Will of THOMAS KESTERSON 16 Mar 1720 Book 1719-1726 Northumberland VA

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Kesterson of Saint Stephens Parrish in the
County of Northumberland and Colony of Virginia being sick and weak in body
but of sound and perfect memory and remembrance thanks be to God for the
same do make constitute and ordain this and no other to be mylast will and
testament in manner and form following that is to say firstand principally I
commend my soul unto God that gave it me, hoping in the meritorious death
and passion of Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer to receive free
pardon and forgiveness from all my sins and offenses and my body committ to
the earth from whence it was taken to be decently interred at the discretion
of my Executor hereafter
nominated and as to my Worldly Estate after all my just debts and funeral
charges and other expenses relating thereto are fully satisfied and paid, I
dispose of as followeth. I do give and bequeath unto Gilbert Harris ye
eldest son of Mary Gilbert a good feather bed and feather bolster, also wool
sett spotted rugg a pair of good blankets, a pair of good sheets , a full
half part of all my stock barrows, Two Barrows of about two years old and
each one young ewe fifty yards of my best shifting linnen, twopewter dishes,
four pewter Basons, six Pewter Plates, six pewter spoonsand one great iron
pott and a par of Iron Pott Hooks, all my wearing cloaths, both linnen and
wollen with hatts
shoes and stockins, all which said goods above mentioned with all their
increase I do give and bequeath to the above said Gilbert Harris son of Mary
Gilbert as beforesaid and further I will and desire that my executor
hereafter named, may have his first choice of the said chattills sheep and
Hoggs and all other goods given out of my Estate to comply with the above
legacy for the use of ye said Gilbert Harris and further I will and require
that all of the abovesaid legacy which I have given and bequeathed unto the
above mentioned Gilbert Harris may be kept and remain in the possession in
the hands orpossession of my Executor hereafter named to be disposed of at
his discretion and as he shall find occassion for use of the said Gilbert
Harris and to deliver the same or what part shall be remaining of the same
if any, unto the said Gilbert Harris when he shall attain to the age of
twenty-one years. Item. I will and desire that the said Gilbert Harris may
live with Ann Stowell to learn him to read the Bible and to look after him
now in his minority. Item. I do give and bequeath to the said Ann Stowell
my old mare with all her increase all my cyder casks, my cart and wheles
napsak and bridle and thirteen hundred and fifty poundsof
Tobacco and where I have no by me about seventeen shillings in money, five
shillings of which I desire John BUTLER may have for making my coffin and
one shilling I have given to my son George Kesterson and the other eleven
shillings I give and bequeath to my grandaughter Elizabeth Kesterson to be
delivered to her at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named and when
he shall think fitting, and lastly I do nominate and appoint my two trusty
friends, Richard Wright and Ann Stowell executor and executrix of this my
last will and testament utterly revoking and disallowing all other wills and
testaments by me
made from time to time and at all times whatsoever holding this and no other
to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto sett
my hand and affixed my seal this 3rd day of August 1719. Signed, Sealed and
Henry Armstrong and Arthur Poplewell.

Die -March 16 1719/20 This will was proved in Northumberland County Court by
oaths of Henry Armstrong and Arthur Poplewell and on the motion of Richard
Wright admitted to record

Contributed by: Christine Walters