Eddins Bible


The information listed below was transcribed from an EDDINS family Bible. The book is in poor condition but most of the information is legible. Some of the entries were barely readable and did not reproduce well. Submitted by: Russell Barnes

The name "Miss Lucy Parrot", Orange County is scribbled on the inside of the front cover. The names of " Miss Lucinda" and "William" were also written.


Abraham Eddins was born September 2(?) th, 1767.
Mary Eddins was born December 29th 1776.
Abraham Eddins and Mary his wife was married 17th day of March, 1796.

Smith Eddins (Mary M. Burton) a son of Abraham Eddins and Mary Eddins
his wife was married August the 1st 1820.

Wm Graham and Lucy his wife was married 14th of April 1800. (This entry was not legible on the printed copy)


Smith (?) Eddins was born June 9th, 1798.
James D. Eddins was born Febuary 9th 1800.
Fountain M. Eddins was born Febuary 7th 1802.
Alfred Eddins was born Febuary 17th 1804.
Hirum L. Eddins was born June 13th 1806.
Thomas H. Eddins born December 25th 180(?)
Lucinda F. Eddins born March 11th, (1810 ?)
Blewfred Eddins was born March 24th 1813.
Abraham Eddins was born July 8th (1815 ?)
Ann Mariah Eddins was born July 25th 1818.
Mary Barkley Graham was born April the 10 1843.
William (Andesan ??) Eddins was born May 28th 1843.
Betty Graham born June 29, 1847. (This entry was barely
legible on the printed copy)




Madison County, Virginia