Thompson Family


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Descendants of 

Richard Thompson and Ursula Bysshe 

1. Richard1 Thompson, born 1613 in Norwick, Norfolk, England; died 1649 in Kigwahtan, Northmberland, Virginia. He married (1) on 24 Jun 1641 in Kent Island, Maryland, Ursula Bysshe, born 12 Apr 1621 in Worth, Sussex, England; died Ante 1702 in Northumberland, Virginia, daughter of William Bysshe and Margaret James. 


Notes for Richard Thompson 

     The first English planters to Maryland landed on St. Clement's Islant, 25 Mar 1634.  On October 1633, the Ark and the Dove departed London for Maryland by way of Barbados, St. Christopher and Virginia. Leaders of the Expedition were Lieutenant-Governor Leonard Calvert, representing his brother, Caecillus Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore. Richard Thompson, William Tompson, Gent and John Thomson were listed as passengers on The Ark. Governor Calvert's letter of May 30, 1634 stated that they stopped at Virginia to land some passengers, although they could have taken passage from Barbados or St. Christophers.

       The following history of Talbot County proves that Richard Thompson had arrived in America prior to the listing of him as a passenger on the Ark.  A connection between him and William and John Thomson, who are listed as passengers has not been made.

     According to the History of Talbot County, 1627, William Clayborne named Sharp's Island and Popley's Island (Poplar).  Popeley's, later to be called Poplar Island, was given to Richard Thompson and was the first part of Talbot to be planted, settled, and the first to know an Indian massacre. This island was named for Lt. Richard Popely who came with 100 men from Elizabeth Citie, Virginia to help defend the early settlement. One of the men who came with Lt. Richard Popely was another ancestor, William Medcalfe.

     In the summer of 1637, Richard Thompson returned from a trading expedition to find wife, children and servants murdered. Nine inhabitants were dead and it was considered the worst massacre in Maryland history.

     In an Act of Assembly, 16 Mar 1637: Richard Thompson of the Ile of Kent, gent, claymed voice as a freeman and was admitted. (Archives of Maryland, Vol I, p. 19)

     In the Acts of Assembly, 17 Mar 1637, Richard Thompson answered Present. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. I. p. 21), as well as in the Acts of Assembly, 21 Mar 1641, (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 1, p. 116)

     The Assembly proceeding, Mar 1641, recorded: Touching the politic of Thomas Morris to be relieved against Richard Thompson, the committee reported that they found Richard Thompson guilty of that which is Champerty by the Law of England but not such as is criminal here and that there is no sufficient matter alledged why the Petitioner should be reliever of Richard Thompson fined and the house approved same.

     Acts of the Assembly, 18 Jul 1642: Kent County appeared Richard Thompson and Robert Vaughan who exhibited themselves proxies for the several Freemen of Kent who elected them as such and showed their names, but they were refused to be admitted as such in regard to the Act had appointed Burgesses and the Writt had commanded the election of Burgesses then they pleaded that the Freemen had likewise elected them Burgesses and desired as such to be admitted whereupon Mr. Giles Brent's letter was looked into and there found a certificate of their election as Burgesses whereupon they were admitted as such. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. I, p. 129)

     Acts of the Assembly, 29 Jul 1642: Richard Thompson was appointed to a committee to meet every afternoon at 3 o'clock during assembly to consider all bills fit to be propounded to the house and all petitions and to make a Report to the house. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. I, p. 131)

     On June 24, 1641, Richard Thompson married Ursula Bysshe, a cousin of William Claiborne. Their mothers were half sisters.

    In 1642, Richard Thompson was appointed Commissioner for Isle of Kent, and was actively concerned in the troubles in Maryland furthering the English Civil War. He probably removed to Virginia after that time.

    In 1649, Richard Thompson died leaving his wife, Ursula, and three children: Richard Thompson, Jr., Sarah Thompson, and Elizabeth Thompson.

