Rock and Thrift Cemetery

Located in a field on Northumberland Highway just outside of Callao, Virginia. Mary ROCK kept this little cemetery neat and clean. When she died, it became overgrown and now seems forgotten.

Ethel THRIFT HANFORD & Infant son 8/27/1890-5/24/1915
J. Smith THRIFT 1856-1926
Laura E. THRIFT 1858-1928
Rosie E. THRIFT 1884-1884 dau
E. Earnest THRIFT 1895-1899 son
E.L.K. TUNE 1866-1958
Rufus J. ROCK 2/12/1853-2/2/1924
Lewis Henry ROCK 1855-1938
Eva Eubank ROCK 1871-1935
Evelyn Louise ROCK 1902-1981
Mary Virginia ROCK 1899-1986
L.H. ROCK 3/10/1895-9/1/1895
Blanche D. ROCK 6/5/1869-2/3/1895
Mary J ROCK 3/3/1827-10/10/1882 wife of C.H. ROCK & S.E. TUNE
Charles H. ROCK 5/29/1828-11/22/1860
Lucretia M. ROCK 10/16/1851-8/23/1861 dau
Samuel J. ROCK 1877-1877 son

Contributed by Susan Whittington