Keene Family

Descendants of 

Thomas T. Keene (Jr.) and Mary Thorley 

Provided by Margaret Nolen Nichol

1. Thomas T.1 Keene (Jr.), born c1593 in Otley, Suffolk, England; died 16 Jan 1652/53 in Northumberland, Virginia. He married  Mary Thorley, born c1600 in England; died 8 Feb 1661/62 in Northumberland, Virginia, daughter of Edward Thorley and Mary Hunter.


Notes for Thomas T. Keene (Jr.)

      Thomas Keene, Jr. was born, c1593, in Otley, Suffolk, England. He died, 16 Jan 1652/53, in Northumberland County, Virginia.

    Thomas Keen, Jr. was in America by 1648 when he gave the following deposition, 26 Nov 1648: The Depn of Tho. Keene, aged 55 years or theabouts. Examined & sworne sayth That about 4 yhears since this Dept received an attachment of Mr. Wyat in a sute concerning ffrancis Brooks & Edw. Commins sd attachmt was to sease & deteine for the use of Mr. Brooks, one hogshead of Tob. being in custody of Henry Morgan. And further this Dept sayth, tht the sd Morgan would not depart with the sd Tob. until hee the sd Morgan had his Bill of the Sd Edw. Commins. And afterward this Dept went up into the lland, to the howse of Edw. Commins. and this Dept sayth, thr att the time of sd Bill was deliuered, to ffrancis Brooks, by the wife of Edw. Commins. And further he sayth, tht he heard the sd Brooks say (hauing then his Bill) bee was well satisfyed with Afterwards his Dept sayth he mett with Hen: Morgan who told this dept tht the sd Brooks had discounted wth the sd Morgan & gyuen him in his Bill, & afterwards allso meeting with the sd Brooks, he told this Dept the same & further sayth not. Signed, Tho. T. Keene Jurat Coram, Jno Mottrom  (Court and Testamentary Business, 1648, Archives of Maryland, Volume 4, p. 452)

     This proves that Thomas T. Keene, Jr. was in Maryland by 1644. It, also, gives a close estimate as to his birth date, which would be c1593.

     There is a possibility that Edward Keene who is found in the early records of Maryland could have been a brother. Edward Keene's wife was named Susannah and the couple had a daughter named Susannah who married a Hunt. An extensive court case can be found in the Provicial Court Proceedings, 1682, between Susannah Keene, relict of Edward Keene and Roger Brooks, executor of Edward Keene's estate. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 70, pgs. 239-246)

(Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumberland County, 1652-1655) Will of Thomas Keene "In the name of god Amen know all men that I Thomas Keene being fresh of memory doth as followeth ffirst I bequeath my spiritt to God that fave it after my body to the earth and then as followeth I give and equeath to my sone Thomas one Cowe named Cole next to my Daughter Susana one Heifer called by the name of Su next I five my sone William one heifer named Gentle Next I give my sone Matthew the next Cowe calfe that falleth of the old cowes

Matthew Rhodon oweth me for a 11 hhead and 18 pounds since the last yeare..293; Mr. Lee oweth me of amidst this yeare for six hheads and a paile..180; Richard Walker paid Mr. Wilsford for my use..029; for hooping two pailes for Mr. Wilford..030; to Mr. Wilford for two hheads...050; for a Barrell to Mr. Wilford..030; Richard White oweth me for a quarter of Beefe..200; Richard White for a hhead..025; Phillip Carpenter for 3 hheads..075; Phillip carpenter for a churne...060; Henry Moseley upon Accot this yeare..150; Wm Medclafe upon Accot last yeare..095; Henry Rainer for Caske washing and a paile..555; in Mr. Mottrom hands..040; Simon Richardson for Court charges..080; John Gresham upon an Ord'r of Court..213; Mr. Lee signed over fifty for my use Gresham to pay..050; Paid for greshams use to Ralph Horsly..035; Upon debts when wee Reckned upon John Greshams Accots debtor..330; Mr. Colclough..092; George courtnall oweth..155; Ralph Horsly oweth me for a quarter of Beefe this year..200; Ralph Horsly oweth me for 2 hheads..050; Ralph Horsly for a paile and a Churne..080; Ralph Horsly accot and myne of last yeare stands one about another in a little booke of his..000; ffrancis simons oweth me..040; Wm Reynolds..040; John Bennett..070; Total 3305. Know all men that I doe give to my wife Mary Keene for the bringing up of my children all my moveable goods and hoggs and cattle but what I have given to my children and the remainder of my Tobco when my debts is paid is to my wife Also I give this land and plantcon to my wife during her life after her decease I give the said land to my son Tho: and his heirs forever. Overseers of the estate Hen Mosely John Stanly Thos Orlye Matthew Rhodon Witness my hand - this 27th of Novem: 1652 The marke of Thomas Keene. Witness Henry Rainer, John Knight 20 Janu 1652 This will was proved by the oaths of Henry Rainer and John Kniht and Execution thereof Committed to Mary Keene widow and Principa Legatee and is Recorded.


