Wills and Court Documents

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Northumberland Records at the Library of Virginia

List of Burgesses

George Berry Court Records

Thomas Berry Will

 Will of Samuell CHURCHELL, 1702

Will of Dennis Conway, 1709

Jesse Crowder, Will

Rebecca Crute, Will

Richard Crute Sr., Will

Laurence Dameron, Will

Winifred Dudley, Will

 FLYNT Wills

Robert Francis, Will

Gaskins and Crowder Court Records

Samuel Harcum, Will

 Will of James HARRISON 1789

Will of John R. HARRISON, 1795

Will of Thomas HAYS, 1761

Will Of Thomas HAYS Jr., 1789

Henry Hurst, Will

John Hurst, Will

John Hurst, Will

Joseph Hurst, Will

Isaac HURST Will, 1783/1787

Kemp HURST Will, 1782

Kemp Hurst, Will, 1794

Thomas Hurst, Will, 1718-1721

Thomas HURST Will, 1758

Thomas HURST Will, 1760/1765

Thomas Hurst, Will, 1807

Winnifred Hurst, Will

Will of Thomas KESTERSON, 1720

The Case of Elizabeth Key, Mulatto

Lunsford Wills

Henry Mayes, Will

Will of Peter Presly THORNTON, c. 1780




Northumberland County, Virginia