for ye view of all psons that none pretend ignorance.




    Lancaster County, Virginia