Notes for Mary Thorley

      Immigrated 1653 from England to Northumberland, Virginia


      Will of Mary Broughton, widow of Thomas Broughton, deceased: In the name of God Amen The last will and Testamt of Mary Broughton wideo the Relict of Thomas Broughton decd. being of perfect mind &memory doe dispose of my worldly Estate as followeth after the bequeathing of my Soul unto my make fom whom I had it and my body to be buried as I have given order to my Executr William_____him I have appointed Executor & to my _____James Daniell & George Courtnell whom______of this my last_____I bequeath to my Executr to his heires forever the land____lived at the write-ing and ensealing____three hundred acres of land with ________on by Anthony Lyntons with all_____in as ample manner as I_____I likewise give to my sd Exr upon which I was with a paire of sheets and the_____Raynors____daughter Susanna Gardner all my____except two petticoats I likewise_____with a kettle that holdeth twelve____zon___?___napkins with a table cloth_____and John Gardner a stear of fower_____my Grand Child their daughter I_____two years of age with ye increase for ever. Item to my sone Thomas Keene the Chest____ffather with a ___?___two bolsters a rugg &_____ I likewise give him a gun. Item I give to my Sonne Matthew Keene one half of my land at Yeoaquomico to him & his heirs forever the whole tract being eight hundred and seventy acres, the other half I give to my loving ffriend Thomas Daniell provided my Sonne Matthew may have his fist choice. I give likewise to my Sonne Matthew Keene a pair of bolsters with a rugg & blanket as like-wise a chest thate stands in the ___?___ at the end of my lodging rooms. ffor my other housholdstuff I give to be equally devided among my three Sonnes William Thomas & Matthew Keene equally to be shared and not any part norparcel to be made away or sold I give likewise my hoggs to run on instock for provision for them and when eyther of my sonnes depart from the other my desire is that at their separating that my Executor will give to eyther of my sones Thomas and Mathew one breading sowe ffor my Cattle m desire is that after my debts be satisfied thy may beshared between my Sonnes Thomas and Matthew onely to mySonn Matthew I give two Cowes more than to Thomas and I give to William Mousely my God Child one Cowe & alsoe & likewise another to Elizabeth Perry & one to my servant Robert Briorio (?wch be-quests I desire my Executor to satisfy). As for my ffriend Thomas Daniell my desire is that hee live upon my nowe dwelling plantacon lower ears after my decease & to see that my sonnes Thomas & Matthew may be educated in learning & for thereall performance thereof I leave my Servants for their maintenance and for the true performance of the aforementioned I sett to my hand & Seal this second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand hun-dred sisty & two.

Signed: Mary M. Broughton

Witnesses: John Tingey, Jos. Horsley 

      Children of Thomas T. Keene (Jr.) and Mary Thorley were as follows:

        2 i Thomas2 Keene, born 1642 in Maryland; died 1678.

        + 3 ii William2 Keene, born 10 Mar 1641/42 in England. He married Elizabeth Rogers.

        + 4 iii Susannah2 Keene, born 1644 in Kent Island, Maryland/Virginia. She married John Garner.

        + 5 iv Matthew2 Keene, born c1650 in Northumberland, Virginia. He married Brigett (---).  

Generation 2 

3. William2 Keene (Thomas T.1), born 10 Mar 1641/42 in England; died 8 Feb 1683/84 in Northumberland, Virginia. He married  Elizabeth Rogers.


Notes for William Keene

      In the Stafford county Deed Book D for the years 1686-1689 is a record about a piece of land William Keene agree to purchase 500 acres of land in Stafford County from a Jerimiah Jadwin. He paid him eight thousand, five hundred pounds of tobacco, but died before the Deed was officially enrolled. The land was therefore officially in Jadwin's name, but William Keene has willed it to his two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah Keen. Mathew Keene was the Attourney for Jeremiah Jadwin. Another William Keene was a witness. 

      Children of William Keene and Elizabeth Rogers were as follows:

        6 i Elizabeth3 Keene

        7 ii Sarah3 Keene  

4. Susannah2 Keene (Thomas T.1), born 1644 in Kent Island, Maryland/Virginia; died 28 Mar 1716 in Westmoreland, Virginia. She married  John Garner, born 2 Sep 1633 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England; died 26 May 1702 in Kinsdale, Westmoreland, Virginia, son of Richard Garner and Kathryn (---).


