Benjamin McDonald - Land Survey - 1788

Submitted by Clara Lawver

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318 3/4 Acres           

Frederick County
Recd. 29 Sptemr. 88
Grant issued 1st
September 1789
                                              Frederick County Set by Virtue of a Warrant granted from the
Exam.d                              Office of the late proprietor of the Northern Neck No. 175., to John
                                              Mason of Frederick County aforesaid for 400 acres of Waste and
                                            ungranted land adjoining lands of Joseph Lupton and _____  Reece near
                                     Isaacs creek and on Timber ridge in the said county, which warrant is 
                               dated the 18th day of October 1774.and Assigned by said Mason to Benjamin
                        , McDonald of this said county as appears by the Assignment hereto
                         Annexed. I have made a Survey of Land located in said Warrant
                         For Benjamin McDonald Assee" of said Mason as Aforesaid which 
                         is bounded as follows. that is to say. Beginning at a white oak a
                          corner to the Lands of John Rout and running thence with him 
                          N39 1/2*.W 51 poles to a white oak and a pine corner to Robert
                         McKees Land thence running with McKees line S 38d W 377 poles
                         Poles to two white oaks on the West side of a hill his and John Nutts
                      corner formerly Luptons thence with Nutt S 51d W 397 poles to two spanish
                     oaks and a white oak at the foot of a hill on the East side of Isaacs creek
                     thence S 52* W 42 poles to two Pines William Houses corner on the point
                    of a hill thence running with House S 67 E 184 poles to a white oak corner
                     to Thomas Reece Junr. Thence with his line N 16* E 71 poles to a chesnut
                     oak on the West side of a hill corner to said Reece and in or near the line of
                     John Rout thence with Rout N 81d 3/4 W 25 poles to a young marked
                     Chesnut corner to said John Rout thence continuing with Rout N 44 1/2 d
                      E 289 poles to three chesnut oaks corner to the said John Rout and other 
                      Lands of the said McDonald  thence with McDonald N 42 3/4 d E 153
                      poles to two chesnut oaks his and Routs corner thence with Rout N 39 1/2 d.
                     W 8 poles to two maples and a white oak in a Valley near a drain thence
                      N 34d. E 252 poles to the beginning which Survey Contains 318 3/4 Acres
                       Surveyed the 12th day of April 1788 By
                                                                                                                 John Cordell D S F C
                                                                                                                 Benjamin Ashby S F C




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