Will and Inventory of Richard Crute Sr. - 1746

Submitted by Dorothy L. Groh

Probated August 6, 1746 
In the name of God Amen.  Know all men that I Richard Crute being fresh of memory doth as 
followest first I Bequeath my Spirit to God - that gave it after my body to the Earth and 
then as followest first I give and bequeath to my Son Robert one Shilling Sterling and to my 
daughter Catheren one Shilling Sterling and to my daughter Frinces one Shilling Sterling and 
the young calf that she calleth hers.  I do desire that none of my cloths might not be kepted 
but given to my two sons.  I desire that Mr. Hughlett will take them new cloths that is at Mr. 
Quarhams and if I owe Mr. Opry anything let him take the linen again.  I desire that part of 
these Psalms might be song att my funerall.  Too verses of the 17th beginning at the 9 
verse and 3 verses of the 31 Psalm begining at the 9 ves.  Know all men that I give nothing 
to wife Rebecka but the law aloweth her and what cattle there is after the debts paid I give 
and bequeath it all to my son Richard.  I desire that he might be bound to Samuel Aldredgg 
and to lern the Joyners trade.  Witness my hand August the 6th day 1746-- 
 (Signed) Richard Crute


 This is my last will 
William Smith 
Benjamin Nelson 


Northumberland (----) at a court held for Northumberland County the 8th day of December 
1746.  This last will and testament of Richard Crute deceased was proved in court by the 
oath of William Smith witness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of 
Rebecka Crute who made oath according to same.   Certification is grated her for obtaining 
letters of administration of the estate of the said deceased with his will annexed giving 
security whereupon she together with Robert Clarke and William Hughlett her securitees, 
entered into and acknowledged their bond for her due and faithful administration of the said 
deceased Estate. 

 Inventory List of Richard Crute, Sr. 

Northumberland County for In obedience to an order of Court dated 9th day of February in the 
year of our Lord 1746.  We the appraisers appointed in the said order whose names are under 
writing being just sworn before WM Griffin Fauntleroy June one of his Majestess Justices for the 
above mentioned County mett on Thursday the 19th day of February at the house of Mr. 
Richard Crute deceased and according by the order did value and appraise the said estate into 
currant money and an inventory of the same is as followeth _____


To one old Joynter Stock and five plain Irons and one broad ax & one Hatchett.  0.06.0 (POUNDS-SHILLINGS-PENCE)
To 1 sett of wedges and one funnill and one K----) and (-----)   0.08.6 (POUNDS-SHILLINGS-PENCE)
To one cow and calf and one heffer and one old mare and horse;  7.19.0 (POUNDS-SHILLINGS-PENCE)
To one high bed and furniture and two low dittoes and furniture  10.10.0 (POUNDS-SHILLINGS-PENCE)
To one old bed and furniture and one wild cherry table  2.05.0 
To one sett of pistols and hotlids and sword and one gunn and case and bottles 2.06.0 
To one chest and a parcel of old books and a sett of saylon wood or (----).0.18.0 
To one old earthen pott  and some old lumber and a sett of Raform? and(----)0.06.0 
To one old Box and some old trifles and twelve bottles 0.05.0 
To one scail and doviders and one pare of money scails 0.07.6 
To one old Box and some old lumber and seven old chairs0.18.6 
To one hand saw and hor(-)ell and augers and some old nails  0.06.0 
To one pair of scails and weights and one linkt gold ring and (------) 1.12.0 
To three old chests and  (----) candle sticks and one lanthorn  0.11.6 
To 43 of good pewter and 14 and 17 of old pewter and 12 per pound 3.07.6 
To one box iron and heator and candle base and one saddle and bridle 0.18.0 
To a parcell of old iron and one skillet and spitt and six Iron hooks 0.13.6 
To Four iron racks and a parcell wooden ware 0.18.0 
To 1 pair of B(--llises) and 2 tackles and some old rope and blocks 0.08.0 
To one pare of ( -illards and two cow hides and one plow and brake 0.16.0 
To one side and two pieces of leather and one apple milk and g(-)re  0.12.6 
To six old tubs to one boat and Riggin and raker and cable  8.03.0 
To one cannoe and grind stone and lightern gas  1.19.6 
To one old baking glass and three knives and forks 0.02.0 
The whole inventory of Mr. Richard Crutes estate is as followeth  55.03.0 
Parrish Garner, Samuel Eskridge, John Kennary appraisers (--) 

 To 1 crosesch saw and 2 frying pans 
 To 2 (----) and woven shoatt 
To 1 stone jugg 
Nott appraised. 

Northumberland (-- )/at a Court held for Northumberland County the 9th day of March 1746.  
This inventory and appraisement of the estate of Richard Crute deceased was returned  and ordered to be recorded. 

 Billy Claiborne, Cl Court  (Signed) Billy Claiborne Cl. Cor.





Northumberland County, Virginia