Notes for John Garner

       (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1642-1720) John Garner, his wife, Susanna, dau of Mrs. Mary broughton formerly Mrs. Mary Kean

John Garner, age 30 or th-abts, 4 Aug 1665

14 Feb 1667/68: John Garner assigned 200 acres by Tho Watson

1 Apr 1667: John Garner assigned land by Ralph Stevens

20 Nob 1668: John Garner owed 982 lbs tobo by Jas Robinson

12 Nov 1708: John Garner of Westmoreland Co. 180 A. in forrest of Nominy, on Rappahannock Cr. in Westmoreland Co., adj. Col. William Pearce dec'd, Edward Ransdell. Wrnt. (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grant, 1694-1742, Compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, Book 3, p. 237)

10 Jan 1709: John Garner of Westmoreland Co. 390 A. in fforrest of Yeocomoco and lower Machoticque in Westmoreland Co. Wrnt. 14 Jul 1707, Surv. by Thomas Thompson. Adj. Hon'bl Rich'd Lee, Esq., on Nominy R., Henry Duncan, Mr. Vincent Cox, dec'd, Mr. Thomas Waddy, Rob't Self, John Williams, Thomas Martin, Wm. Thomas. (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1594-1740, Compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, Book 3, p. 239)

22 Jan 1702: Westmoreland County Wills: Garner, John 22 January 1702; 1 Jan 1703. Sons, John and Henry, 800 acres of land to be divided between them where they are now seated; Henry, my chest and wearing apparel; son, Vincent, plantation whereon I live and land in Horn Point, my long gun and hanger and a yoke of oxen. also one half of money of sloop the Outcry; Vincent to pay sons, Thomas and Parish, 2000 lbs. tobacco and to son, Benjamin, 2000 lbs tobacco; to daughters, Mary, Susan and Martha, each a thomb ring; wife, Susan, residue of estate; witness: William Garner, John Williams, William More. 

      Children of Susannah Keene and John Garner were as follows:

        8 i John3 Garner, born 20 Jun 1663 in Near Lewisetta, Northumberland, Virginia; died 25 Mar 1713 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married in c1678, Jane Joyce, born 1662.   (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720) John Garner, son of Jno Garner of Cherry Point Neck registers mark of cattle, 20 Jun 1663. Jno Garner, witness deed of Moor to Hutson, 21 May 1707  John Garner of Westmoreland Co. 17 A. surplus in Westmoreland Co. in 50 A. (half of 100 A. bequeathed to his wife, Jane, dau of Abraham Joyce, dec'd) surv. by Col George Cooper, Mar 1708. Adj. Thomas Miller, small Br. of Mattopony r. 20 Jun 1712 (Vigrina Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694 to 1742, book 4, p.99)

        9 ii Henry3 Garner, born 1664 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 25 Jun 1745 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, Virginia. He married in 1688, Catherine Bradley.

        10 iii Vincent3 Garner, born 1666 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died Dec 1710 in St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland, Virginia. He married bef. 1697, Martha Courtney.    (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1745-1720)   13 Oct 1704: Vincent Garner signs Inv of Wm Sanders est.  18 Jun 1706: Vincent Garner Deed, Northumberland County, planter. Sells Wm Ginstead of N. Co., smith, 50 acres in Betty's Neck adj land ow Wm Taylor and that of Robt. Reeves. Signed by Vincent Garner, Martha Garner. Wit: Fra: Dawson, Jno Garner. Re-rec by Wm Grinstead 15 Jul 1713.  18 Jun 1706: Vincent Gardner Deed, of N. Co. planter. Sells Robert Reeves of same co, planter, 50 acres in Bettys Neck, land where Garner now lives, adj main road to Rice's bridge, Jno Ward's land. Wit Jno Garner, Fra Dawson. Signed by Vincent Garner and Martha Garner, his wife. Re-rec 15 Jul 1713 by Robt. Reeves  16 Sep 1707: Vincent Garner witness deed Wright to Crump.  17 Dec 1708: Vincent Garner signs appraisal of Bowers est.

        + 11 iv Martha3 Garner, born c1667 in Westmoreland, Virginia. She married (1) Samuel Rust. She married (2) John Jenkins. She married (3) William Harness.

