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Holman Creek Property

“Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book No. 5”

Page 38

This Indenture made the first day of
July in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred
and Fifty Seven BETWEEN Jacob BOON and Catherine his
Wife of Frederick County and Colony of Virginia of the
one part and William CARRY of the County and Colony aforesaid
of the other part Witnesseth that the said Jacob BOON &
Catherine his Wife for and in Consideration of the Sum of Five
Pounds to them in hand paid by the said William CARRY the
Receipt __ (?) __ (?) you hereby acknowledge Hath Bargained &
Sold & by these Presents doth Bargain & Sell unto these William
CARRY & his heirs & assigns all One certain Tract or Parcel of
land lying & being in the County of Frederick in that part
formerly called Augusta a County on the West Side the North River
and North side of Holman Creek as appears by his Lordships Deed
bearing date the Fourteenth Day of November in the Year of our
Lord One Thousand and Seven Hundred and Fifty Four is by said Deed
that large appear and Bounded as followeth. Beginning at a
parcel of mall saplings in a valley Between

__ (?) Pines and _____ (?) ______ (?) ______ (?).

Page 39

Being (?) West one hundred ninety two Poles to three white oaks For
(?) part (?) latitude thence North Seven (?) Degrees East Two Hundred
and Seventy two poles to Two white Oakes by a Valley thence Seventy
Degrees East Two Hundred Twenty Six Poles to a creeke by three Blazed
Pines thence south sixteen degrees West One hundred and Twenty Poles
by a Pine tree thence North Seventy Four degrees West Forty Poles by
two Pines thence South sixteen degrees West One Hundred Fifty Two Poles
to the Beginning Contain Three Hundred and Twenty Six Acres and the
Reversion and Revisions Remainders and Remainders together with the Rents
and Props of the Premised and of every part and Parcel thereof To have
and to hold the said Land and all and Singular the Premises herein
mentioned and extended to be hereby Bargained and Sold with their and
every of their Appurtenances unto the said William CARRY and his Heirs
Excr’s Adminis’tors for and during the Term of one whole Year from thence
each ensuing and fully to be complete and Ended Yielding and paying
therefore the Yearly Rent of One Pepper Corn at the Feast of St. Michael
the Arch Angel only if the same shall be lawfully demanded to the Intent
that Virtue of these presents and of the Statue for Transferring Uses
into Possession the said William CARRY may be in the Actual possession
of the Premises and be enabled to accept Grant of the Reversion and In
the riddance (?) thereof to him and his Heirs & Assigns for over ----
In Witness whereof the said Jacob BOON and Catherine his Wife have here
unto Sat their hand. And Seals the day and Year first above written.

Sealed and delivered in the

Presence of

Cornelius RUDDLE Jacob BOON seal

Isaac RUDDALL her Catherine X BOON seal


At a Court holds for Frederick Court on Tuesday the 5th day of July 1757.

This Lease for Land from Jacob BOON and Catherine his Wife to William
CARRY the said Catharine being first privately examined and consenting

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