     Geo. Colclough and Ursula, his wife (Mrs. Ursula Colclough being their mother were appointed guardians of Richard Thompson, Jr., and Sarah Thompson.(Abstracts of Virginia, 29 Sep 1657, Vol. 15, p. 8).  Later, Richard Thompson, Jr., orphan, having arrived at legal age to choose a guardian selects Mr. Thomas Willoughby (Abstracts of Virginia, 8 Sep 1662, Vol. 2, p. 161)

     Mrs. Ursula (who married 2nd Col. Jno Mottrom and 3rd Major Geo Colelough) of Kiquohton widdow of Ricd Thompson, gent, gives cattle to her children. To son, Richard, (under 21). To daus. Sarah and Elizabeth Thompson. Wit: Henery Poole and Wm. Perry (Abstracts of Virginia, 25 Mar 1649, Vol. 15. p. 61)

Ricd. Thompson, age 33, or th-abts (Abstracts of Virginia, 4 Aug 1665, Vol. 15, p.)


Notes for Ursula Bysshe

     Ursula Thompson married Richard Thompson, 24 Jun 1641, Kent Island, Maryland (Early Settlers of Maryland)

     On 25 Mar 1649, Ursula Thompson, widow of Richard Thompson, made a deed of gift to her children, Richard, Sarah, and Elizabeth, for cattle. This deed was recorded in 1661 on page 61 of Order Book 1658-66. Ursula Thompson married (2) Col. John Mottrom, and (3) Major George Colclough. (Book-VA-032, p. 72)

      3 Jan 1656/57: Mr. George Colclough in right of his wife the Relict of the said Coll Mottrom (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720)

     22 Sep 1657:  Mrs. Ursula Colclough was all the money I had when I married which my brother John paid my Brother Thomas Colcough’s man for my husbands use”, signed Ursula Colclough.  (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720)

     29 Sep 1657:  George Colclough and Ursula his wife appointed  guardians of Richard and Sarah Thompson, (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720)

     20 Nov 1658, George Colclough, who married the relict of Col John Mottrom who was the relict of Mr. Richard Thompson, decd app guardian of children of sd Thompson and admr of his estate.  Richd Wright admr of Col Mottrom objects. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720)

     A book, “Ursula Bysshe, Thompson, Mottrom, Colclough” has been compiled and published by Alice Wright Algood.  It traces the ancestry and descendants of Ursula an his first husband, Richard Thompson.

      Children of Richard Thompson and Ursula Bysshe were as follows:

        2 i Sarah2 Thompson, born 1640 in Northumberland, Virginia. She married bef. 2 Oct 1662 in Northumberia, Virginia, Thomas Willoughby (Captain).

        3 ii Richard2 Thompson, born 1641 in Northumberland, Virginia.

        + 4 iii Elizabeth2 Thompson, born c1642 in Northumberland, VA. She married Col. Peter Presley, Sr..  

Generation 2 

4. Elizabeth2 Thompson (Richard1), born c1642 in Northumberland, VA. She married in c1660 in Northumberland, VA, Peter Presley (Sr. (Col.)), born 1632 in Northumberland, Virginia; died 19 Apr 1698 in Northumberland, Virginia, son of William Presley (Gent.) and Jane Newman.  

Notes for Col. Peter Presley, Sr.

     Peter Presley signed Oath of Allegiance, Northumberland County, 11 Apr 1652 (Northumberland County Deeds and Orders, 1650-1652, pp. 60-60a)

     Captain Peter Presley, Sr., gent, served as Justice of Northumberland County, Virginia from 1660 to 1661 and 1674 to 1692. He served in the House of Burgeses during 1677, 1784, 1691, and 1692.

     Captain Peter Presley's will was proven 19 Apr 1693. 

      Children of Elizabeth Thompson and Peter Presley (Sr. (Col.) were as follows:

        + 7 i Elizabeth3 Presley, born 1662 in Northumberland, Virginia. She married (1) John Cockerill. She married (2) Ebenezer Saunders. She married (3)  Thomas.

