1929 Reedville Schoolhouse


The Bridgeville Historical Society (Delaware) recently received a gift of a photo album compiled by one of our local residents. He married Mary Ellen Taylor of Salisbury Maryland in 1941.

One page of the album has three photos of "Isaac's Home" (see attachment)

There are two other shots of that house in addition to photos of Eleanora & Isaac, Mr. and Mrs Taylor (older couple) and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (middle-aged couple.) Another photo is of "Horace Kent"

Isaac's Machinery Shed is pictured along with a photo of a black man driving cart pulled by oxen "Near Burgess Store, VA," and two photos of "Unloading fish Reedville, VA."

All eleven photographs were taken April 19-20, 1947. I am guessing that Mary E. Taylor Truitt may have been down in Northumberland County visiting her relatives.

A search in the census records has not given me any clues as to who are these people. I have been researching and scanning photographs of our community and I know how important and interesting photographs such as these can be.


Submitted by : Kay Sue Hardesty



Northumberland County, Virginia