        12 v Thomas3 Garner, born 1669 in Stafford, Virginia; died 13 Jul 1726 in Stafford, Virginia. He married in c1705 in Stafford, Virginia, Mary Bushnell, born 1673 in Virginia.    (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1745-1720) Thomas Garner, witness to Power of Attorney of A. Gradey to Vanlandingham, 8 Oct 1705. Thomas Garner, witness for Gradey to Shirley, 12 Mar 1705/06

        13 vi Susan3 Garner, born 1678 in Westmoreland, Virginia. She married  William Lewis.

        14 vii Mary3 Garner, born 1677 in Westmoreland, Virginia. She married (1)  George Courtnell (Jr.). She married (2)  William Price. She married (3) aft. 21 Feb 1682/83, John Lewis.

        15 viii Parish3 Garner, born 1679 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 1718-1719. He married bef. 1701, Elizabeth Parker.    (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720) 20 Apr 1709: Parish Garner, Inv of P Contanceau at Cherry Point 12 Feb 1718/19: Parish Garner, Will. D. 12 Feb 1718/19, pro 18 Mar 1718/19 4 sons, Geor, Parish, Wm. Sml., wife Elizabeth 19 Mar 1718/19: Parish Garner Will presented by Jas Gardner and Wm Metcalf exors.

        16 ix Benjamin3 Garner, born 1681 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 28 May 1718 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, Virginia.

        17 x James3 Garner, born aft. 1681 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died bef. 18 Jan 1726/27 in Northumberland, Virginia. He married bef. 1710, Mary (---).  

5. Matthew2 Keene (Thomas T.1), born c1650 in Northumberland, Virginia; died 1678 in Stafford, Virginia. He married in c1678 in Stafford, Virginia, Brigett (---).  

      Children of Matthew Keene and Brigett (---) were as follows:

        18 i Elizabeth3 Keene, born c1683 in Stafford, Vrginia; died 26 Jul 1769 in Stafford, Virginia. She married in c1706 in Stafford, Virginia, James Withers.  

Generation 3 

11. Martha3 Garner (Susannah2 Keene, Thomas T.1), born c1667 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died Ante 25 Feb 1728/29 in Westmoreland, Virginia. She married (1) in 1685 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Samuel Rust, born c1663 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 16 Aug 1715 in Westmoreland, Virginia, son of William Rust and Ann Metcalfe.  She married (2) in Post 1698, John Jenkins. She married (3) in Post Jun 1717, William Harness.


Notes for Samuel Rust

       Samuel Rust of Westmoreland Co. 488 A. in Stafford Co. on Occaquan r. and Bull Run. Surv. Mr. Henry Netherton, 9 May 1716 (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694 to 1742, Compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, Book 5, p. 143)