        + 8 ii Jane3 Presley, born 29 Jun 1664 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia. She married (1) Christopher Neal (Capt.). She married (2) Richard Rogers.

        9 iii Peter3 Presley (Jr. (Col.)), born c1666 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia; died 1718 in Northumberland, Virginia. He married in 1683 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia, Hannah Rodman.

        + 10 iv Ursula3 Presley, born 1667 in Northumberland, Virginia. She married (1) Daniel Neale. She married (2) Wharton Ransdall.

        + 11 v Mary3 Presley, born c1673 in Northumberland, Virginia. She married Charnock Cox (Sr).

        12 vi Milly3 Presley, born c1675 in Northumberland, Virginia; died 1770 in Blue Run, Orange, Virginia. She married in 1694 in Blue Run, Orange, Virginia, Alexander Cleveland.  

Generation 3 

7. Elizabeth3 Presley (Elizabeth2 Thompson, Richard1), born 1662 in Northumberland, Virginia; died 1719 in St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland, Virginia. She married (1)  John Cockerill. She married (2)  Ebenezer Saunders, born 1625; died 1672 in Virginia. She married (3)   Thomas.


Notes for Elizabeth Presley

     20 May 1719, Northumberland County, Virginia Wills and Administrations 1713-1749, page 42

     25 Apr 1719, Will Written 

      Children of Elizabeth Presley and John Cockerill were as follows:

        13 i John4 Cockrell (Jr.), born c1695 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died c1753 in Fairfax, Virginia.

        14 ii Hannah4 Cockrell, born  in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        15 iii Thomas4 Cockrell, born c1699 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 1779 in Cameron Parish, Louden, Virginia.

        16 iv Peter4 Cockrell, born c1700 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died ante 1719.

        17 v Willoughby4 Cockrell, born 1702 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died c1736 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        18 vi Presley4 Cockrell, born 10 Dec 1704 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died Sep 1735 in Virginia.  

        Children of Elizabeth Presley and Ebenezer Saunders were as follows:

        19 i Edward4 Saunders

        20 ii Elizabeth4 Saunders  

8. Jane3 Presley (Elizabeth2 Thompson, Richard1), born 29 Jun 1664 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia. She married (1) in 1698 in Northumberland, Virginia, Christopher Neal (Capt.). She married (2) in c1683 in Northumberland County, Virginia, Richard Rogers.  

      Children of Jane Presley and Christopher Neal (Capt.) were as follows:

        21 i Peter4 Neale

        22 ii Edward4 Neale

        23 iii Presley4 Neale  

        Children of Jane Presley and Richard Rogers were as follows:

        24 i Richard4 Rogers, born  in Northumberland, Virginia.

        25 ii John4 Rogers, born  in Northumberland, Virginia.

        26 iii Hannah4 Rogers, born  in Northumberland, Virginia.

        27 iv Jane4 Rogers, born 12 Apr 1686 in Northumberland, Virginia; died c1725.

        28 v Elizabeth4 Rogers, born  in Northumberland, Virginia.  

10. Ursula3 Presley (Elizabeth2 Thompson, Richard1), born 1667 in Northumberland, Virginia. She married (1) in c1696 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Daniel Neale. She married (2) Wharton Ransdall.  

      Children of Ursula Presley and Daniel Neale were as follows:

        29 i Presley4 Neale, born 1699 in Stafford, Virginia; died 1749 in Fairfax, Virginia.

        30 ii Christopher4 Neale, born 1700 in Northumberland, Virginia; died 1756 in Prince George, Maryland.

        31 iii Hannah Elizabeth4 Neal, born c1700 in Northumberland, Virginia.

        32 iv Daniel4 Neale, born c1704 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        33 v Rodham4 Neale, born c1705 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        34 vi Frances4 Neale, born c1710 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        35 vii Ransdell4 Neale, born c1712 in Westmoreland, Virginia.  

