Barthelow and Walter, v Walter

Submitted by Dick Rush

Frederick County Virginia Chancery Book 8, Number 85

Joshua Barthelow and Sarah his wife and Thos B Walter Plts


The admon and heirs of Lawrence Walter Dfts

On motion of the plaintiffs by their counsel George R. Long is appointed Guardian as Litein for the infant defendants, Mary, Sarah, Charlotte, Pamelia, and Maria Walter. Whereas he files his answer and the cause is set for hearing by the plaintiffs as to these defendants upon Bile and answer and the sp__ having been duly executed on the defendants Henry G Cartwright and Susannah his wife, William Walter, George A Walter, Greenfield Walter. James M Marshall committee admon of Lawrence Walter decd & they all failing to appear and answer, though more than four months have elapsed since the return day the bile as to these defendants is taken for confessed, and the defendant Wm Cooke Committee admon of Alexander and John Walter having file his answer the cause as to him is set for hearing by plts upon bile and answer and the defendants Payne wife ___ Beesucker & wife, James, Robert and Lawrence Walter being before the Court regularly by publication, the cause came on this 16th day of October 1840 as to all the defendants upon Bile answer aforesaid order of publication and exhibits and was argued by counsel. On consideration whereof the Court doth renew the reference made prematurely at the Special Term in January 1835, hereby directing any commissioner of the Court to settle the accounts of Lawrence Walter decd Exec of Thomas B. Walter decd and of James M. Marshall committee admon of said Lawrence Walter decd and of William Cooke Comme admon of John Walter decd., also to ascertain and report what real Estate was left by said Lawrence Walter decd and by said John and its value in fee and accurately reporting specially all matters pertinent by him or required to be so stated and make report to the Court for a final decree.

Definitions: Admon - letters of administration



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