(Westmoreland Co. Va. Deeds & Wills, No. 5, (1712-1716) Will of Samuel Rust of Westmoreland, dated 16 Aug 1715. Unto Patrick Spence during his natural life the plantation whereon he now lived adjoyning to the land of Mr. James Coleman as the line between them now stands and the inmost line in the woods next Coleman's and on that side of the runn next Mr. Thomas Bonam's and Coleman's, he not making any wast on the land nor selling nor making use of any timber save for the use of the plantation. If Mr. Patrick Spence thinks fitt, the dwelling house given him by his father in law, Capt. George Eskridge may stand as it now does on the other side of the runn and he have land adjoining to the house for necessary houses and gardening. To my son Peter Rust after the decease of Mr. Patrick Spence the plantation whereon Patrick now lives with the land adjoining but in case Peter dies before he comes to the age of twenty one yeares or without issue, the plantation fall to my son Matthew Rust and his heirs. Also to my son Peter Rust two negroe boys Jack and Billy, but in case he dies as aforesaid, to my sons John and Matthew Rust. My son Peter be constantly kept at school from ten to twelve years of age out of the profits of my estate. He have a feather bed, bolster, rugg, blankets and sheets in case he my son Peter Rust comes to the age of twenty one years or day of his marriage. To my son Matthew Rust the moyety of the tract of land on which Mr. Patrick Spence now lives, the whole containing 300 acres, to be equally divided as to quantity and quality between Matthew and Peter Rust, and also to Matthew one feather bed, bolster, rugg, blanketts and pair of sheets, one iron pott containing about five gallons, one new cedar pail and piggon, a roam stone horse, one cow, and calfe, a sow and three two year old hoggs and 3000 lbs of tobacco out of the profitts of my will and a large chest commonly called Matthew's chest. Unto my son George Rust all of that neck of land (up to the old horse road) wherein William Allen and Henry Self now live. William Allen shall not be turn'd off the plantation whereon he now lives for sever years from the date of these present nor Henry Self for five years provided Allen and Self duly pay their rents, which rents my executors shall be accountable for to my son George when he shall arrive to the age of twenty one. To my son George a feather bed, bolster, rugg, pair of blanketts and pair of sheets, a cow and calfe, and 3000 pounds of tobacco out of the profitts of my mill when he shall arrive to the age of seventeen yeares and he have a chest commonly called George's and two yeares schooling at the charge of my executors. To my son John Rust the plantation now in his possession with all my land adjoining to it beginning in the pattent of Earle's for a thousand acres, also one feather bed being a new one with rugg, blanketts, pair of sheets, one iron pott about four gal., a frying pan now at my mill, a cow and calfe, a cerder pail and piggon, a sow and piggs, and three two year old hoggs and 3000 pounds of tobacco out of the profitts of my mill and a chest commonly called John's chest. To my son William the plantation whereon he now lives and all the neck of land between his house and my mill save 15 acres on the point next adjoyning to the mill. To my son William a suite of wearing apparell with hatt and cane and Wm. have out of the profitts of my mill all such corn and wheat as he shall have occasion for the use of his own family, as also a bill now in his possession payable to me from William Jones for 2700 pounds of tobacco. To my son Jeremiah Rust 200 acres commonly called Potter's Neck,now in the possession of Wm. Knott, with 15 acres adjoining to my mill former reserved, also a feather bed, bolster, rugg, pr. of blanketts, pr. of sheets, two cows and calves, a gray horse called Wipster, a Negro man Adam, an iron pot and six or seven gal., a large new frying pan. Further to my son Jeremiah Rust the neck of land called the White Marsh Neck and in case he dies without heirs then to my son Peter Rust. To my son Ann Harrison one Negro girl Moll and 5000 pounds of tobacco to be paid out of the profitts of my mill, also a large brass kettle. To my daughter Hannah Rust one Negro girl Sarah, one feather bed with bolster, quilt, rugg, blanketts, and sheets, one brass kettle about twenty gallons, and 5000 pounds of tobacco to be paid out of the profitts of my mill at the age of eitheeen or day of marriage. To my son Benja. Rust one gray mare, one cow and calf and a chest commonly called Ben's chest and he kept at school from the first of October until February next and have his full share of the cropp now standing and the benefitt of his labour hereafter during the time he lives with his brother Jeremiah, and one feather bed, rugg, blanketts and sheets out of the profitts of my estate. To my loving wife Martha a still worm and tubb, all my casque, two cowes and calves, four sheep, the feather bed and furniture on which we now lay, one Negro woman Betty, a large brass kettle, an iron pot with six gallons and an iron pott about three gallons. with hooks to the, one black hors named Luke, a large chest, truncks and boxes commonly called hers during her natural life, and after her deceased all the above be equally divided between my sons Jeremiah and Benja. Rust, save for the Negro woman Betty with her increase, in any, to be divided between my sons to whome no negroes is given. To my loving wife Martha one third part of the profitts of my mill during her natural life and after her decease to descend to my son Jeremaih Rust. The heirs of John Clements have that parcell of land called Rich Neck, and parcill called Middleton's Neck. Three or five men value Middleton's Neck and my White Marsh Neck and in case they shall adjudge that Middleton's Neck is not equall value with the White Marsh Neck then the men shall lay off as much land in the White Marsh Neck and add to Middleton's neck. All my personal estate be equally divided between my wife Martha Rust and my son Jeremiah Rust, who I appoint joynt executors. In case my son Jeremiah dies without issue then my mill descend equally to John and Benja. Rust. Signed Samuel Rust 

      Children of Martha Garner and Samuel Rust were as follows:

        + 19 i John4 Rust, born c1686 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married Agnes Clements.

        + 20 ii William4 Rust, born c1688 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married (1) Isabella (---). He married (2) Elizabeth (---).

        + 21 iii Anne4 Rust, born c1690 in Westmoreland, Virginia. She married George Harrison.

        + 22 iv Jeremiah4 Rust, born c1692 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married Magdalene Demourville.

        + 23 v Matthew4 Rust, born c1694 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married (1) Winnifred Cox. He married (2) Frances (Garland)Middleton (Widow).

        + 24 vi Benjamin4 Rust, born c1696 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married (1) Eleanor (Branham) Greene (Widow). He married (2) Sarah Metcalfe.

        + 25 vii George4 Rust, born c1697 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married Sarah Innis.

        + 26 viii Hannah4 Rust, born c1698 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, Virginia. She married George Eskridge (Jr.(Maj.)).

        + 27 ix Peter4 Rust (Capt.), born c1710 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married (1) Sarah Newton. He married (2) Elizabeth Newton.  





Northumberland County, Virginia