11. Mary3 Presley (Elizabeth2 Thompson, Richard1), born c1673 in Northumberland, Virginia. She married in c1714 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Charnock Cox (Sr), born c1675 in Yeocomico, Westmoreland, Virginia; died Mar 1750/51 in Yeocomico, Westmoreland, Virginia, son of Vincent Cox (Sr) and Mary Charnocke.


Notes for Charnock Cox (Sr)

     Will of Charnock Cox, Sr. was made 3 Mar 1751 and probated 26 Mar 1751.  He left his estate to his children and his wife. Northumberland County OB No. 2, pages 20-21, Nov 1653; page 22, Feb 1654; p. 26, 20 Jul 1654; Record Book #14, pages 41 & 42; Virginia Colonial Abstracts, page 393

     Westmoreland County, Virginia OB 1675-1688, pages 166 & 176

     Record Book 1691, pages 40 & 49

     Westmoreland Couty, Virginia OB 1698-1705, page 84

     William Presley's Will dated 15 Aug 1650; probated 20 Jan 1656 ,Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills, page 130

     Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumberland County, page 517

     Historical Southern Families, Bodie, Volume XII, page 38-42

     Executor of will of Charnock Cox, Sr. was Samuel Rust, husband of daughter, Elizabeth. 

      Children of Mary Presley and Charnock Cox (Sr) were as follows:

        36 i Charnock4 Cox (Jr.), born 5 Jul 1698 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died c1744 in Westmoreland.

        37 ii Presley4 Cox (Colonel), born c1699 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 1766 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        38 iii George4 Cox (Sr), born c1701 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died c1759 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia.   On 18 Oct 1754, George Cox and wife, Eleanor, of Northumberland County, Virginia bought land in Granville County, North Carolina (Granville Co., N.C. DB B, p. 372). They sold this land, 8 Mar 1755. They were listed as still living in Northumberland County, Virginia. The sale of the land was witnessed by George Lamkin and his wife, Hannah.  George Cox, Sr. was listed on the 1758 rent roll of St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia. On the 1759 rent roll he was marked "deceased." On 10 Nov 1760, the administration of the estate of George Cos, deceased was granted to Eleanor Cox with her brother, Peter Lamkin, and Vincent Rust as securities. (Northumberland County, Virginia OB 1756-1762, p. 233)  On 12 Apr 1762, an inventory and appraisal of the estate of George Cox was returned, 350 pounds, 13 shillings, 6 pence. (Northumberland County, Virginia Record Book, No. 6, pp. 16 and 17)  After the death of her husband, Eleanor Cox and her children moved to Granville County, North Carolina. The move included her son-in-law, John Rust.  On 19 Nov 1764, Eleanor Cox with her son, Vincent and wife Lucy, of Bute County, North Carolina (Bute County had been formed from Granville) sold to Fleet Cox the land in Northumberland County, St. Stephen's Parish, in the fork of the Yeocomico River (Northumberland Co., Va. Rec. BK 6, p516)  Eleanor Cox was listed in the 1771 Tax Roll of Granville County with 4 taxables, and her son-in-law, John Rust, was listed with 4 taxables.

        39 iv William4 Cox, born c1703 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died c1772 in Halifax, North Carolina.   William Cox's will (dated 11 Jan 1769, pro. May Court 1772, Halifax County, N.C. WB 1, 1758-74)

        40 v Peter4 Cox, born c1705 in Westmoreland, Virginia; died c1747 in Westmoreland, Virginia.   Will of Peter Cox (dated 12 Jan 1747, pro. 26 Apr 1748, Westmoreland Co. Va) names wife, Mary, and children: Mary; Sarah; James; Peter; and Hannah. His wife is listed as executor with Daniel Tebbs, George Lamkin and George Cox.

        41 vi Elizabeth4 Cox, born c1709 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

        42 vii John4 Cox

        43 viii Vincent4 Cox  





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